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​Russian obligations to supply S-300 are fully implemented - Iranian Ambassador

Russian completed the implementation of the contract for the supply of Iran anti-aircraft missile systems with a-300, reported « Interfax » on October 13, in Press service federal service military-technical cooperation (filesystem MTC). 47 mots de plus


Iranian Press: Erdogan will end like Saddam

Source: Jomhuri-ye Eslami

An editorial published today on the newspaper Jmhuri-ye Eslami, accused the Turkish President Erdogan to follow an imperialist policy, aiming to… 54 mots de plus


BIC report examines persecution of Iranian Bahais

Bahai International Community, October 25, 2016.

Iran’s persecution of Iranian Bahais continues unabated, despite government promises to end religious discrimination and improve human rights, according to a new report from the Bahai International Community. 409 mots de plus

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Report: Iranian-American Held in Iran Gets 18-Year Sentence

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — An Iranian-American held in Tehran has reportedly been sentenced to 18 years in prison for « collaboration with a hostile government » — another dual national convicted in a secret trial since Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers. 682 mots de plus

Under the Shadow (2016)


2016 has been something of a banner year for horror. The Witch was an early-year instant classic to reach these shores, whilst horror-western Bone Tomahawk… 897 mots de plus

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Washington's Struggle: Remaining Relevant

The most important event of the past 70 years is the change in the international order, from a US unipolar domination to a new multipolar reality. 1 257 mots de plus

Los verdaderos Derechos Humanos - True Human Rights by Ventana Exterior

De vez en cuando, ahora más desde que algunos se han dado cuenta no que van a poder dirigir nunca el CNI, algunos “políticos” se dedican a citar los derechos humanos.

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