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Artist Spotlight #57: Rebecca Cooke

Rebecca Cooke

The most exotic and colourful birds take centre stage in Rebecca Cooke’s intricate acrylic paintings. Inspired by global textiles and ceramics, Rebecca’s patterned artworks have been exhibited at the Art Images Gallery in Norwood and the Adelaide Airport. 1 205 mots de plus


Track of the Day: Exit - Porshyne

My track of the day is the excellent new single from Porshyne, « Exit ».

Porshyne are scheduled to release their new EP « Environmental Music », which includes « Exit », on the 10th of March. 539 mots de plus


Meet this eventually self made author.

My introduction with Priyank is a recent one. In an online conversation, the part of him which I got to know inspired me to work consistently and  be a man of action like him. 1 205 mots de plus

FCSP amateur departments: Chess

Scum FCSP amateur department tour is back with a vengeance! This time strength, speed and stamina make space for other virtues like analytical thinking and the ability to play mind games while the usually noisy atmosphere of the pitch surroundings give its place to the (deadly sometimes ^^) silence of the… 1 877 mots de plus

St. Pauli

Interview With Will Randolph

Photos from top to bottom are describe by Will. « The brace I sleep in when I have a migraine. Miami J Collar with the Occian Back. 1 146 mots de plus

Trek Lexington in conversation with Timothy Wilson

  1. Tell us a bit about your artistic beginnings – how did you become an artist? Do you remember the moment you knew that this was the direction your life would take?
  2. 1 741 mots de plus