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Trump’s Islam Speech in Saudi Arabia Paves Way for America’s Next Big War

By Darius Shahtahmasebi of TheAnti-Media.org

The American public is most likely unaware of the giant stranglehold Saudi Arabia has on the U.S. government. Saudi Arabia uses its… 1 402 mots de plus

United States

As Iran Elects a Moderate, Trump Cozies Up to Its Terrorist Enemy Saudi Arabia


 by Muhammad Sahimi

On Friday May 19 the Iranian people elected President Hassan Rouhani, a moderate and reformist, in a landslide. 75 percent of the eligible voters cast their votes – which should be compared with 56 percent turnout in the U.S. 1 745 mots de plus


President Trump Has Brought Back The United States To A Leading Role Of Defeating Terrorism

When President George W. bush left the presidency he had the United States positioned in a leading role around the world in fighting terrorism. Then comes Obama with his political correctness and apologizing for America and in the reality of his attitude countries around the world lost respect for Obama, especially the Untied States. 528 mots de plus

Accused as dictatorship and terrorist acts, Iran advises Saudi Arabia

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who won a second term in Friday’s election recommended the Saudi kingdom to think of boosting its national power by holding democratic elections instead of spending billions of dollars on arms purchases, according to Tasnim, an Iranian semi-official news agency. 402 mots de plus


The Debate - US anti-Iran rhetoric

US President Donald Trump, in his second stop of his tour abroad, while in Israel, continued his anti-Iran rhetoric. He said Arab countries in the region are realizing they share a « common cause » with Israel in the threat from Iran. 73 mots de plus


Isfahan nan Menawan

Jika harus memilih 1 kota yang paling berkesan dari 5 kota di Iran kemarin, saya dengan lantang pasti akan menjawab Isfahan. Suara saya akan lebih lantang dari suara finalis kontes kecantikan yang menjawab pertanyaan « … 873 mots de plus