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Silicon Valley, Seeking Diversity, Focuses on Blacks by PATRICIA LEIGH BROWN


The acute underrepresentation of blacks in the technology industry has given rise to a flurry of initiatives in Silicon Valley to improve the situation. 14 mots de plus


Facebook Takes a Step Into Education Software by VINDU GOEL and MOTOKO RICH


A small team at the social media giant is developing the educational software, which is being used in about 30 schools but has much broader ambitions. 13 mots de plus


Manager of Internet Publishing Wine Drinking Label Inspired Job

As you start to take pleasure from and completely grasp wine, you will also desire to know about appropriate wine etiquette. wine is a social drink meant to be enjoyed with your family and friends. 304 mots de plus

Insights Manager of Internet Publishing Beer Drinking Label Inspired

You can have your own home beer brewery with Mr. Beer, which lets you make your own brew of the most original and best tasting beer based on its tried and tested recipes, using the most easy-to-use homebrewing accessories. 197 mots de plus

In NYAN Publishing Internet major TShirt

Translated by Liu Peng News, page 4, Issue 423 Original article: [ Chinese ] Eighty publishing houses currently affiliated with variousministries and commissions of the Chinese central government areslated to be corporatized by the end of 2009, according to China’snational media and publishing regulating body. 255 mots de plus

My Relationship with Communication Technologies

I’ve never been too deeply invested in communication technologies. Until the age of 7/8 I did not have much of an interaction with technology because I lived in a war-torn country (I never liked watching television etc.). 319 mots de plus

New Communications Technology