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The smell of the moon

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Title: The smell of the moon

Type: Interactive

Specific operation:

On 19th November, I  wrote a diary about my recent life, and  send it to about 300 people who I know or I don’t know much through social tools(WeChat and Email). 341 mots de plus

My Work

Documentation of Interactive Animals Project

documentation from Danielle Kanuck on Vimeo.


Above is a video containing the documentation of an interactive animals project. Our group was tasked with creating an interactive experience that kids could enjoy while learning about an animal. 105 mots de plus


Simulation: Diversity

DiScoro writes about inquiry-based learning, digital resources, and ways to encourage higher-order thinking. We focus on STEM education and the use of technology.

The simulation we are writing about shows how difficult is it to build and sustain a diverse community. 356 mots de plus


Baboon Documentation

While at the Rochester Museum of Science and Technology, we had children play our virtual-reality baboon game in order to have fun and learn from it as well.

Non Time Based

Christmas Lip Balm Tags

Hi Everyone!

Christmas is quickly approaching and I wanted to use a snowflake stamp set that I recently got by My Favorite Things.  There are so many Christmas and holiday products released every year.  467 mots de plus


The Adventure of the Second Stain [Annotated]

The Adventure of the Second Stain

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Annotated by Amy Danielowich

I had intended “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange”[1] to be the last of those exploits of my friend, Mr. 10 531 mots de plus