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Recruiting with Rellah Boothe

We talk recruiting with 2017 Rellah Boothe, a high major recruit a lot of college programs are after. She put on a show at the USA Trials and didn’t make the team last year, but she is excited to go back in hopes to make it this time around.


Y'Anna Crawley On Why She Decided To Do "Sunday Best" [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

Y’Anna Crawley, gospel singer and winner of season two of BET’s « Sunday Best » came to chat with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show! She opens up about auditioning for the gospel singing competition, and why she decided to go for it after swearing of competition shows for good! 190 mots de plus

The Show

Ello Quilter of the Week! And Teacher Appreciation Week!

It’s been a good week here with a couple thins going on. This week I was « Quilter of the Week » over on Ello! Thanks to Sara Okern of @elloquilt for the opportunity to answer some questions about what I do and reflect on my process and work. 188 mots de plus

Modern Quilts

Interview with Sharn

Sharn is a 26 year old singer/songwriter from Wellington NZ. Creating original music and writing songs inspired by his perspective of life. With a unique sound and soulful voice he’ll take you on a journey into his mind, sharing messages of peace and freedom of self expression to the world. 429 mots de plus


Interview with Kristin Centorcelli (My Bookish Ways, SF Signal)

This morning I’m going to be chatting with Kristin Centorcelli, Editor in Chief at My Bookish Ways, Associate Editor at SF Signal, and reviewer at… 581 mots de plus

Science Fiction

S. C. Flynn a reblogué votre sur SCy-Fy: the blog of S. C. Flynn et a répondu comme suit:

The SF Signal site announced yesterday that it is closing. As if that wasn't bad enough, associate editor Kristin Centorcelli has today announced that she will be closing her own site, My Bookish Ways. I interviewed Kristin a bit over a year ago. Among many other interesting things, Kristin said: "I’m happy with the blog, and I enjoy myself, and as long as I keep enjoying it, then I’m good to go." and "I think bloggers, writers, everyone has what I call “who cares” days. Days when you just don’t feel like blogging or writing, or you feel overwhelmed." It's a shame that Kristin is not continuing with her site. Thanks to her for her contribution to the genre community, and best of luck for the future!