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A Winery and Roman Bathhouse,Surprising finds in Jerusalem's Schneller Compound

A large and impressive winery dating to the Roman or Byzantine period with a pressing surface paved with a white mosaic was uncovered at the site which served the residents of a large manor house who engaged in wine production. 656 mots de plus


The Naz Shah Affair

You want to see the power of the Israel lobby in action? Take Naz Shah, the Bradford West Labour MP who shared a handful of anti-Israel posts on her Facebook page. 188 mots de plus


Israel treads carefully with claim to Golan

AP — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has sparked a new diplomatic brushfire by declaring that the Golan Heights, seized from Syria in the 1967 Six Day War, is and should remain “under Israel’s sovereignty permanently.” 949 mots de plus

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Liberals(Freemasons), the Jews, and Israel

by Dr. William L. Pierce (1975)

The current jewish power play in the Middle East poses the gravest imaginable dangers to America. Yet, in the midst of these dangers is a development which offers the promise of great good to the American people. 2 559 mots de plus

The Jewish Problem

Terror in Aleppo: Russia Calls for al-Qaeda Allies to be Named as Terrorists; US Refuses

In the view of Paul Craig Roberts, « World War III has already begun, » we just haven’t moved into the hot stage yet. Hard to say whether Roberts is correct, and perhaps it’s mostly a matter of subjectivity, but of course there are always signs of concern. 1 144 mots de plus


The Christian Godfather of the Israeli Army

Sadly only a few know the heroic story of Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson (pictured). Jerry Klinger, the President of the Jewish-American Society for Historic Preservation ( 1 042 mots de plus

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Palestinian, Islamic State flags banned at Eurovision song contest

The Palestinian national flag and that of the Islamic State (IS) group will be banned from this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) ruled on Friday. 380 mots de plus