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Journal from a federal prison – Day Twelve

These are the original emails I sent to a 419 scammer which brought me to the jail I’m journaling from. I’m going to write some things in the margin of the email so that whoever is reading this can understand what I was thinking. 1 858 mots de plus


Cali galleries: Coronado.

I thought about whether or not to just add this on to the USS Midway post, but then I figured it’s beauty would be looked over. 244 mots de plus


30 Days Of Journaling

I have kept journals consistently since I was 13, and it has added more value to my life than my years. Besides how much I enjoy reading my entries in retrospect, it is a practice that has helped me remain introspective, accountable, inspired and has encouraged me to uncover life’s hidden gems (that would otherwise pass me by). 289 mots de plus

Soul Food

Rise. Shine. Wait.

Writing this early in the morning. By my standards, that is. Dodging the shame like I took the red pill last night. Whoosh, whoosh, I bend over backwards and it flies by… almost as deadly as bullets. 518 mots de plus


The Melody

Retreat from the waters that will eventually capsize your boat whole and fill your veins with salt. Instead, sit in an overstuffed chair and peer out at the sea from a distance. 71 mots de plus


Phone Antarctica

I had to make a phone call today. To an actual other human. And say words to them. This is not something that I look forward to; I generally hate talking over the phone, especially when I have to speak to people I don’t know. 227 mots de plus

Mental Illness

9 months after: an evening thought

i miss the sunlight coming in through windows with no curtains
the mattress against cold floor
& the piles of books & vases & old cassette tapes in any corner of the room…
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