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My writing word count spreadsheet mocks me. So many zero entries in the last week! I just finished a 6-week Mandarin Chinese refresher course, which might explain some of the lack of effort–except there was hardly any homework to occupy my off-duty time. 299 mots de plus


Music About Animals, Day 2 – Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, "Frogs" by Georg Philipp Telemann

This week’s theme is…Music About Animals!  Our animated companions on Earth, animals have been our friends, food, foes, and fascination.  They constantly populate the art of humans, from literature to sculpture, poetry to music.   1 128 mots de plus


ASTRODOME @ Canecas Fest, 2016/04/23

Both days of the rest of the festival were a treat for stoner/psychedelic rock lovers. First band was ASIMOV, which I missed because the friends I rode along with don’t have a close relationship with schedules… So when we arrived, … 69 mots de plus


Sound Impression: Speck - Antiheart [Eilean Rec.]

Speck is Nikita Bondarev, a sound artist from southwestern Siberia. Antiheart is his fifth album but marks his first contribution to the Eilean Rec. project where its rustic pastoral electroacoustic ambient aesthetic finds the ideal home and is well matched to the enchanting covert art by photographer… 179 mots de plus


I'm not pretty enough for pop, I'm not cool enough for indie rock

I take and I show
From the faces and the places that I go
Each one I use to make all the things I know… 244 mots de plus

Song Of The Day

Ease Into It

Today’s song is from an album (Rivers and Shores) which is a collaboration blending Hungarian guitar and French piano. But with a twist… The two artists alternate interpretations of each song, first the guitar by… 44 mots de plus