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The Trouble with Scandals

When late night smarty pants Charlie Rose fell from grace last month, the veteran journalist took a lot of people down with him. Including yours truly, Podunk. 281 mots de plus


Women as Weapons Inventors

My husband and I started discussing how, in my opinion, weapons of mass destruction and weapons that have the goal of completely destroying an enemy–like Claymore mines–would not exist if not for the aggressive nature of men. 187 mots de plus

Trending Twitter Retweets for your health and safety - plus the proper evolution of Mankind

The most important discoveries in history are well known to us.  Now from – – is a new device that may become more influential than the discovery of Fire, the Wheel and even Electricity.  665 mots de plus

Ancient Tools and Toys - Real Old

Oldest Known Objects

Made by Man

(and his Ancestors)

Whenever something incredibly ancient and incredibly cool turns up, there’s always someone on hand to shout that it’s… 2 289 mots de plus

Top Ten

1968 was the year the Post-It Note was invented.

It’s virtually impossible to imagine the contemporary office without at least a few sticky Post-It notes stuck on the computer monitor.
The Post-It note has injected its sunny yellow colour into the dullest office environment for over 30 years and would appear at first glance to be an item with a clear design brief. 198 mots de plus

Lincoln Nautilus

Competitor Porsche Cayenne or luxury crossover?

We have talked about crossovers many times, and also mentioned that they are more suitable for family life and the choice is more towards them. 396 mots de plus