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Watch: This Real-Life Hoverboard Is Almost Impossible to Believe

Eat your heart out Marty McFly.

According to the Guinness World Record organization, this video shows the furthest recorded flight ever made on a overboard. (You know, in real life as opposed to… 107 mots de plus

Pakkuman / Pac-Man

Did you know that the video game ‘Pakkuman’ was released today in 1980?  In America it is better known as ‘Pac-Man’ and is one of the most recognized and influential video games in history.  106 mots de plus

Lunch Notes

Smartphone Tablet Art Controller App - WiFi Digital Photo Frames Managed by Template

Simple concept – we’ve bought those digital photo frames that can take various memory cards and flash drives to display our photos. And some of them have become WiFi enabled so you can load pictures from your favorite online cloud storage (i.e. 314 mots de plus


Multi-path Multiplexed Network Protocol (TCP/IP over MMNP) Redundant Connections

Because connectivity is becoming less a convenience and more often a necessity, if not a criticality, there will be a built-in demand for 24×7 connectivity to/from data sources and targets. 420 mots de plus


Tree → Book → Tree

This is a book you can read and then plant so it grows back into a tree. Talk about sustainable!

It’s a great concept:

« This way, trees grow and so do children.

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The Dumbest Invention Ever and The Greatest Since the Refrigerator

Instead of talking about my ideas and possibilities for new products, as I typically do, I wanted to change gears on this post and talk about one of the biggest pet peeves I own.   385 mots de plus

Betty and the flying suit.

Betty is a Grandmother, who like all grannies loves children and cooking but what she loves most is – inventing things.

“Gadgets, Do-wacky’s” she calls them. 1 761 mots de plus