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Plunkett & MacLeane (1999)

A gentleman who is down on his luck teams up with a peasant highwayman in a plan to identify and rob the effete aristocracy of their ill-gotten gains. 208 mots de plus


DVD Review: Elementary Season 4


Jonny Lee Miller portrays the iconic detective Sherlock Holmes, and Lucy Liu captivates as his legendary investigating partner Dr. Joan Watson in the modern-day drama, Elementary: The Fourth Season. 386 mots de plus


The First Exclusive Look at Nelsan Ellis in CBS's 'ELEMENTARY' Season 5

Check out the very first photo that TVLine has release of True Blood‘s Nelsan Ellis as Shinwell Johnson in CBS’s hit show ELEMENTARY season 5, which can be seen down below! 192 mots de plus


Elementary S01, Ep23-24 -The Woman & Heroine

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 23 & 24
Title: The Woman & Heroine
Original Air Date: May 16, 2013

Click either link to get a copy. 1 720 mots de plus

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Happy News for Trainspotters.

Ooh happy news this morning. Taking a break from politics and Olympics (frustrating coverage over here by NBC, it’s mostly highlights of the USA team, and I can’t quite justify paying the subscription charges to obsessively watch a month of sports whilst allowing every other area of my life to wilt in on itself like a teenager’s self-esteem), I meandered through the internet, checking out news stories. 596 mots de plus

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Elementary S01, Ep22 - Risk Management

Show: Elementary
Season: 1
Episode: 22
Title: Risk Management
Original Air Date: May 16, 2013

Click either link to get a copy.

Amazon Elementary: Season 1… 850 mots de plus

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Films News: What we can learn from the new Trainspotting teaser trailer

It’s here. The trailer that every teenage growing up since the 90s has been waiting for. The trailer for T2 has been released.

Or, not quite. 198 mots de plus