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When poets meet: Jacques Roumain and Langston Hughes

In 1931, American poet Langston Hughes was on his way to Haiti from Cuba. While he possessed formal letters of introduction given to him by people such as James Weldon Johnson, who had himself visited the Caribbean island a bit more than a decade before in hopes of conducting an investigation for the NAACP, Hughes chose to enjoy his time in Haiti by avoiding most of the “polite élite” (Renda 2001, 261). 1 239 mots de plus

Today's Foodism: Eat Your Grapes With Style and Grace

. . . and, in the end, isn’t that far superior and classier than stuffing an entire cluster in your mouth?!?


A Word of Introduction

Welcome to the World of Jacques Roumain. The purpose of this blog is to engage the writings and ideas of Jacques Roumain–one of the most influential writers in Haitian history. 94 mots de plus

10 Authors Who Inspire(d) Me

Howdy People,

Today, I’d like to share my list of influential authors that have affected my writing style and imagination in some way. It was a long list, but I managed to narrow it down to the top ten. 751 mots de plus


Jacques Roumain: Great Haitian Leader. Gone to soon...

A great Haitian leader, gone to soon. JACQUES ROUMAIN.

“Qué somos? Como esa es tu pregunta, te voy a responder. Somos este país, y no sería nada sin nosotros, nada. 294 mots de plus

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New Edition of “Masters of the Dew”

Caribbean Studies Press has just released a re-edition of Jacques Roumain’s Masters of the Dew (translation of Gouverneurs de la rosée by Langston Hughes and Mercer Cook). 204 mots de plus

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Haiti dances to the rhythm of a borrowed drum

In Haiti, the mother tongue is Kreyòl, yet children do most of their schooling in French. How’s that for linguistic colonialism? 770 mots de plus