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Easy method to Buy Perfectmoney during PayPal

In the present cutting edge world, advanced cash has turned into a vital methods for directing exchange the online commercial center. With regards to successful, dependable computerized trade, with Pecunix, C-Gold, C-Coin, Perfect Money and WebMoney, Centregold sets the standard. 428 mots de plus


My Weekly Wrap Up

Happy Saturday, folks! I must say that I am a little tired from my week this week. I did miss about two blog posts and I apologize for that. 409 mots de plus


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Chicken Soup for the Soul Mini-IPO: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Friday will bring a different kind of initial public offering and a big dose of nostalgia for the 1990s on Wall Street.

The book “Chicken Soup for the Soul” was published in 1993 and became a bestseller and a phenomenon. 825 mots de plus


Google Duo cumple un año pero a nadie le importa

Las aplicaciones emergentes lo tienen muy complicado hoy en día, y es que las reinas de cada categoría ya están asentadas en su trono, por lo que se hace dificil destronarlas. 190 mots de plus


Motorola patenta una pantalla para smartphone que se repara sola con calor

Una cosa es que una pantalla resulte resistente… y otra muy distinta que sea capaz de repararse sola. Justo esto segundo es lo que persigue Motorola con su última patente registrada, en la que es posible ver cómo la firma imagina un… 13 mots de plus


Here’s Why People Are Posting Cats in Response to the Barcelona Attack

A police request to not share photos of the chaos following Thursday’s deadly terror attack in Barcelona has prompted Twitter users to post photos of cats with the Barcelona hashtag. 328 mots de plus

Castle I've been working on in survival via /r/Minecraft

Castle I’ve been working on in survival

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