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Exclusive Invention: Cheep Tyres – Every Bit as Great as Cheap Tyres!

Whether you own a gas guzzler or a bicycle, you’re surely going to want cheap tyres! Tyres are the implement which propels your motor vehicle towards its destination, be it to the local supermarket, the local cinema, or accidentally off the edge of a 300ft cliff (careful with the accelerator, motorist)! 370 mots de plus


No more fuel! Young entrepreneur creates lantern that runs on ocean water

Aisa Mijeno, a young Filipino engineer and environmental advocate, has conceptualized a product that is not only environmentally friendly, but will provide basic lighting  to the less-privileged: 227 mots de plus

SE Asia

Fort Frances?

Entrance to my living room, completely blocked off by fort.


Robert Benchley: American Anniversaries

We haven’t heard from Robert Benchley in a while, have we? Here’s a piece from Love Conquers All, from the section that consists of book reviews. 803 mots de plus


Inventor Certificate

Patent issued in 1977 by Romanian Patent and Trade Office in Bucharest, Romania to inventor Virgil Antonov for « Automatic electronic headlight dimmer » Since 1980 the patented product has been implemented in Ford and general motors Corp. 11 mots de plus


If you have the maples..

Take cough syrup if you have a cough.
Take maple syrup if you have the maples.

Also works with mild cases of pancakes and waffles.

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