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Summer in Psalms Interactive Bible Study - COMING SOON!

Starting June 1st, we will be spending the summer in the first two books of Psalms (Psalms 1-72), one Psalm a day. We’re changing up the format a bit–I will post the Psalm each day, but the rest of the study requires your daily input. 328 mots de plus

What It’s Like to Be in the Hot Seat at Code (Video)

Over the years, the titans of tech have been grilled in the signature red chairs by Walt Mossberg, Kara Swisher and other Re/coders — first at the D conferences and now at… 131 mots de plus


Magicka 2 Pulses With Magic but Fumbles Without Vision

When someone utters the name Paradox, the minds of many are thrust into a worlds with immeasurable depth like Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron. These games are complicated to a point where the uninitiated would void their bowels with nothing more than a glance and yet there’s a huge, ravenous community that devours each title. 1 643 mots de plus


Museum Exhibit for the Blind Encourages People to Touch the Artworks

The Museo del Prado in Madrid has launched its first exhibit for the visually impaired, 3D printing six of their most renowned artworks in their collection. 269 mots de plus


2 June, I Move, So I Animate

Between Grubby Flesh and Insubstantial Pixel

Medium Specificity and Space Exploration

It is not exclusively through the moving image that the imagined haptic experience can be achieved in art. 972 mots de plus

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Take An Interactive Tour Through The Largest Cave In The World

Originally posted online for IFLScience.

Cave-diving is not for the faint-hearted. It’s an extreme sport that holds many dangers, such as the ever-fluctuating visibility of being underwater and sudden strong water currents, so you’re forgiven if you’ve not yet given it a go. 295 mots de plus