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Delaunay retrospective

You all know of my Sonia Delaunay obsession, and I was extremely excited to attend the opening of the retrospective of her work at Tate Modern last week. 568 mots de plus


Testing the Waters: The Interview

The way we get our news certainly must shape the way we understand current affairs, right? Well that’s what our BCM210 group is determined to find out, alongside how individuals perceive news relevance. 682 mots de plus

Social Media

The static keyword in C++

在C++中,static有很多不同的意思,打字猴在面試時也常遇到static相關的問題,所以在這篇文章中做一個整理: 376 mots de plus

Hello everybody !

Today’s interview is by Ryuto and Ryota !


Hope you will like it ^^ 130 mots de plus


Meet Our Sponsors: Sanctuary RP Community

Stevie Basevi, the Dark Regent of Sanctuary RP Community tells us how it was to roleplay within the Fairelands last year and what we can expect of the Sanctuary RP Community this year. 425 mots de plus

Fantasy Faire

Why I’m not proud to call Buhari my president — Aribisala

Charles Kumolu
Dr. Femi Aribisala, a pastor and Vanguard columnist, in this interaction with Vanguard editors, ventilates his passion for President Goodluck Jonathan and explains his position on the person and politics of the president-elect, Major-General Muhammadu Buhari. 14 mots de plus


Why my cabinet will be small – Buhari

•We will go into action before we are sworn-in
•‘Our priorities on security, economy, unemployment, corruption’
•On indiscipline: People are more prepared to behave than in 1983… 22 mots de plus