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Casino Chips Curiousity

« The guy who invented poker was bright, but the guy who invented the poker chip was a genius. »

Ever wonder about the the poker chip? 483 mots de plus


The Cossar Press, Glasgow circa 1900.

This reel-fed flatbed press was the invention of Scottish printer Tom Cossar, whose father John founded a printing business in Glasgow in 1867.
Although never patented, John Cossar had invented a folding and pasting machine to help his newspaper and printing business run more smoothly but Tom was to go a step further with the creation of his masterpiece, which was to become known as the Cossar press. 508 mots de plus

Me in Tin Type

I hate having my photo taken but the chance of being immortalised in a mid 19th century technology was irresistible. Magical watching the image slowly appear, hair first. 6 mots de plus


Extreme tactical vehicles You Didn't Know Existed

Extreme tactical vehicles You Didn’t Know Existed

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500HP Rezvani Tank tactical urban vehicle


An Extreme Utility Vehicle worked for any rough terrain and on-street challenge. 284 mots de plus

Invention: The Remote Constroll (a remote control for strolling)

If you’re super lazy like we are, then taking a bit of exercise is akin to climbing Mount Everest in nothing but pink speedos. Tough going! 658 mots de plus


Newspapers, Telescopes, Microscopes, Oh My!

Charlotte Kershisnik

October 19,2017

History lesson 100

This week I learned about the invention of newspapers, telescopes, then microscopes, I’ll start with newspaper, then telescopes, then the microscope. 197 mots de plus