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Interview with Karen White

Where are you originally from?

Both of my parents were born and raised in Mississippi (my mother in the Delta–« the most Southern place on earth »–and my father on the coast in Biloxi) but my father’s job as an executive with Exxon had us living all over the world.   1 385 mots de plus


Behind the Mask #4 | Miika Wiikman: Nottingham Panthers

Title image credit: Panthers Images

Miika Wiikman is in his second season with the GMB Nottingham Panthers and is arguably one of the best net-minders in the Elite Ice Hockey League. 2 447 mots de plus

Ice Hockey

Chris Barrie out and about this month video, pictures + interview!

Some video interviews of Chris at the SF Ball taking about his future and inspirations as well as some nice pictures of Chris at MCM Telford. 394 mots de plus

Chris Barrie

Mark A. James | Songwriter & Musician

We all have met people who have made a significant change or occurrence in our lives; as for me, one of those people was Mark A. 933 mots de plus



This article was published by PETRIe Inventory at http://www.petrieinventory.com/introducing-jia-sung


Jia Sung is a Brooklyn based visual artist, whose works are simultaneously enchanting and startling, as they seem to refer to a fragile, yet potent, materiality. 738 mots de plus

PETRIe Inventory

A Q&A Series: 5 Questions To... (#5QuestionsTo)

New year, a new series!

After living in Florence for almost 2 years, I start to feel like a local. That’s because I’ve got familiar with the city, adapted to the life pace, and more importantly made some local friends. 153 mots de plus


A Passion for Dance

I wanted to know in what ways do people use social media in order to share a common interest. So I interviewed Nicole Johnson who has a common interest in dance, She answered the following questions for me: 248 mots de plus