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The Pillbox Experience

The River Thames was threatened during WWI and WWII and as a result, defences were put in place in order to try and protect the areas surrounding the Thames. 3 167 mots de plus

Thames Path

Engaging students with Pear Deck in Year 9 Commerce class

Kris Bush, Commerce and English teacher extraordinaire, is using Pear Deck to engage his Year 9 Commerce class. Pear Deck is about formative assessment and student engagement. 230 mots de plus


Spring Break

 This week has been the time of my life. In this week, I have been able to make several new friends and to strengthen the friendships that already existed. 148 mots de plus


Assessment 1: Analysis of 48 Hour Games

Project synopsis and background context

What is 48 Hour Games?

48 Hour Games is an interactive feature length documentary that provides viewers with a behind the scenes, all access pass to the Nordic Game Jam of 2011. 1 713 mots de plus


floating flower garden by TeamLab

In Tokyo currently is a display called Floating Flower Garden.

What is it? It is an immersive, interactive installation of blossoming vegetation. Visitors enter a room with floating flowers. 93 mots de plus


What is Cluster Festival?

It’s probably not the question to a Jeopardy! answer, but that’s about all you can know for sure even after reading all of the literature. This festival is now in its sixth year, flying under the radar and maintaining this enigmatic air of intrigue and mystery, and I still have no clue what it really is. 280 mots de plus


DIY: Unpinned. An ebook for tomorrow!

I have been working on a kickstarter project for the past few months and it is finally live! DIY: Unpinned is the first phase of my interactive ebook that will change the way you see and use how-to and DIY ebooks. 134 mots de plus