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unidentified shodan.io object approaching

What would Picard do ?

connect from sky.census.shodan.io

Its our Seychelles beachhut isp once more and an easy to ban /24 subnet.  I would not want that ip address now. 15 mots de plus


Horrifying Images From the London Attack

The horrifying attack outside Parliament shocked central London on Wednesday afternoon as a London was left in mayhem with at least four people dead and injured 20 which prompted the hasty evacuation of the prime minister. 80 mots de plus


What a title eh? Did you click it to read on and feel angry, or did you click it because well I brought you here with the headline alone and generally wanted to see what this entry would be about? 1 255 mots de plus

Faster Internet By Using LAN

These days we’re all used to accessing the internet via a Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, though, this connection seems to be much slower or unstable than it’s supposed to be. 301 mots de plus

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Si tienes una ROM personalizada no podrás jugar a Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run ya está disponible de forma global para todos los smartphones Android. Se ha hecho de esperar, pero la esperada entrega de Nintendo ya se puede descargar, así que no dudes en pasarte por el Play Store de Google y bajar este juego en tu dispositivo para echar unos buenos ratos, ya que es muy entretenido. 170 mots de plus