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A 30-Day Challenge: The Beginning (Day 1)

Okay, so, I know I’m not a « real blogger, » but I decided to take it upon myself to start incorporating some 30-day challenges into my blogging since most of the time I have nothing too significant to write about. 231 mots de plus

Good Vibes

Let's Go

Don’t stop with this dance full motions- emotions, I’m listening.

Let me love you.

I watch in agony, as I see you pleading for loves touch. 123 mots de plus


Sephora or Ulta?

Sephora or Ulta? Both stores are a makeup lovers dream. Wall to wall makeup products? Yes, please! Sephora has always been my go to. My store of choice and one I make (on a good day) multiple trips to buy, sample, or just browse through all the makeup goodies. 690 mots de plus


Love Without Exception

In the beginning
our love is pure.
Somewhere along the way
it gets tarnished, jaded
even bitter at times.

Dear Lord, please cleanse
my heart, restore its purity… 7 mots de plus



We are literal children of God. We lived with Him as spirits before we came to this earth.

We made a choice to come down to earth so that we could obtain a body and so we could grow and learn. 225 mots de plus