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581: April 26th, 2015

Song:  Cervantine
Artist:  A Hawk and a Hacksaw
Album: Cervantine  (2011)


While Your Lips Are Still Red

This has always been one of my favorites. I love Nightwish and Tuomas Holopainen has had a large influence on the way I write music. 54 mots de plus


THE RAGTIME WRANGLERS - 15 Smoking Trax [2004]

2nd slab of r-billy instro hoot by these Dutch retro 50’s crew. Wide variety of styles, from swing/hillbilly to surf and latin flawored tunes, 14 originals and one cover of Bobby Fuller instro… 33 mots de plus


Vacation Video!

We went to Baiersbronn in Southern Germany the other day.  Here’s a little snippet of what we saw, with the soundtrack done by me.  Incidentally, the song is called « Bears in the Woods » (at least for now) and, if you like it, I have made the song available for download on my Soundcloud page: … 9 mots de plus


7 Greatest Contemporary Instrumental Music Composers

In no particular oder… Enjoy!

Philip Wesley

The new Rimsky-Korsakov.

A.R. Rahman

I am happy his star has risen, as it should have.

Hans Zimmer… 85 mots de plus