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Using Twine @TwineThreads

A recent piece at File 770 pointed to this SFWA blog article on interactive fiction using the authoring tool Twine. Intrigued, I downloaded it and went off on small wild tangents with the resulting output here: … 326 mots de plus


Interactive Prototype: BookMark

This is an interactive prototype I made for a reading tracking app. The idea is to keep track of the books you currently reading, have read, and want to read all in one app. 21 mots de plus

Interactive Prototype: E-Pet

This is an interactive prototype I made using Marvel. It is for a pet adoption website that allows a user to use personality traits to find their ideal pet. 6 mots de plus

Area X

This is a website I did to show off my design skills for one of Todd Shelton’s classes.

Click here to see the full interactive website.

Small Database

Here is a small database I created. Ideally, this would be used by a small local bookstore to see the stock of other local bookstores. 7 mots de plus

Instrumenting Customer Acquisition - SXSW Recap

Session by Michael Discenza – Capital Factory
March 10, 2017

  • Framework for data collecting and learning
    • Track KPIs to show health of business (dashboards and reporting)
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