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Juice brand, Tropicana, took over a digital billboard on the Southern Terrace of Westfield London this week to educate consumers on the health benefits of consuming just 150ml of 100% orange juice each day. 207 mots de plus


Cool Movie Trailer Activity

Trade boring old papers for fun videos – here are 5 steps my colleague followed

My colleague Sara Kelty, who teaches Global History and Geography in our high school, shared with me this cool movie trailer activity she created. 480 mots de plus


Interactive Design Progression Week 11

Week 11

I have managed to fit all my screen designs on the App template however I am experiencing some technical issues, some bitmap images are not displaying once I have previewed in a browser window, another issue is a few text boxes are not consistently positioned and revet to a unordered state even though I have edited them to be organised otherwise. 52 mots de plus

Screen Designs For Interactive

New Interactive Digital Media award for polytechnic students to be launched

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: There will be a new award to recognise polytechnic students that have completed interactive digital media (IDM) projects that will make a positive impact on the lives of fellow citizens and the wider community from 2017, said the Ministry of Education (MOE) on Tuesday (May 3). 268 mots de plus

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Digital Foundations II - Interactive Design

Quicktime Screen Capture of Max 7, edited in Adobe Premiere CC 2015, 720×480

This video shows a low-frame demonstration of a patcher in Max 7 that is mainly for mixing together two videos and adding effects. 78 mots de plus

Digital Foundations Ii

Max recording

Taking an interest into Max 7, I began to mess around with different settings, matrixes, commands and seeing how they mixed together. Starting out with the idea of messing with different points and dots to get a ‘hyper space’ event, I began my patch with the basic ‘jit.world’ which is what created the general window which my patch can be viewed in, Along with the window I added ‘fullscreen’ which a toggle so I may turn fullscreen on for a much more immersive event. 107 mots de plus

Digital Foundations 2