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Kata pendeta syi'ah : “UMAR BIN KHOTOB HOMOSEX”

Kata pendeta syi’ah : “UMAR BIN KHOTOB HOMOSEX”
Ni’matullah Al-Jazairi dalam kitabnya Al-Anwar An-Nu’maniyah 1/63 dan Zainuddin An-Nabathi Al-Bayadhi dalam kitabnya Ash-Shirathul Mustaqim 3/28, berkata : “Sesungguhnya Umar terjangkiti sebuah penyakit yang tidak akan sembuh kecuali dengan sperma laki-laki (tukang homo), dan neneknya adalah anak zina.” 296 mots de plus



WASHINGTON — In an interview with British and German press over the weekend, President-elect Donald Trump roiled European capitals for repeating his skepticism of the NATO alliance, support for Brexit and criticism of Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, for accepting « illegal » refugees into her country by the hundreds of thousands. 393 mots de plus

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A year into nuke deal, White House says Iran ‘upholding its commitments’

WASHINGTON — On the one-year anniversary of the Iran nuclear deal, the Obama administration said Tehran has been “upholding its commitments” in the landmark pact, a development it argued has prevented the regime from developing a nuclear arsenal. 558 mots de plus

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Ten things Obama will be remembered for

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Mr Obama, just 47 at his 2009 inauguration, harnessed magisterial oratory to rally a diverse electoral coalition behind a message of « hope and change. 1 100 mots de plus

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Congressman renews push that could kill Iran jet deals

Kill that Iran deal, frig. Sanctions, anything, make things difficult for Iran to join the global community and financial system. isolate them. Get them mad so they’ll lash out, spiral outta control. 59 mots de plus


Obama warns against ditching Iran nuclear deal on one-year anniversary

Heey Yobama, let the door hit you  really  hard on the way out eh?  You made America weak, and made America’s enemies stronger. The real winners of your presidency were ISIS, the Iranians and the Russians. 23 mots de plus