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Monday January 16th, 2017 - Instrumentals


Where do I start? There was a time when I’d fast forward through them, skip them, discredit them. They were actually dissatisfying to me because they had no lyrical element. 217 mots de plus

Dear Avalanche - Lights & Motion [Deep Elm]

Four years ago Christoffer Franzen released his debut album as Lights & Motion. Reanimation was the culmination of many months of long Scandinavian nights spent in the studio composing, performing, and engineering an uplifting and distinctly cinematic style of post rock to the delight of a close-knit group of fans gathered on social media who knew they were hearing something special from the first snippets and fragments that emerged during the embryonic stages. 383 mots de plus


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This is what happens when I’m in a good mood and I wake to a sky filled with partial clouds the sun filtering through



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