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Silver and Rose

Have had this for a while… purchased because I love the material.  I am thinking about re-purposing it now that I have ‘given it a run’.   75 mots de plus


Scarf of the moment: Daimyo Princes du Soleil Levant

I think Daimyo Princes du Soleil Levant, designed by Françoise Façonnet in 1990, was my first purchase of a vintage Hermès scarf. I saw it on the Videdressing site (link in the sidebar) and took a risk, hoping that it would not be a fake. 303 mots de plus


Little Frog Indigo Cube - kockasto plavetnilo za početnike

Ima nešto umirujuće u pravilnosti geometrijskoga uzorka kakav je na žakardnim maramama linije Cube poljske tvrtke Little Frog. Njihove su marame već dobro poznate na svjetskom, osobito europskom tržištu, pa su rado upotrebljavane i u skromnoj hrvatskoj nosilačkoj zajednici. 590 mots de plus



When the simple CLOTHING was not ENOUGH!.Google started the project called JACQUARD that is about « turning any textile into a touch screen input like device » . 388 mots de plus

Project Jacquard:The Google-Levi's Smart Jacket

Starting this fall, you can swipe your sleeve to control your electronics.

Levi’s just brought in a jacket to SXSW this week in Austin which it will be manufacturing in partnership with Google. 192 mots de plus