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Street View se une al selecto club de las apps que llegan al billón de descargas

Esta aplicación llegó a Android como un complemento a la más que conocida Google Maps. Una novedad que gustó mucho a los usuarios por el mero hecho de poder ver cualquier ciudad del mundo como si estuviéramos en sus calles. 178 mots de plus


Don't stand between them

Conflicts are not desirable, but life is impossible without it. Lot of things came out on surface when we get angry or if someone provokes us. 603 mots de plus


BPO SERVICES – One of the Most Illustrious Amenities Offered By Upswing Solutions

Business process outsourcing (often called BPO) can be defined as « a process of sharing your business functions (responsibilities) with a third party organization which is a proven expert in doing things that you cannot or do not want to handle yourself ». 500 mots de plus


Hacks Raise Fear Over N.S.A.’s Hold on Cyberweapons by NICOLE PERLROTH and DAVID E. SANGER


Hackers in two global attacks have used cyberweapons stolen from a dangerous collection that had been amassed by the agency. 14 mots de plus


Saw a video on how much Steve could carry. Now what about this? via /r/Minecraft

Saw a video on how much Steve could carry. Now what about this?

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Top Vatican Cardinal Charged With Sex Offenses in Australia

Australian police charged a top Vatican cardinal Thursday with multiple counts of historical sexual assault offenses, a stunning decision certain to rock the highest levels of the Holy See. 581 mots de plus

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KeePassXC 2.2.0 añade generador de contraseñas seguras

KeePassXC es la variante más libre -y llevada adelante por una importante comunidad de usuarios y desarrolladores- del popular gestor de contraseñas KeePassX, y viene mostrando desde hace tiempo un crecimiento importante tanto en cantidad de características nuevas como en la importancia de las mismas. 321 mots de plus