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We were fun together

We cared too much

We stared too long

We looked good side by side

We laughed all the way

It was before you let me go… 54 mots de plus


a poem i wrote and can no longer relate to

oh how my heart is full

when i’m with you, you

make me feel seen

and known

when you are slow

to respond, i

still know your soul is… 20 mots de plus


Progress Report

I realize I haven’t written anything in a month and for that I apologize. We are doing well with the budgeting. Already have a tiny savings growing toward the purchase of our own place at some point. 511 mots de plus



Woah. Thats a little terrifying. A quarter of 100? 1/4 of a whole? 0.250 of 1.000, with sig figs obviously because mama didn’t raise a daft child. 520 mots de plus