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Young Thug Hip Hop Rap R&B Instrumentals Beats

Jeffery Lamar Williams was born August 9th 1991. He is better know for his stage name Young Thug. He is an America Rapper from Atlanta Georgia. 433 mots de plus

Hip Hop

Attain 'Euphoria' with Polyphia's new single

Polyphia is a 3-piece instrumental band from Dallas, Texas. Their main influences are from all genres, and they define their sound to be progressive rock, but they have since their inception days sobered down and taken a more melodic route. 135 mots de plus


Whiteness (The Snow & The Borrowed Light) Song Preview!

And here’s the new song unleashed…
« Whiteness (The Snow & The Borrowed Light) » will be included in the forthcoming EP « Snow // Heritage… 35 mots de plus

The Messiah

The Messiah, 1741
“In the summer of 1741 Handel, depressed and in debt, began setting Charles Jennens’ Biblical libretto to music at a breakneck speed. In just 24 days, Messiah was complete (August 22 – September 14). 542 mots de plus



Metal has always been a diverse and interesting genre, with its hundreds of sub genres, there is always something new to explore. From the most surreal angle it’s practically a curve, Liverpool based Producer… 247 mots de plus

Doom Metal

Hans Zimmer:Tennesse

Composer: Hans Zimmer
Theme: Tennesse
Film: Pearl Harbor
Year: 2001

Instrumental: violin
Pages: 4

The music sheet in pdf: Hans Zimmer – Pearl Harbor – Tennesse

Have fun and keep playing!


The Ventures - Walk don't run (Leaping Ahead #43)

Leaping Ahead Project 2016 #43: 160212

‘Walk don’t run’ is an instrumental composition written and first recorded by jazz guitarist Johnny Smith in 1954. After hearing a Chet Atkins recording of the tune, the Ventures released their version as a single in spring 1960 on Dolton Records. 51 mots de plus

Leaping Ahead Project 2016