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General Court rejects another re-listing case; IRISL v Council

The General Court of the EU has rejected another challenge to the re-listing of entities after they have won their annulments challenging their initial listing on the EU’s Iran sanctions; IRISL v Council (link to the judgment is… 68 mots de plus


Electricity, Water and Communication Blackout Becoming National Threat in Iran

Members of the Iranian parliament and various experts are warning that the recent electricity, water and communication blackout ink the southern province of Khuzestan is becoming a national threat. 485 mots de plus


Sholeh Ram and Shayan Rahimi released on bail

Bahai News (Persian, Facebook), February 20, 2017.

Sholeh Ram (شعله رام) and her husband Shayan Rahimi (شایان رحیمی), Bahais living in Zahedan, have been released on bail after 20 days in detention. 49 mots de plus

Bahai Faith

This is rich coming from Turkey, "Iran responsible for instability and insecurity in the Middle East"

Iran rejects ‘unconstructive’ claims by Turkish FM

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed as unconstructive Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s recent anti-Iran claims, saying Turkey and certain other « delusional » countries are responsible for instability and insecurity in the Middle East. 205 mots de plus


Iran will use 18 thousands Basij to monitor the cyberspace!

Source: al-Arabiya

Abdul Samad Khorram Abadi, Secretary of Iran’s Committee for Specifying Cyber Crimes, announced that 18000 Basij people will work as « voluntary militia » to monitor the space control. 101 mots de plus


What is wrong with American politicians? Rep. Alcee Hastings @RepHastingsFL thinks war with Iran would be a good idea

Democratic Ex-Dove Proposes War on Iran

Exclusive: The Democrats’ rush to rebrand themselves as super-hawks is perhaps best illustrated by the once-dovish Rep. Alcee Hastings proposing stand-by authorization for the President to attack Iran, reports Nicolas J S Davies. 3 263 mots de plus



On October 1979, the exiled shah of Iran came to the United States for cancer treatment. The U.S President Jimmy Carter’s hospitality towards the exiled Shah enraged a group of radical Iranian students, who stormed the U.S. 38 mots de plus

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