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I am almost done with my residency interviews – praise Jesus. This experience has been overwhelming, but exciting. There were some proud moments, but more embarrassing ones.  316 mots de plus

Medical School

Band Interview: Sustinere

If you like your music loud and riffy then let me introduce you to Sustinere!

This awesome two piece from Chester consists of Rob Jones and Mikey Pierce. 1 023 mots de plus


David Papineau in The Conversation

Prod David Papineau features in an hour-long podcast in The Conversation UK on the subject of Belief, where he is joined by a number of leading psychologists and other scientists. 14 mots de plus


Interview: Melissa Klein author of the Out of Uniform series

Tell us about your new release.

Out of Bounds is the first in the Out of Uniform series which centers on a group of naval aviators and the challenges they face after leaving the Navy. 424 mots de plus

The Book Breeze


may 15

sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit. have interview with post office people tomorrow. they say bring the social security card. so weird to have interview tehnically after a drug test and ss card. 2 890 mots de plus

The Second Half of My Jesus Interview

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After the ‘dee dum, dee dum’ incident I was in panic mode but things started to look up when, for the first time during the interview process, the tutors started asking me about things I knew really well! 673 mots de plus