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Warner Bros Acquires Jose Padilha Sci-Fi Thriller 'Mindcorp' For Hollywood Gang

EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros has purchased Mindcorp, a science fiction thriller based on a short story by Jose Padilha that the Elite Squad helmer will direct. 223 mots de plus


Juan Pablo Raba junto al director José Padilha y actor Wagner Moura

ADR time with the boys. #JosèPadilha #WagnerMoura (6 de Abril 2015)


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Juan Pablo Raba

'Elite Squad 2: The Enemy Within' (2010): Review

Directed by: Jose Padilha || Produced by: Marcos Prado

Screenplay by: Jose Padilha, Braulio Mantovani || Starring: Wagner Moura, Irandhir Santos, Andre Ramiro, Milhem Cortaz, Andre Mattos, Maria Ribeiro… 1 015 mots de plus

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RoboCop (2014, José Padilha)

When a director decides to remake a beloved film like Paul Verhoeven’s ultra-violent satire, RoboCop, that remake is born immediately on the offensive because the inevitable question is ‘why?’ Other than to make money, of course. 345 mots de plus

Movie review: Robocop (2014) is 'disconnected'

 Robocop  ★★☆☆☆   dir.  José Padilha

This grim-faced mechanical reboot of the 1987 sci-fi classic stomps through the motions with all human interest surgically removed.

The action sequences are incoherent, dull and lacking in tension. 304 mots de plus

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Thoughts on Films - Episode 46: Discussing Slum Porn Films, Apparently

We waited up and got down with Ms Ezzah Mahmud, who joins us from the other side of the world (literally!). Now based in Wales, a recent review by Ezzah about a Brazilian film revealed a deep love for the Elite Squad film series. 200 mots de plus


Postmortem: Robocop (2014)

I caught the reboot of Robocop in theaters, and recall at the time thinking that it was a bit weak, especially compared to the original film. 432 mots de plus