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Eurovision 1994 (That interval act)

It is funny! peculiar, not ha-ha
how a nation can tilt in an instant,
a geronimo from a precipice. A belief in flight
on the wings of a wet Saturday night. 407 mots de plus


Stepping up

Still recuperating from Thursday,  but had a concert in the park to sing at with friends. It was a good time, and I love getting the opportunity to sing with fun folks songs that are meaningful and touch on a lot of recovery topics. 38 mots de plus

Sagittarius hunts Capricorn

All things end!

Except you;
even the flames of suns
burn themselves out,
light flickers and fades
to black

but you burn brighter
with distance, 57 mots de plus



St Paul’s Rose
Taken just in front
of the cathedral
by Duncan Harris.

Photo & info text source: Flower Power https://web.facebook.com/FlowerPowerBliss/


9 Things You Can Do To Become A More Successful You (2 min read)

1. Decide what is important and why.

What is your motivation for wanting to develop a new habit? Will it improve your life? Envision the outcome if you don’t make the change. 484 mots de plus