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Where Did That Name Come From? 

Varnish – The resin from ancient forests was first used to make varnish in Berenice, Libya, which eventually became Vernix in Latin, from which we get the modern word.


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After the dragoon officer’s words, Jildiz expected Orengrad to be a sinkhole of anger and hate directed at her, but if it was, she did not encounter very much of it that first day. 1 690 mots de plus

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Travel|7 Brilliant Inventions

Discover the surprising histories behind the every day objects that transformed travel forever.

In 1972 Bernard D. Sadow registered a patent for rolling luggage, revolutionizing travel. 1 206 mots de plus


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Quincy: … and Mommy says to play with my computer or my tablet but i don’t want to play with my computer or my tablet…

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256th Birthday Celebration Of Marie Harel Who Invented Camembert Cheese

Marie Harel who was the first person to create Camembert cheese in 1791 was born 256 years ago today. She was born on April 28, 1761, in Crouttes, France. 68 mots de plus