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So for my photo gallery I made an interactive website for our class. I used a site called to do this. It is very easy to make a site there because most of the elements are drag and drop, no coding required. 78 mots de plus

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Github's Learning Lab will teach you how to collaborate with code


Github isn’t just where most major open source projects are borne and improved; it’s also a commonly-used tool within commercial software development teams. 199 mots de plus


We Had A Great Time Using Nintendo Labo To Turn The Switch Into A House


Nintendo estimates that it takes two to three hours to turn its Switch console into an interactive cardboard-walled house. Ace cardboard-folder Gita Jackson and I did it in one. 461 mots de plus


The Studio That Announced Glover 2 Didn’t Actually Have The Rights


Screenshot: Glover (Hasbro Interactive)

Two days ago, a small studio announced that they were bringing a sequel to the platformer Glover to the Switch. 740 mots de plus


Got A Ton Of Degrees? Study Reveals You Might Just Live Longer

The more educated you are, the longer you may live. New research from Woflgang Lutz and Endale Kebede of International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis and the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) shows that a person’s education level is a strong predictor of their life expectancy. 270 mots de plus