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[Interactive] Map of American Literature's Most Epic #RoadTrips | Atlas Obscura #literature #maps #books

The above map is the result of a painstaking and admittedly quixotic effort to catalog the country as it has been described in the American road-tripping literature. 83 mots de plus


Signals and Cellular Responses

Cell signals travel through the body, coming in contact with many cell types. In this interactive module, you will learn how the response depends on the type of cell the signal reaches. 70 mots de plus


Life is Strange : Episode 4, Dark Room - Review

Life is Strange Episode 4 has just been released and the story of Max and her return to Blackwell academy goes one step further, With the episodic adventure starting off incredibly well and giving us a deep and engrossing adventure. 837 mots de plus


My Favorite Prep-Free, Interactive Speaking Activities for ESL Classes

While googling around for new classroom activities, I often find myself thinking, « That sounds like a great idea, but who has time for all of that preparation? 696 mots de plus


Hat of Dreams, pt. II

*Cont. from Hat of Dreams, pt. I

‘Hello? Is anybody there?’ the little girl shivered and pulled her cloak closer. White smoke lingered in the air as warm breath left her lungs. 1 296 mots de plus

Hat Of Dreams

A Trip Down Museum Lane

Week two and I still don’t have a job. It’s frustrating and while I spend most mornings in my pj’s applying for work and generally contemplating my whole move here, I usually get it together around lunchtime and put some outdoor clothes on as I realise there’s a lot to do in this city! 450 mots de plus


Website Design & Development

The World Wide Web has been connecting people to the Internet for many years, and the concept of Website Development has become a part of everyday life for Graphic Designers. 224 mots de plus