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WRECK AND RUIN, successfully funded on the third attempt.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Wreck and ruin.

Wreck and Ruin is the first project I created, and did not start off intending to make a game! 1 640 mots de plus

Kickstarter Interview

Daniel Lee

Competing at Gold Coast 2018 in the gymnastics all-around final, Daniel Lee was the first male gymnast to compete for Jersey at the Commonwealth Games. Daniel had a very successful 2017 competing at the Island Games in Gotland, where he came away with multiple medals. 748 mots de plus


Author Interview: R.S. Ford

Today I am interviewing R.S. Ford, otherwise known as Richard Ford, author of the new fantasy novel, A Demon in Silver, first book in the War of the Archons series. 1 190 mots de plus


Show Of The Week - INTERVIEW - Wreck The Boat - Jollyboat Vs. Spontaneous Wrecks

This week we are heading up to Newcastle for our show of the week that is not only musical but there are pirates involved! Jollyboat are currently on tour across the UK and at their show at The Bridge Hotel they are joined by the short form troupe Spotaneaous Wrecks as well for a special one night extravaganza called Wreck The Boat! 1 207 mots de plus


'Jaron Lanier interview on how social media ruins your life'

Jaron Lanier, the Silicone Valley ‘computer philosopher’, thinks social media is ruining your life.

In this interview Jaron Lanier talks about Facebook, YouTube, Google and how the tech and social media giants are using algorithms to record data about their users – and how internet algorithms shape how we see the world and what we’re shown online.

Politics And Society

Brother Be

After five years together, Canberra indie-rock group Brother Be decided to explore their sound further, shifting from upbeat party jams to brooding and epic rock. The first result of this shift is their latest single Nine Dollars.The song sees front man Michael Rhydderch entertaining those feelings of doubt that play in our everyday lives against a background of thumping rhythm section and massive wall of guitars.  601 mots de plus