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Targeting Terror in the West Bank: Start with the Hilltop Youth

Guest post by Joel K. Day

Last week, the world stood horrified at a gruesome arson attack against a Palestinian family, which took the life of an eighteen-month old child. 855 mots de plus


Devarim Eleven: Love God

The people are once again commanded to love God. It’s emphasized that they are the generation being given these words. They are the ones who saw the full mightiness of God’s strength, making them unique among the generations. 263 mots de plus


Breaking taboo, Jerusalem Palestinians seek Israeli citizenship | Reuters

Interesting choices that Palestinians are faced with:

In East Jerusalem, which Israel captured from Jordan during the 1967 Middle East war and later annexed, a move not recognized internationally, issues of Palestinian identity are layered with complexity.

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BM Mültecilere Yardım Kuruluşu (UNRWA): Hamas silahlarını bizim binalarda sakladı

BM’ye bağlı UNRWA (Birleşmiş Milletler Mültecilere Yardım Kuruluşu)’nın başındaki isim olan Pierre Krahenbühl, Filistinlilerin mühimmatlarının kendi binalarına saklamasını eleştirdi.
Krahenbükl yeni görevine başladıktan üç ay sonra Koruyucu hat operasyonu başladı ve kendisini evlerinden kaçan binlerce Filistinlinin güvenliğini sağlama görevi ile baş başa buldu. 467 mots de plus


Netanyahu lobbies US Jews to act against Iran deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has launched a campaign to mobilise Jewish Americans against the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers championed by President Barack Obama, which is facing review by the US Congress. 147 mots de plus


LOMBARDI PROPERTIES: Artists 4 Israel To Paint Mural For Art Basel

November 2, 2012 –  Lombardi Properties

« We had the pleasure of interviewing Craig Dershowitz, Executive Director and one of the founders of Artists 4 Israel…

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The right to exist

»From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free », shouting American student on campus across the United States. This sentence became global in Palestinian activism. 624 mots de plus

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