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Lyric Flow

For many centuries, the human race has undergone many negative social changes and affiliations. People fight battles they don’t believe in, they are greedy, they degrade others, and they tend to take and take without a thought of giving. 634 mots de plus

Non Time Based

Memory? Who needs it.

Memory. Do we really need it anymore? There are so many ways to keep track of what you need to do; want to do; and did do, that the need for recall is in question. 85 mots de plus


Share experience with Netflix's Mr. Bear!

Impossible is not Netflix. The platform has created a bear that allows you to watch series at the same time as your family or friends, even in the distance. 119 mots de plus

Non Classé

Voting Location Google Map

An interactive map to let voters know where there voting location is, with picture included for added clarity.

Prior to making this I knew very little about Google Maps and making public maps. 23 mots de plus

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