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Glory In This

Do not glory
in your wisdom

in your riches
in your might

but glory in
knowing Me

for in this
I delight.

You establish what I glory in. 72 mots de plus


When Your Kids are Better Than You

Have you ever had a moment when you realize your kids are learning things, without you even realizing it?

This happened quite a while back at Christmas. 460 mots de plus



Men will go into caves of the rocks And into holes of the ground Before the terror of the LORD And the splendor of His majesty, When He arises to make the earth tremble. 254 mots de plus


Spoken: The Ninth Chapter

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Spoken’s ninth studio album is full of all the things we love about them: blistering rock riffs, searing vocals and lyrics that point unabashedly toward hope in Jesus Christ. 2 969 mots de plus


Time Traveler

Time Traveler

One morning I had
A problem with wind,
How much gas can one body hold?

Like in labor,
They surge in a rhythm, 213 mots de plus


Something Happens in your Struggles

The first thing that we usually do when trials come is ask God to take it away. We hate it and we always want to be out of it the next second. 172 mots de plus