Want to Name the Next European Mars Rover? Here's Your Chance

The European Space Agency (ESA) is sending a rover to Mars, and they want you to name it.

The six-wheeled robot, currently called ExoMars, is under construction at the Airbus factory in Stevenage, England. 373 mots de plus


Fantasia 2018: Blue My Mind (2017)

With 2017’s Blue My Mind, up-and-coming director Lisa Brühlmann has delivered a rare and exquisite gem; a lush, heartbreaking, and extraordinarily compelling coming-of-age story that perfectly captures the potent, heady, and dangerous nature of female adolescence – a vulnerability that feels like invincibility and boundless possibility and power … until it doesn’t. 362 mots de plus


Trump Threatens to Dramatically Expand Trade War With China

President Donald Trump says he is « ready » to place tariffs on every Chinese good imported to the U.S. as the trade war between the two countries escalates. 256 mots de plus


14 injured in stabbing attack in Germany

At least 14 people have reportedly been wounded, two of them seriously in a knife attack on a bus in Germany in the northern city of Luebeck on Friday afternoon, Police in the city said, A suspect in his mid-30s was arrested after the attack.



Solo travelling might seem like a daunting task to many people; the thought of being in a foreign land with foreign language all on your own. 1 015 mots de plus


Fans Go Gaga For Cristiano Ronaldo In China

Cristiano Ronaldo has been soaking up the delights China has to offer on day one of his annual ‘CR7 Tour’ along with sponsors Nike.
The Juventus new-boy jetted straight off to the Far East while the ink was still drying on his incredible £100m transfer from Real Madrid. 301 mots de plus