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Eggs Collective Get a Round, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Eggs Collective are after the #bestnighteva with this joyful show modelled on the great British night out. Gold sequinned dresses, blue eyeshadow, and WKD by the bucketload are vital ingredients of this playful tribute to one of this country’s most venerated institutions. 274 mots de plus

Fringe Theatre

A Whale of a Time

Above another play area

There are fingers under fins

Krill are SO tiny!


Fun for all

One weird tooth!

Definitely a giant experience! 783 mots de plus


Outlander: Fantastic Princess (2017)

Original Title:
Outlander: Fantastic Princess
Publisher: CatCap Studio
Platform: Android

I’ve been playing this game for some time and finally yesterday I finished the whole main story (not all the routes), and let me tell you, … 897 mots de plus

Visual Novel

The evolution of trust

A very clever interactive showing how game theory can explain the evolution of trust.


Tether Tug Dog Toy

Tether Tug is an interactive outdoor dog toy that helps keep your dog in top physical and mental shape. The Tug of War style play lets the dog engage in energy burning activity, even when the owner wears out or can’t pla

England Wins FIFA Interactive World Cup For First Time In 12 Years


Image courtesy of Spencer Ealing/Twitter

Over the course of this week’s FIFA Interactive World Cup, Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing scored 46 goals across three days on his way to the grand final. 253 mots de plus


Big Dreamers

Amazing young women of the art department of my school – in celebration of women’s month.

Women rocking the arts!