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What's Next?

After thinking about the project concept and getting a warm reception from the people I’ve talked about it to, the next bit was to see if it would be approved for the go-ahead. 600 mots de plus

App Development

High-Order Diffraction and Diffuse Reflections for Interactive Sound Propagation in Large Environments

Carl Schissler∗ Ravish Mehra† Dinesh Manocha‡

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

We present novel algorithms for interactive diffuse reflections and higher-order diffraction in large-scale virtual environments. 44 mots de plus


What is Arts Student Hub Live 2016? #studenthublive16

The next Student Hub Live event on the 10 and 11 June is an Arts Hub event. This is for all people who have a passion for the Arts – anyone is welcome, especially those who are studying or researching the Arts. 471 mots de plus

Conferences, Seminars, Talks, Public Events

Spin2Win Wheel is finally here!

Today I am thrilled to announce my new product called Spin2Win Wheel!

Following months of focused development and customer feedback on my first wheel game, Spin2Win Wheel is not only responsive and beautiful but also chock full of useful (and requested) features. 366 mots de plus


Author Spotlight: Mo Willems, part 1

This is an unusual Author Spotlight in that today, we’ll be talking about a writer who is not a real person but actually just a character in an indie movie. 803 mots de plus


What if We Changed the Way Schools do Library?

Hi 5 your school library with these 5 cool ideas

My school will have a new middle school/high school librarian next year and a number of faculty members have bounced ideas around with the incoming librarian. 536 mots de plus