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Mole Cricket

Jumpin’ creepers! A mole cricket: the European Mole Cricket Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa? iNaturalist seems to think so. Found on the NY/CT border recently.

There is a Northern Mole Cricket ( 124 mots de plus


High Octopi...

There are worse things to do to an octopus than make them high; like eating them, perhaps.  Octopuses are also normally rather antisocial creatures to the extent that they’ll fight each other to the death, much like Republicans and Democrats. 214 mots de plus


Different lineages of freshwater jellyfishes (Cnidaria, Olindiidae, Craspedacusta) invading Europe: another piece of the puzzle from Sicily, Italy


Enrico Schifani, Arturo Viviano, Roberto Viviano, Luigi Naselli-Flores, Federico Marrone

Correctly identifying and mapping the distribution patterns of passively dispersing freshwater organisms is an important task to understand the mechanisms through which these organisms move across the world and to counteract the introduction of invasive alien species in a timely way; moreover, in the light of the growing evidence of the pervasiveness of cryptic species and cryptic biological invasions among all animal groups, the use of molecular identification tools is strongly advisable. 165 mots de plus



An Argiope genus spider. There was some iNaturalist/ debate about the specific identity of this beauty, seen this past weekend on the NY/CT border at the home of friends. 162 mots de plus


Cup-moths and cuckoos

Cup-moth caterpillars are again creating havoc in the local bush.

Cuckoos are having a field day, although in some areas, such as west of Mia Mia Track, the damage is largely done. 74 mots de plus

Bird Observations

World's oldest animal discovery in Russia

This 20 September 2018 Australian National University says about itself:

Is Dickinsonia our oldest ancestor?

Scientists from ANU have discovered molecules of fat in an ancient fossil to reveal the earliest confirmed animal in the geological record that lived on Earth 558 million years ago.

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