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No BBC News reporting on Ofra terror attack

Just before 9:30 pm on the evening of December 9th a drive-by shooting terror attack took place at a bus stop outside the town of Ofra. 468 mots de plus



What is the big deal? The Muslims have Mecca what do they want Jerusalem for?

If the Jews took Mecca yes that would be wrong, but they wont, they just want their capital as Jerusalem. 146 mots de plus


Bitronot Ruhama, Israel

Beautiful open green fields of Bitronot Ruhama with cloudy sky and stormy weather, what can be better:)


You are mine….

God uses the life of prophet Hosea to explain the experience with Israelite. Israel was unfaithful to God and sinned repeatedly. The book of Hosea talks about the marriage, the living together, the unfaithfulness and the redemption of Hosea’s wife. 324 mots de plus


by +972 Magazine staff Israel asked the German government to pressure two left-leaning political foundations to stop funding +972 Magazine, according to a report in the German media Thursday.

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Shalom & Toda

Happy Hanukah!

I am not jewish, but I have a lot of jewish friends…why? Because I had the pleasure of living in Israel for 3 years. 671 mots de plus


Arab-Muslim fantasies about Israeli cowardice

I recently scrolled through the tweets of the popular Palestinian caricaturist Mohammed Saba`aneh, who makes his living by producing images that depict Israel and its military as brutal and bloodthirsty monsters. 288 mots de plus