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Writing a Story vs. Writing My Blog

I’ve been writing more prose recently. I got a writing prompt notebook and a writing craft book for my birthday so I’ve been doing short prompts a lot (honestly I haven’t really looked at the craft book yet, though I should). 596 mots de plus

My Life And Rants

Tech giants are battling it out to supply the global internet - here's why that's a problem

Claudio Bozzi, Deakin University

The US Federal Communications Commission last month granted Elon Musk’s SpaceX permission to launch 4,425 satellites that will provide affordable high speed broadband internet to consumers. 769 mots de plus


Facebook Akan Buat Chip Prosesor Sendiri

Facebook Akan Buat Chip Prosesor Sendiri

Kini Facebook — sang raja sosial media itu — juga bersiap membuat chip prosesor sendiri.

Masing-masing raksasa teknologi nampaknya terobsesi untuk memiliki chip prosesor sendiri. 291 mots de plus

I'm Skeptical About SmugMug's Acquisition of Flickr

I learned yesterday (April 20) that Flickr was acquired by another photography website,

I’ve been a longtime user and subscriber to Flickr. I’ve seen Flickr go through several, often upsetting changes over the years. 459 mots de plus


Wildcard--educanal tools

Can Technology improve students learning and help teachers What can be used to help, google classroom has the answer?

Education is something everyone will be able to experience rather they like it or not young kids are suggested to go to school at the age of 2years old through12 grade. 170 mots de plus

Class Blog

Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

Who Would You Be Without Your Story?

Byron Katie

Who am I without the story I tell myself? Who am I without the need to suffer?

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Zuckerberg caught with pants down again

After what Zuckerberg said to Congress, Facebook then spun that it could be adopting the new European laws on privacy and everything else as its default protection standard for the rest of the world including the US. 373 mots de plus

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