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« Oh, she is watching me,
And her eyes they flow,
With fond and tender pain,
I know, time laid out a road,
We have walked alone, 42 mots de plus

Words & Wonderings

New start!

After a long winter, spring has come to Covilhã! This year the start was specially hot and it felt so good wear just T-shirt instead of the usual ten layers of clothes. 85 mots de plus

I Share With You...

bo co ma począć kot w pustym mieszkaniu


Umrzeć – tego się nie robi kotu.

Bo co ma począć kot

w pustym mieszkaniu.

Wdrapywać się na ściany.

Ocierać między meblami. 173 mots de plus


I'm on the run

Every day’s made of stone
Tonight my wordless dreams slip into song
City lights I can see
Beckon to me
I’m not wastin’ more time… 195 mots de plus

''cause it's tonight, tonight..''

one of those feel good songs, the video is adorable!

New Discoveries

Happy place

We each have one or maybe more alternate realities that materialize right under our noses the moment we think of them in an attempt to transcend the mundane that surrounds us. 155 mots de plus