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Interactive Feeding Bowls

My pets are food driven. Drop food on the floor and it will be gobbled up as soon as it lands. Put food in their bowls and in less than a minute the bowl will be empty. 521 mots de plus


Rolling in the deeeeeep~

Spark some fun in your loved ones with these interactive cards that spins, keeps a secret hidden within or that just keep going and going and going and… ok you get the gist! 33 mots de plus

Have You Seen Jake?

Jake is missing!

Will you help us find him?

Join the search party HERE.

The website describes this experience as follows, « Have You Seen Jake is an immersive, experiential theatrical project that is highly curated and specifically customized for each participant. 480 mots de plus

Los Angeles

A Detroit art museum is leveraging Google Tango for an AR history lesson | TechCrunch #AR #museums #interactive #tech

For all the hype around augmented reality, Google’s Tango technology hasn’t exactly set the world on fire. In fact, the second handset to support the tech – the ASUS ZenFone AR — was only announced last week at CES.But there’s certainly a chance for Tango to have life beyond the consumer space. 51 mots de plus


Road to RaisingRoseOnline...

Welcome to RaisingRoseOnline. I am Rose, living in the San Diego area, while raising my daughter Lelah. 2016 was probably the hardest year of my adult life, (and eventually one day I want to share my full journey on here, but that’s for another post) but we are walking in 2017 with positive thoughts only. 108 mots de plus


Our Saturday Visit

What’s new and hot with iESLp App?

Our Saturday Visit, a weekly piece that will help you develop your skills in using this productivity tool that support the SLP therapist, early childhood educators and all other creative minds who like build unique, individualized and specific learning materials. 635 mots de plus