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The Perils of Endless War

War tends to perpetuate itself. As soon as one brute gets killed, another takes his place; when the new guy falls, another materializes.

Consider Richard Nixon’s intensification of the American war on Cambodia. 718 mots de plus


Will Canada change its policy toward Iran? -Al Monitor and CBC

The Trudeau campaign promised to improve diplomatic relations with Iran, which had been cut by the Harper government, at least in part,  because of security concerns in Tehran. 338 mots de plus

Iranian Artist Pariyoush Ganji Honored with Japan’s Order of the Rising Sun

Iranian artist Pariyoush Ganji has been honored with the Order of the Rising Sun by the Japanese government. She received the « 3rd Class, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon Order of the Rising Sun » at the Embassy of Japan in Tehran. 234 mots de plus


Morales praises Bolivia-Iran friendship

Bolivia’s first indigenous president Juan Evo Morales, visited Islamic Republic on November 23 to attend one-day Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) in Tehran. He met Iranian president Sheik Hassan Rouhani, Russian president Vladimir Putin and Turkmenistan’s president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow on the sideline of the forum. 395 mots de plus

Muslim World News

The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS

The full document, released to Judicial Watch earlier this year via FOIA request, can be found here:

Cover Up

To Bomb or not to bomb

I am completely disgusted with our government over whether to bomb Syria over terrorist attacks in Paris the other week.

I do not think that the terrible attacks on innocent civilians in Paris had anything whatsoever to do with Syria. 419 mots de plus


Shameless western People without Mercy

Politics is the practice to influence people. More specifically, it refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance and organized control over a state.

And there are many ways to do that. 615 mots de plus

Islamic Extremism