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Write me

Write me. Menno Abbink. CC-BY

As I stood at a checkout counter this weekend, the young lady ringing up my purchase eyed my #WhyIWrite T-shirt. 886 mots de plus

Fran Haley

[161] One of Those Times

I’m on the edge of fading
Lack of self-control in your eyes is raging
The honesty is no longer hidden
The silence is brutal
but the end of it will be killing us… 97 mots de plus


Final Thoughts on the Museums and Community Workshop in Armenia (Ronan Brindley, Manchester Art Gallery)

Ronan Brindley, ITP UK Partner Representative at Manchester Art Gallery, has been back in Armenia with ITP fellows Hayk Mkrtchyan (ITP 2014/Senior Fellow 2017), Marine Mkrtchyan (ITP 2014), Davit Poghosyan (ITP 2015) and Astghik Marabyan (ITP 2017), among others, running a museum summer school! 936 mots de plus



« Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you make your tomorrow. » L. Ron Hubbard

I remember blaming myself for the failure I have experienced. 789 mots de plus



Take a step into the unknown
Leave the warmth and comfort of your hearth
Reach out with your heart to lands unknown
Listen to the wind for it carries with it tunes yet known… 51 mots de plus


When Judgments are regarded as gifts.

Our actual lives are made out of bunch of judgments. We mostly make them depending on each other’s personalities, education, jobs, behaviors, looks etc.… and when these judgments are expressed, they take the form of “compliments”, “insults”, “criticism” or “gossip”. 598 mots de plus

Personal Thoughts

How does your inner goddess look like?

I was pretty sure that the inner goddess is a beautiful lady in many variations, but always with kind of dignity because she is a goddess!  124 mots de plus