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 Running Armbands With Key Holder For Iphone 5 / 5s / 5c / Ipod Touch

Ultimate Sport Phone Case Best For Athletic Men Or Women Set of 2 – Sweat Proof And Water Resistant – Comfort For Big Or Small Arms… 170 mots de plus


Pew Research: Boundaries shift in the U.S. on what cellphone use is rude

»The Pew Research Center survey on shifts in what is acceptable in an always-wired world found 82 percent of American adults say that using cellphones hurt conversation in social gatherings, » Ian Simpson reports for Reuters. 272 mots de plus


MagCable is a KickStarter Campaign That Promises MagSafe-like Connections for iPhone

MagSafe connectors are a magnetic-style power connector that Apple introduced in 2006 with its Macs, and to date, Apple still uses MagSafe (albeit MagSafe 2) to power its Mac computers. 88 mots de plus

Mortal Kombat Revisited at Mad Mohawk Gaming

Mortal Kombat Revisited at Mad Mohawk Gaming now that we have some higher level characters and even Ermac a Gold Card who rips thru enemies like a hot knife through butter. 50 mots de plus

Tarot and Numerology First Look at Mad Mohawk Gaming

Tarot and Numerology First Look at Mad Mohawk Gaming, we take a look at another Digital Divination app . This one does Numerology as well as Tarot. 170 mots de plus


How to change your ringtone and text tone

Right out of the box, every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch comes with the default ringtone called « Opening » and text tone called « Note. 373 mots de plus