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Interview With Amri Ginang

The following is an interview with internationally renowned Malaysian photographer Mr. Amri Ginang in 2014.

He started his career in Stockholm, Sweden before coming back to Malaysia. 42 mots de plus

Amri Ginang

Interview: Melbourne Musical Theatre Festival Director, Trevor Alexander

Melbourne, a festival city, has always been an enormous supporter of the performing arts community with Fringe, Comedy and the Cabaret Festival to name just a few of these events on her busy calendar. 972 mots de plus


Skye Starz interview 2016 #sofapoint

Published on Jul 28, 2016

0.7 speaks to Skye Starz in an exclusive #sofapoint special, talking on the issues faced by hip-hop and grime artists in West Yorkshire and also which projects he’s currently involved with running.


Band Interview: The Fill Ins

The Fill Ins are 4 piece rock N roll band based in America. Their latest release, 5th Time’s the Charm was released in 2015. Vocalist & rhythm guitarist Alex Stiff took the time to answer a few of our questions. 685 mots de plus


The Misoka Interview

All artwork here is created and owned by Misoka and has been reproduced here with permission.

Please introduce yourself for the readers

Well hello I’m Misoka (not my true name) from Malaysia Sabah, I’m 19 years old and obviously I like drawing so much and I put a lot of effort for it. 773 mots de plus


Girl Meets Boy And Sails Off Into The Sunset To Travel The World

The Captain Morgan Effect | Sharon Henry

Theirs is a story whose plot reads like a can’t-put-down adventure novel; girl meets boy, falls in love and sails off into the sunset to travel the world. 1 405 mots de plus

St Helena

Good Question

I literally feel like I’m dusting the cobwebs off of this whole blog thing. I’ve had good intentions. I always have good intentions. It’s on my list of best qualities on my resume’. 1 146 mots de plus