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Undergarments Please!

Have you ever seen a beautiful outfit on someone and was totally distracted from the outfit because the person was wearing the wrong type of undergarment with it? 539 mots de plus


Jimmie Johnson... BUSTED?

Jimmie Johnson may not have found speed yesterday in the All-Star Race, finishing 15th out of 20 contestants. But it looks like he did find himself in trouble – Jimmie Johnson and his team face penalties for what appears to be a blatant side-skirt infraction. 40 mots de plus

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Parking Citation Notepad

It seems you’ve had some trouble not parking like an idiot.  Next time, please imagine how a responsible grownup would park.  Then do that.  Inconsiderate parkers beware!  118 mots de plus

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The Anger With A Pang

It is anger that kills you

 the fury and temper

 with a vigour devours you

attacks  in  a bunch altogether

clad the robes of pressure and infraction… 50 mots de plus


Day 11 In The Hole

Journal entry 12-6-08 at 9PM:

Today was a productive day. I woke up to breakfast in bed. 5AM. Too early to eat. So I put the oatmeal in a cup. 491 mots de plus

Steven Jennings

SRO's and Provocation Infraction Tickets

Kim Kilbride with the South Bend Tribune has written a detailed article about the practice of some South Bend school resource officers who write infraction tickets for Provocation pursuant to I.C. 253 mots de plus