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Inside China's iPhone jailbreaking industrial complex

»In late March a handful of the western world’s best-known iPhone hackers were flown business class to Beijing. They were put up in the five-star Park Hyatt and given a tour of the sites; the Great Wall, the Forbidden City., » Thomas Fox-Brewster reports for Forbes. 211 mots de plus


Apple purges Confederate flag, but Nazi swastika remains in App Store

»A day after Apple began the mass purge of applications depicting the Confederate flag, the Nazi Swastika is still standing prominently in some games, » Gregory Ferenstein writes for Forbes. 256 mots de plus


Apple appears to be buying Privaris

»Privaris, a Charlottesville, Virginia, based startup, has recently transferred 26 of its 31 patents to Apple, » David Goldman reports for CNN. « Privaris primarily makes tiny fingerprint readers that attach to your key chain. 195 mots de plus


iOS 9: Cool new features coming to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

»With iOS 9 due out in public beta next month and to the general public this fall, Apple continues refining the appearance and behavior of the software that powers the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, » Michael deAgonia writes for Computerworld. 261 mots de plus


Apple Updates iTunes U App for iOS With Improvements for Instructors & Students

Apple updated its iTunes U application for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on Thursday with improvements to help both students and instructors. The new update, which has been dubbed version 3.0, is now available in the App Store. 69 mots de plus

Why does Apple keep extending their partnership with Liquidmetal?

»Apple Inc. recently extended its agreement with Liquidmetal Technologies to retain the rights to the unique metal alloy that Apple requires for its production processes, » Zacks writes for Yahoo Finance. 410 mots de plus