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C is for ....Christmas tree worm

Spirobranchus giganteus

It’s dark and cold out (in the UK anyway) and it’s only a month to go. Let’s bring some Christmas magic to the zoo. 534 mots de plus


Earthworm Abundance in Relation to Buckthorn

St. Lawrence lowland forests are home to an immense amount of diversity. However, this diversity can sometimes be put in danger with the introduction of invasive species. 873 mots de plus


Invertebrate Abundance and Diversity in Ponds

Invertebrates are a diverse group of cold-blooded organisms that do not have or develop a backbone at any stage of their lives (Buchsbaum, Milne, 1960). They are so diverse in their structure, physiology, habitat, and behavior that they constitute approximately 95% of the total identified animal species on earth. 1 168 mots de plus


A conceptual framework towards more holistic freshwater conservation planning through incorporation of stream connectivity and thermal vulnerability


P.A. Ramulifho, N.A. Rivers-Moore, H.F. Dallas, S.H. Foord

The thermal regime of rivers plays an important role in the overall health and composition of aquatic ecosystems, and together with flow, is recognised as one of the most influential abiotic drivers of aquatic ecosystem processes affecting species distribution. 174 mots de plus


Physiology of the Cladocera, Second Edition - Academic Press - 2017

Physiology of the Cladocera, Second Edition, is a much-needed summary of foundational information on these increasingly important model organisms. This unique and valuable review is based on the world’s literature, including Russian research not previously widely available, and offers systematically arranged data on the physiology of Cladocera, assisting with explanation of their life and distribution. 311 mots de plus

Not more about lerps!

Psyllids are tiny winged insects that look like small cicadas. In fact both psyllids and cicadas are Hemipterans meaning that they are characterised by sucking mouthparts. 211 mots de plus


Refugees help Dutch butterflies

This video shows white admiral butterflies in Sang en Goorkens nature reserve in North Brabant province in the Netherlands.

Dutch Vroege Vogels radio reported on 16 October 2017 that… 46 mots de plus