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Intermediate Products

This Article is on production of intermediate supplies as possible investment avenue in Iran

Iran imports substantial amount of its intermediate goods and products from foreign countries. 423 mots de plus


Syria: Relentless bombardment of Eastern Ghouta continues despite UN ceasefire resolution

Why even call it a cease fire? If some groups aren’t eligible for the ceasefire, then ostensibly, you can bomb anywhere they are, or are rumored to be…… This isn’t a ceasefire, this is just semantics and lies… Would somebody drop some bombs on Tehran and Moscow? 26 mots de plus

Geo-politics, Socio-economics

Persian Nader Shah vs. Moghul Empire

From A History of Iran: Empire of the Mind, by Michael Axworthy (Basic Books, 2016), Kindle Loc. 2997-3027:

Crowned shah, with his western frontiers secure and in undisputed control of the central lands of Persia, …

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“Axis of Resistance” Encompasses Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, and Hamas

INU – When President George W. Bush gave his 2002 State of the Union address, he used the now-famous term, ”Axis of Evil » that warning against the development of weapons of mass destruction by the countries of North Korea, Iran and Iraq. 358 mots de plus


Damascus Might Have Made a Grave Mistake by Helping the Eastern YPG Enter Afrin

In hoping to play the “lesser evil” of the “federalist” Kurds off against the “greater evil” of the invading Turks, Damascus might have inadvertently committed a grave mistake by opening the Afrin gates to the most radical members of the YPG who stand to reverse any “pragmatic” agreements that the government thought they had achieved with their local counterparts, thus setting the stage for the Kurds to more easily push Syria and Turkey to the brink of the conventional state-on-state conflict that they’ve been conspiring with the US and “Israel” to unleash. 2 203 mots de plus


Why One War When We Can Have Two!

`We will continue to prosecute the campaign against terrorists, but great-power competition – not terrorism – is now the primary focus of US national security.’ Henceforth Russia and China will be America’s main enemies, with Iran and North Korea thrown in for good measure. 755 mots de plus


More women in Iran put their right foot forward as headscarf protests persist

More women in Iran put their right foot forward as headscarf protests persist

23 February 2018

A video showing an Iranian policeman shoving a woman protesting against mandatory headscarves off her makeshift podium in a busy Tehran street sparked criticism on social media on Friday. 474 mots de plus