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A Scandinavian-inspired apartment in Trikala

Always happy to see works like this one, a fresh interior design approach by Normless architecture studio & workplace! Love the huge windows for natural light, the wooden floor and the geometric elements hanging on the walls but most of all the geat use of colour on the kids room. 33 mots de plus


India Inspiration

These photos from my adventures in India should get you in the mood for your own trip!

I spent 1 month exploring most of the South to mid West coast of this massive country with one of my best friends. 128 mots de plus


Feed your soul

I served in various churches as a youth minister for a number of years before surrendering to full-time ministry in the military. I learned many lessons through that journey — probably more than I ever taught to the scores of teenagers who passed through my doors. 711 mots de plus

The Secret Life of the Chronically Ill....

Last week we woke up to a winter wonderland!  It was memorizing, and this is coming from a gal who doesn’t really like snow.  Every year I try to play in the snow with my children.   831 mots de plus