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"Plastic Things".

When you think of plastic, what springs to mind? Cheap toys from China? Packaging? Or maybe a plastic bag? Of course you would.
But how about a woolly jumper? 245 mots de plus

The TOP 10 inventions of all time

Hello, and welcome to my blog, today I bring you the TOP 10 INVENTIONS OF ALL TIME
#1 The internet

Do I need to comment? 199 mots de plus


Exclusive Invention: The Braked Potato (a food & brake all-in-one)!

Not that we drive a car, but braking is one of the most annoying things drivers have to do. Instead of being able to continue with one’s journey, one must slow down or come to a dead stop in order to avoid plowing across something such as a roundabout and slamming into the local cake shop. 506 mots de plus


Dadventions* #1 - Caffeinated Toothpaste

The Problem: After a long and inevitably sleepless night, time in the morning for a tired daddy is at an absolute premium.

Where there used to be plenty of time to get dressed, showered, brush your teeth, have breakfast and coffee and get out of the door in time to catch the train to work, now cramming everything in is a seeming impossibility. 159 mots de plus


Brothers take top spot at invention competition Make48

Brothers Ryan Aguirre, Kevin Aguirre, and Julio Aguirre makeup team 801. They all have day jobs, but together at night become inventors. The brothers won the top prize at… 175 mots de plus

The Place

Exclusive Invention: The Jamper (like a jumper, but with more jam)

There comes a time in a man’s life when jumpers become remarkably important. No matter how bad your day is going, if you’re wearing a jumper then, ultimately, all is well with the world and your conscience. 491 mots de plus