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The Infrastructure Behind Social Games

1.) Two of the most important infrastructure components that are most critical for Zynga are responsiveness and being scalable. If there is a problem with the game, such as lagging or a glitch, Zynga must be able to quickly and efficiently deal with the issue. 377 mots de plus


Video recaps Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge leaks with new renders

Tomorrow in Barcelona Samsung will make both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge official. And now, a mere one day before that event, a video has surfaced which does a good job recapping all the leaked details we've heard about the two handsets. 366 mots de plus


'This Could Be Us, But You Playing' (Let's Think About This, Folks.)

So, one of the delusional, « stunningly annoying » things I wrote was a post that used the above picture of Annie Shapiro and me and suggested that Alexa Chung could find herself in a similar situation with me. 192 mots de plus


Fox News is a Joke

Llamas were all the rage Thursday as a chase was carried out in some suburban complex in some state. Apparently it was a big deal though. 518 mots de plus

Jon Stewart

MWC 2015 , estas son las novedades que esperamos de la mayor feria de telefonía

El Mobile World Congress, la mayor feria de telefonía que vuelve a Barcelona como cada año, dará su particular pistoletazo de salida el próximo 2 de marzo. 826 mots de plus


The Importance of discovering Your Profitable Niche

The most important part of actually making money online as an Affiliate marketer is discovering your Profitable Niche. Something you’re good at, preferably something you have some knowledge of. 687 mots de plus


Long Road Ahead

I’ve been looking around for ways to earn money without really spending any money.

There seem to be a multitude of ways throughout the internet to earn cash, but can it be a source of income? 475 mots de plus