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Math Common Core : Friend or Foe?

Although Common Core State Standards were adopted in Massachusetts in 2010, the topic is still a lightening rod for impassioned critique and opinion. There is even an initiative, “End Common Core MA”, to place the increasingly controversial academic benchmarks on the 2016 state ballot, the first time voters would decide whether to keep the K-12 math and reading standards. 1 166 mots de plus



Holidays are coming and of all the gifts you can give your children, books are among the best. Children’s authors have a difficult task of writing what they like in such a way as to inspire and educate our children, and still provide the fun and goofiness children enjoy so much. 1 315 mots de plus

Guest Artist

Be the change you want to see - Sarah interviews Heather Bamforth

I always love the people involved in women’s cycling who look at what’s not there and think « right, I’ll fix that », so I’m a big fan of Heather Bamforth, who, when she came back to cycling after years out focusing on work and looked at what wasn’t there for women like her in the North West of England, has made a huge difference.  250 mots de plus

Women's Cycling

Interview on Limitless Laowai

#41 Rose Symotiuk – Love, Shenzhen makes its mark in the PRD

Jan 20, 2015

Rose moved to Shenzhen, China from New York City in 2009. 55 mots de plus


Cisco Incubator Program - How to build a router

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been really busy with work (I’ll talk about this in another post :) ), university stuff and I didn’t manage to find the time to write here, even if I have some pending articles to review and share soon. 811 mots de plus


Interview Extraordinaire SIXX. - MIKE KROHNICLES

This post is going to be a complete version of my hour long chat with Mike Krol, an amazing dude who is bringing the DIY back into music. 1 595 mots de plus


Debbie Morgan On How She’s Showing The Importance Of Family [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

Debbie Morgan, legendary actress known for her role on “All My Children,” talks about the role she is playing in her new movie, “A Royal Family Holiday” on… 160 mots de plus