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The Meet and Greet continues today Monday evening so be sure to jump in and have some fun!

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Meet and Greet Link



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The Doney Clinic: A Free Vet Clinic for Homeless People & Their Pets

This is Angel. She lives on the streets of Seattle with her dad. When I met Angel, I told her dad he named her perfectly because she was a real sweetheart. 396 mots de plus


A little poetry update

I’m not sure if anyone in particular has been following my attempts but I’ve been trying to get into the ‘zone’, I think, of writing little poems. 323 mots de plus

Sundays in Tokyo

Every day is an adventure here but Sundays allow you to see a bit more than usual as people have quality time with themselves, their families, friends, pets, and can dress as they fancy. 7 mots de plus


The truth is not as you know it

I look around me at the bitterness and strife

Caused by the people of political right

But I hate no one so I won’t hate of them… 357 mots de plus



« We often forget that we are nature. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection with nature, we have actually lost our connection to ourselves. 260 mots de plus