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China's Role in Graphic Design

           “The Asian Contribution” by Meggs Purvis is a chapter from her 2006 book, Meggs’ History of Graphic Design. In this chapter Purvis explains the huge role that China has played in the development of not just graphic design, but life as we know it. 740 mots de plus

Graphic Design


You said that you are happy. But was it
I-don’t-want-to-bother-you-so-I-will-say-it happy
or a I-am-really-happy-and-it’s-weird-that-you-are-asking happy

And then you smiled curving almost to a smirk.
A lets-keep-this-a-secret-between-us-and-screw-the-world smile… 53 mots de plus


John & Case Inc. Toy Design: Day 4

Toy Analysis Activity:

Toy 1: Transformer – Target Age – 8-10 years of age

  • Hard Plastic
  • Mostly rigid
  • Many Joints plow movement, even to transform into a truck.
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The Internet of tings - Welcome :)

Well as you can see I can’t spell!! well actually I can WordPress wouldn’t allow me spell it as is « Things » in the title of the site so I opted for the nest best option « TINGS ». 228 mots de plus