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Poetry Friday ~ "Edge"

Edge of the night
Is this where it lingers?
Is this where you fall?
Never to see
the light.

Edge of a heart,
cracked… 39 mots de plus


100 Questions: Day 40

What dream have I ignored, but keeps coming back?

When I was 20, I applied for college, both in state and out. I had received two rejection letters from in state schools, but my spirits were high. 397 mots de plus


Perfect Imperfections: Beauty in Our Flaws

For the longest time, I didn’t smile. People who know me now may find this hard to believe, but I just didn’t. Not as big as I smile now, I would smile a closed mouth self-conscious smile. 434 mots de plus



Denim that is…

Finally Friday, relaxing,  comfy in my favorite jean shorts, very big, not-so-warm sweater.. and cozy boots (not pictured) I bought these beautiful roses because they matched my nails today… yes, I have issues. 372 mots de plus


Trying Makes Perfect

Last Friday was the deadline for submissions for this year’s SDCC Souvenir Book. When I’d seen the tweet earlier in the week I hesitated for a moment over entering. 1 498 mots de plus


Leading lines

(Photo taken in Tulum,Mexico)

The path is covered with seaweed

And sometimes by sand

But don’t be afraid to follow the leading lines

Focus on the crashing waves… 79 mots de plus