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Geek girl tome 1 - Holly Smale

Titre : Geek girl | Titre VO (anglais) : Geek girl | Auteure : Holly Smale | Saga : Geek girl (tome 1) | Année de publication originale : 625 mots de plus


Love Letters to the Dead, de Ava Dellaira

Laurel vient de perdre sa grande soeur May, dans des circonstances un peu floues. Un jour au lycée, la prof d’anglais de Laurel va donner comme devoir à la classe d’écrire une lettre à un disparu. 918 mots de plus


This is the start of Something Wonderful

Do you need to lose 10 years instantly?INSTANTLY AGELESS

Do you want to set the clock back 10 years & stay that youthful? 59 mots de plus


眼袋神器第二代♡賦活肌因晶萃眼膠 Luminesce Eye Firming Gel



本着有恃無恐及順便懶惰的測試精神,覺得不久後便會收到產品,反正都要就身試驗,在收貨前我一直都放肆地完全不用任何眼部護膚產品,至少得出第一個測試結果是:有用Eye Products和完全沒用的分別真的很大!!(可能是因為缺少了眼部肌膚按摩以加強血液運行)



第一代的眼袋神器名為Instantly Ageless™,根本沒有中文名字,因為從來沒有在大中華地區正式上架。Instantly Ageless™屬於化妝品性質,即時見效,效果持久度高達八小時,不過沒有任何修復功能,卸妝後是會打回原形的。

詳情可以參考舊文 – 請按這裡

第二代的眼袋神器全名為Luminesce Eye Firming Gel,中文名為賦活肌因晶萃眼膠。已被歸納為Luminesce護膚系列產品,即時效果高達六小時,此外,還有修復功能,即是說會「愈搽愈靚」。

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B For Beauty

Build with Integrity!

Networking/Business tip #101: This one is a hot tip today as it’s happening more & more to people lately. Running through friends lists, adding people that comment on other people’s business posts in a bid to message them and win them over is not going to work if the other person has built relationships with people properly. 181 mots de plus


Jeunesse Facts and Figures

Watch this space for constant updates on Jeunesse Business Review and Growth analysis

June 2015:

  • Jeunesse reported monumental $120 million in sales revenue during the month of June, …
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Why JEUNESSE? ... Mr Kanwar Bhutani, President Asia Pacific

Watch Why JEUNESSE ?

Mr Kanwar Bhutani,  President Asia Pacific at JEUNESSE Global walks you through …


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Jeunesse is a global company with offices in over 30 countries and we ship to over 100 countries. 60 mots de plus