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Misnomers, eponyms, and radio traffic

We started out doing rounds

Exploring our intellectual bounds

It’s not a misnomer

To call a vomer a vomer,

No matter how silly it sounds. 680 mots de plus

Self-driving Car Pulled Over... Who Gets the Ticket?

The Google autonomous vehicle was recently pulled over driving in California. Not for bad driving so much… it was driving too slowly. Google has capped their vehicle at 25 MPH while they test it. 171 mots de plus


One Tiny Little Detail

It was an obscure little detail

He may have forgotten to mention

Like when someone is selling a house

They conveniently forget to tell you about the leak… 118 mots de plus


Toronto councillor tells Pan Am visitors not to use Uber or be fined

WATCH ABOVE: As UberPOOL officially launches, Global’s Cindy Pom tests it out by carpooling with a stranger.

TORONTO – Toronto city councillor Jim Karygiannis, a vocal opponent of Uber, is warning Pan Am Games visitors not to use the popular ride-hailing service or risk a fine of up to $20,000. 730 mots de plus


Uber to pay Toronto bylaw tickets for drivers

TORONTO – Uber Canada has given its drivers in Toronto an added incentive to keep their wheels on the road by telling them the ride-sharing company will pay for their bylaw tickets. 411 mots de plus