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Sent a Myth to the Mythbusters!

Yep, I sent that trash incinerator idea to Mythbusters. I wonder if they will try it. I hope they do. I would love to see what they have to say about it. 17 mots de plus


Spook Country: Inventions

Authors invent stuff. All. The. Time.

It’s incredible how many new creative ideas you’ll run into while reading a good book. Take William Gibson’s GPS sculptures in his novel Spook Country: the artist creates a digital model of a person or thing and puts it in the GPS system so with a special headset you see the model in the actual location. 35 mots de plus

Chapter 11

Gennady Suslikov stalked down the corridor from his workshop to the estate’s central power plant. Damn his loose tongue! He hadn’t meant to tell his brother’s Alash apprentice about their experiments with orikhalko, but it had just slipped out. 1 425 mots de plus


Is a vibrating car alarm the future of auto safety?

Local genius, inventor, innovator and “Shark Tank” champion Steve Gadlin joins Justin for the monthly edition of “The Frying Pan!” Steve presents an exclusive idea to the WGN listeners and they get to decide if it is good enough to present to his principal investor Mark Cuban. 71 mots de plus

The Download

Better Way of Getting Rid of Trash

After years of thinking I thought of a better way to get rid of trash. It would require lots of materials and funding. But here is the idea: 390 mots de plus