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The legend of Hip Hop production that is Pete Rock released his ‘Petestrumentals’ album in 2001, and has now announced the release of its follow-up with new track ‘One, Two, A Few More’.   63 mots de plus

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Looking Down the Barrel

Our follow-up surf track to Last Wave at Waitpinga is now out … Get it here:  Looking Down the Barrel.

Great artwork by Rylee!


A Dusted Review: Palm Tree Fire by Slackk (September 19th, 2014)

The concept of “instrumental grime” — and indeed “instrumental hip-hop” as whole — baffled me at first. I couldn’t understand why anyone, even the most talented producer, would want to deprive their tracks of the flow of an MC, which fills the space of hip-hop music and provides the focus of the songs. 751 mots de plus

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Chris Cella Beats

By the looks of this, its pretty obvious what youtube video I was initially searching for, lol (I wanted a video to accompany my last post). 75 mots de plus

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