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A Proclamation in Jerusalem

Today in History, December 11: 1917 –

During WWI, the British Prime Minister David Lloyd George had ordered that Jerusalem be taken as part of a second front in the war against the Ottoman Empire…German allies. 169 mots de plus

Were Corbyn's comments comparing Israel with ISL anti-Semitic?

The Labour Party has been accused of anti-Semitism several times in its history, with the most recent row arising after it was discovered Naz Shah had shared anti-Semitic posts on her Facebook account before being elected as an MP. 954 mots de plus


Does the Labour Party have anti-semitic elements?

The word antisemitism usually conjures up images of right wing persecution of the Jews. The most obvious link is Nazi Germany’s ethnic cleansing of European Jews, also known as the Holocaust. 1 115 mots de plus


Nobody Realized Trump Made Jerusalem Decision Exactly 1 Year After Obama Gave Holy Sites to Islam

Reported By Martin Walsh | December 10, 2017 at 8:50am

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President Donald Trump’s historic announcement on Jerusalem last week is even more special when Americans remember how former President Barack Obama stabbed Israel in the back this time last year.

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Sen. Ben Cardin: 'Trump has no appreciation for diplomacy'

Senator Ben Cardin, D-MD, joins « This Week » to discuss President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


Jerusalem, a problem with ancient roots

Jerusalem, a problem with ancient roots

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Published December 12, 2017, 12:05 AM

United States President Donald Trump announced last December 6 that the US embassy in Israel would move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 573 mots de plus

Hristian Era

Lo poco que sé de Palestina

Lo poco que sé de Palestina

Y porqué debería importarnos que Jerusalén no sea la capital de Israel

Recibí con sorpresa y enojo el reconocimiento que hace Trump, como presidente de Estados Unidos, a la ciudad de Jerusalén como capital de Israel mediante un acto simbólico de cambiar la embajada de su país, ubicada en Tel Aviv, a Jerusalén. 5 103 mots de plus

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