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Movie Review - Joy (2015)

You wouldn’t think the story behind the invention of the self-wringing mop would be all that interesting but as it turns out, it is.

Inspiring too. 657 mots de plus


Charge Your Phone with Fire

Charge your phone with fire. While camping.

Never mind the fact that you won’t need your phone in the middle of the woods where Wi-Fi is nonexistent.

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Well, not exactly.  But he did, in the 1950s, come up with the idea under which a majority of equity and debt trades today are effected in current financial markets.  1 196 mots de plus

Bernard Olcott

Top 6 Inventions of the 20th Century


While the rocket was first invented and used by the Chinese over three thousand years ago—and used occasionally by the Greeks and Romans since —it wasn’t until the twentieth century that it came into its own and became more than just a dazzling amusement or a largely harmless but still … 13 mots de plus


Mr. Harris looked like Thomas Edison.  This resemblance caused me to think that Mr. Harris was a scientist and inventor with a laboratory and workshop full of wonderful experiments and inventions. 546 mots de plus