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Once Upon A Time In The Mid-East

Once upon a time in the mid-east…. things haven’t really changed much, only gotten more so.

Many moons ago, I worked as a security guard.  One of my co-workers was a man even older than me.  691 mots de plus


US F-35s poised to make first combat mission

Defense officials say fighter jets will be in position to conduct airstrikes in Afghanistan in coming days

By ASIA TIMES STAFF SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 4:44 AM (UTC+8) 144 mots de plus

World Bank report warns Gaza Strip economy is in ‘free fall’

The Gaza Strip’s economy is in “free fall,” a report from the World Bank warned Tuesday, calling for urgent action by Israel and the international community to avoid “immediate collapse.” 404 mots de plus

The true threat of S-300's is not that they’re powerful, but that they’re Russian


The true threat of S-300s is not that they’re powerful, but that they’re Russian

The Israeli Air Force likely has the means to work around Russian electronic warfare and Syrian air defenses, but doing so risks inflaming the growing Jerusalem-Moscow crisis… 1 115 mots de plus


Israel becoming 'safe haven for paedophiles'...

...  with laws that allow any Jews to legally return.

Jewish Community Watch says 32 paedophiles moved from countries around the world to Israel over past decade. 916 mots de plus

Primer Ministro de Israel - ONU

יוצא עכשיו לארה״ב לפגישות מדיניות חשובות ולנאום בעצרת האו״ם. נמשיך לעשות כל מה שצריך כדי להגן על ביטחון ישראל

— Benjamin Netanyahu (@netanyahu) September 25, 2018…

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The blocking of Palestinian rights at an international level is endorsed by the PA

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas led by French President Emmanuel Macron departing the Elysee Palace in Paris, France on 21 September, 2018
MEMO | September 25, 2018…
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