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Is the money that cultivates greed
Are the lights when you hit them right
When he is brand new and doesn’t know better
That feeling on the top story, sailing on the ocean… 21 mots de plus


Memorial Day

Hello, all.

In honor of today, I want to talk about the subject of Memorial Day. Okay, granted, it’s not a cheerful subject, but it’s still noteworthy to talk about. 360 mots de plus


For I am just here today.

Here I am

Just a writer at the computer, the sounds of chinese zen music feels the air, the soft tap of the rain falling behind me cleanses the days stresses away. 91 mots de plus

Borrowed Goods

So the other day, I lent my Macbook Pro to a close friend due to my absolute trust in her as she needed it for some project work. 524 mots de plus


Midwifing My Midlife

Sirach 17: 20 – 24 To the penitent God provides a way back, he encourages those who are losing hope and has chosen for them the lot of truth.   66 mots de plus


Status Quo

Not too often
but sometimes
I do not want
to try anymore
just stay in status quo
accept who I am
and what I am doing… 8 mots de plus