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The Evolution of the Zipper

A zipper is something one rarely thinks about until it breaks.  It’s something we use every day, from trousers to jackets to purses to zip-lock bags.  257 mots de plus


Things of Interest

Things, nameless remnants, objects in a drawer;
trinkets that tumble out of time and place.
Garage gadgets, artefacts of war;
unidentified objects, out of space, 265 mots de plus


Aquaponics V2.0

I had so much fun with my first aquaponics experiment, Adventures in Aquaponics, so a new system was created. The original setup was very simple, and t worked, but I like to make complicated devices and a new aquaponics system was just what was needed to scratch that itch. 259 mots de plus


2014 Best Inventions

What to know what the best 2014 inventions were? Here is a list of 25 of them, check out the article below from Time magazine.  What you think? 21 mots de plus

Time Magazine