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Rabbi Goren and the IDF Rabbinate

I recently read a new autobiogrophy on Rabbi Shlomo Goren – the first head of the military Rabbinate of the IDF. The book is mostly taken from a long interview the author had with R Goren in which R Goren is very straight forward and explains the logic behind many of the decisions he made as head of the Rabbinate in the IDF as well as later on as Chief Rabbi of Tel-Aviv and then as Chief Rabbi of the entire country. 313 mots de plus


Rate of lung cancer drops for Jews, rises among Arab men Israel (VERY VERY BAD!!!!)

Due to efforts in reducing tobacco consumption, the Israel Cancer Association said on Tuesday that the number of lung cancer cases has declined in Jewish men and women and in Arab women in Israel. 603 mots de plus

Daily News

UNESCO Resolution on Jerusalem

The facts lost in the PR frenzy

Justine Berg / Palestine Square
October 25, 2016

“The resolution prompted Israel to suspend cooperation with UNESCO, however an analysis of its actions reveals that Israel has not been keen on cooperating with the world cultural organization for almost ten years.

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Contemporary Ushpizin: Shimon Peres

I have been listening to a really great podcast called “Presidential”  (https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/business/presidential-podcast/) .  They started it 44 weeks before the election and each week talk about a different president.  2 110 mots de plus


Stumbling Around In The Dark

Some time ago I cut open my toe, which bled a lot, all because I was stumbling around in the dark. Granted, I was trying to get to a light to turn it on, but that doesn’t fit the metaphor I want to use. 661 mots de plus


When was Israel's National Anthem (Hatikvah) Invented?

Hatikvah became Israel’s national anthem in 1948, when it was sung by a gathered assembly.  It was also played by members of the Palestine Symphony Orchestra. 10 mots de plus


Prophecy in the NT - 3rd Principle: The King and His People Are One

Prophecies which apply to Israel apply equally to Israel’s King, and vice-versa. Yeshua redeems Israel’s history.

Some years ago, I had dinner with an Israeli friend of the family. 1 113 mots de plus