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Geopolitical volativity and low oil prices

Low oil prices have not only ensured volatility for the markets, but they have also ensured geopolitical volatility. The oil-producing states of Iran and Russia are the ones who are most hurt by low prices, with Russia requiring a price of $50/barrel in order to maintain this year’s budget. 650 mots de plus


Restoring, suppressing, cutting, lifting for what it's worth

I never understood why Canada suddenly cut ties with Iran and they never explained it. Maybe it was a feeling international that finally reached them and caused them to act quick. 326 mots de plus

Before, During And After War

Iran has banned Valentine's Day because it supports 'decadent Western culture'

The spoilsports in Iran have banned Valentine’s Day because it supports ‘decadent Western culture’.

The government has said that businesses are not to sell the kinds of gifts or cards usually exchanged on 14 February, and restaurants and coffee shops should ‘avoid any gatherings in which boys and girls exchange Valentine’s Day gifts.’ 160 mots de plus


You Can Sign the Petition to Free Confess

A few days ago, I posted about the Iranian band Confess, imprisoned for playing heavy metal. I have found an online petition that will get Amnesty International to call for their release. 23 mots de plus


Photo series: Winter in Iran - Enjoying the snow in Sepidan, Fars Province

Sepidan, which means « The Whiteland » in Persian, is a County located in the Zagros Mountains, in Iran’s Fars Province.

The beauty of the region – Sheshpir Lake, vineyards, forests and rivers – coupled with the mild climate in the summer makes Sepidan a popular destination for ecotourism. 103 mots de plus


Iran's revolutionary grandchildren

Robin Wright reports in the New Yorker:

When the revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini died abruptly, from heart failure after surgery, in 1989, he left behind fifteen grandchildren.

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2-13-16: A New Cold War

Speaking of cold, I hail you from Ohio with a balmy 15 degrees as our high of today.    Yes, that’s dripping in sarcasm.   East of us will be getting record-breaking cold that makes this a cakewalk.  1 564 mots de plus