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Synthetic Blood

Someone requires blood in the U.S. every two seconds. This means that a vast amount of donated blood is needed daily, and therefore there is a large demand for donors who are simply not there. 649 mots de plus


Could S'Greats be entrepreneur Steve Gadlin's next great idea?

It’s time for another edition of The Frying Pan with local entrepreneur and Shark Tank winner Steve Gadlin. Before he takes an idea to investor Mark Cuban, he runs it by the WGN audience for their or approval or disapproval. 46 mots de plus

The Download

Pony Goes Uptown, Makes New Friends

I have to admit, it was the Idiotic Brother who goaded me into it.  I’d heard there was a guy with the Carrboro Fire Department who has an old Massey Harris 44 and I mentioned it to the IB.  975 mots de plus


Ultrasonic Levitation

The director of the levitation program at the New York Institute of Technology was a scientist who had reached the limit of frustration with how his efforts were being treated by colleagues, the media, and the general public. 3 736 mots de plus