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President Obama, What is Wrong with Rainwater?

President Obama is on the T. V. right now, telling people to drink filtered Flint water. I am just frustrated with humanity trying to tell people about collecting rainwater for drinking, just to take some pressure off the bottled water delivery system I would call him on the phone or e-mail him, but no one will listen. 305 mots de plus


Lets Put Fire Extinguishers At Bad Intersections, on the Phone Poles

I keep saying that as soon as I get ten dollars, I’m going to buy a fire extinguisher and nail it to the pole out on our intersection. 278 mots de plus


A Serious Advance In Rainwater Tech: The Filter Pocket

It may seem like a small thing, but I have just conceived a serious advance in my rainwater technology. My collection methods are entirely patent-able inventions which, screaming bloody murder, I have offered for free to many people who are being paid to remedy the Flint water crisis. 426 mots de plus


Spoontown Dolls

From the start of doll-making in Spoontown, the primary producer was the Spoon family.

Gerald Spoon arrived as a pioneer settler skilled in the forging of metal forks, knives, and spoons. 2 601 mots de plus


Aura Optics

UEC Videos

The link above takes you to the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. These college students made stuff and made videos for them. One of them is the Aura Optics. 92 mots de plus


Exclusive Invention: The TeaCot (like a teapot, but for cots)

Teapots are great and all that, but they’re just never bloody big enough! Cots, on the other hand, certainly are big enough. You can keep a baby in them, and there’s room for teddy bears and possibly your pet Rottweiler to defend your infant and ward off any potential intruders. 411 mots de plus