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Welcome to Palestine. Welcome to Bethlehem. Welcome Banksy. 6 mots de plus

Street Art

Clashes between Israel and Hezbollah and the ‘Iran-led Resistance Bloc’


The strategic equation in the Middle East is about to see major changes. It strongly appears that the Iranian-led Resistance Bloc or Axis of Resistance — comprised of Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and a cross-section of Palestinian and Iraqi groups — is about to become more powerful than ever before. 2 791 mots de plus

United States

Gaza Rebuild Effort Could Take 100 Years: Oxfam

Only an end to the blockade of Gaza will ensure that people can rebuild their lives.’ —Catherine Essoyan, Oxfam

By Andrea Germanos
February 28, 2015… 798 mots de plus

Social Justice

VIDEO: Surviving the Snowpocalypse in Jerusalem

As I sat on my balcony in a bathing suit enjoying the sunshine, I couldn’t believe that just a week prior, I had stocked up with food, bundled with layers and prepared for the « snow storm of the year. 220 mots de plus

Headlines From Palestine: February 28, 2015


One Killed And One Wounded When Leftover Israeli Occupation Bomb Detonates In Gaza 260 mots de plus


Israeli Occupation Troops Attack Palestinian Teen At Border Crossing

JENIN (Ma’an) – A teenage Palestinian boy from the northern West Bank says he was violently assaulted by Israeli soldiers at al-Jalama crossing north of Jenin while he was trying to cross into Israel. 388 mots de plus