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Surrey365; Day 100! Mrs Stag.

I wrote this blog post the day before yesterday, and somehow managed not to publish it! I don’t know how that happened. I missed yesterday, so this is the first of three for today! 76 mots de plus


Rise Up On Gossamer Wings

Delicate, but sturdy, miniature invertebrate attack helicopters ready for prey, the damselfly is now emerging for human eyes to see. They began life as eggs placed by the female in a secluded and shallow underwater location. 495 mots de plus

Creation And Nature

New Zealand giant insect escapes from pigs

This video says about itself:

Tusked Weta Vs Foraging Pig – Wild New Zealand – BBC Earth

22 June 2017

The Tusked Weta is New Zealand’s equivalent of a mouse and a worthy snack for a foraging pig.

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Long-legged Fly

One of the genus Condylostylus long-legged flies.
A little jewel. Same specimen: the light does wonderful things with the metallic sheen. There are more than 30 species in this genus north of Mexico; they usually feed on smaller insects and mites.


More Adalia bipunctata

This spring, I’ve spotted Two-spotted Ladybugs all over the place in Brooklyn. Down the street. In nearby Green-Wood Cemetery. In Greenpoint. And most recently inside my apartment! 149 mots de plus


Common Green Darners Appearing

The Common Green Darner (Anax junius) is one of our most common dragonflies. often seen near ponds. The family of dragonflies known as “darners” consists of species with large eyes and long abdomens that tend to rest infrequently and when they do rest, usually hang vertically.  253 mots de plus

30 Days Wild - Day 20 - What is a moment?

I struggle to believe we are already two-thirds of the way through 30 days Wild. I struggle even more to believe it’s nearly midway through 2017. 343 mots de plus

30 Days Wild