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Wiggle! by Taro Gomi (2013)

Magnificent in its interactiveness, Wiggle! features a finger-sized hole and a bunch of animals for the entertainment of your audience.

From a wriggly cat’s tail, to a swinging elephant’s trunk, you’ll find all your favourite animal features inside. 80 mots de plus

Wild Animals

Business Website Final

This is my website for a made up business design. The website had to use the name Wary Tuna and use the dark green color on the fish. 12 mots de plus

Interactive Design

Business Website

In this assignment we were asked to create a website using firs, a randomly generated business name and second a randomly generated color. We had to keep a consistent design sense throughout the three pages.


Virtual Autopsy Table

The Interactive Institute in collaboration with Norrköping Visualization Center and Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization has developed a table that will allow you to take a walk through the human body, virtually. 152 mots de plus