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Palestinians and the Balfour Declaration at 100: Resisting the Past

March 26, 2017

By Dr. Alex Joffe*

On the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the Palestinians have launched a campaign calling for an official British apology and compensation. 1 322 mots de plus


Salt, Light, and Human Beings: Doing Matthew 5:13-20

Before reading this post on doing Matthew 5:13-20, please make sure to read our post on hearing Matthew 5:13-20. You can also see a… 772 mots de plus


Who were the Judaizers?

There have always been those who balk at the idea of God’s salvation being offered freely to those who believe. They reason that such a grand gift as forgiveness from such a holy God must require some kind of payment from us. 712 mots de plus


Trump Has And Will Revert To The Program

by Katherine Frisk:

In spite of the will of the American people who voted him into power in the hope that he would restore peace in the Middle East and enter into a détente with Russia, Donald Trump has and will revert to the program irrespective of his campaign promises that gave not only the USA, but the rest of the International community a glimmer of hope and some sanity… 1 432 mots de plus

World At War

Mike Pence: The USA and Israel

USA – ISRAEL: I ett av sina nyckeltal 2017 försäkrade USA:s vicepresident Mike Pence president Trumps och den nya amerikanska administrationens trohet mot Israel.

Det hölls och välkomnades stort av åhörarna vid ett AIPAC-möte (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) i en tid då FN och andra länder och organisationer sviker det judiska folket och Iran hotar förinta det Heliga Landet Israel med kärnvapen. 11 mots de plus


St Elijah Cathedral

St Elijah Cathedral 

Haifa, Israel