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Who? Joseph C. Gayetty?

If your man’s best friend is a dog, you’re about to trade up.

Joseph C. Gayetty (b. 1827? Massachusetts – d. ?) – Was an American inventor credited with the invention of commercial toilet paper. 36 mots de plus


Advice for inventors: steps for getting a patent

It has been said that there is nothing new under the sun. Quite often what seems like an original idea may have already been thought of numerous times, by many different people. 718 mots de plus


10 strange inventions that could exist in 10 years

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Predicting the future is hard.

Not only do you have to imagine what problems we’ll be trying to solve; you have to imagine which still-uninvented products will help solve them. 951 mots de plus


Pedal Demo: Albey Inventions Moria Reverb

My sonically anointed brother, Ben Albertson, has dreamed up and created one of the coolest reverb pedals I’ve had the pleasure of fiddlin’ around with. Offering it to me as a prototype, I was able to put the pedal through its paces and find all the cool noises inside. 115 mots de plus