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11 days. No phone. No internet. Bliss!

A year ago, I went on holiday and, for the first time ever, switched my phone off for the entire 7 day trip. It made the holiday in Fiji that much better, and it was an eye opening experience. 619 mots de plus


Yahoo, I'm Getting Tired of This

Well, I think it’s time to change to Gmail. Yahoo was being especially difficult today. I was searching for several emails, and it became very clear that Yahoo Mail wasn’t cooperating. 140 mots de plus


Hold On To Your Gnome Sticks, 'Turbo Kid 2' Is On The Way

This week I was excited to not only get an Apple prequel in the form of a LE MATOS music video directed by RKSS, but it was also announced that a sequel to Turbo Kid is in the works that will take place directly after the events of the first film. 12 mots de plus