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the tolerants.

I have no idea why we are into each other.

He loves spices, I love sweets.

He loves good food, I love good ambiance.

He loves mountain, I love beach. 53 mots de plus


Don't Wanna!

I’m working ’til closing…

It’s not bad since it’s not always busy, however, I hate working late. Night time is my time!

I’m also closing again tomorrow. 16 mots de plus



my heart breaks
so easily
it’s ridiculous
you can make me
so what
anyone can
you aren’t special

Day 266 - You wait ages for one party then two come along

Day 266 – Dec 9th

A double party day, meant we were up early on the Saturday for the party of my friends son on a party bus. 339 mots de plus

365 Project

Our Neighbor The Bear


We hear a shuffling, then see a movement in front of us, a shape on the boulder less than five feet from us. 315 mots de plus


Bad Excuses: Survival

As vegans, we hear a lot of the same rhetoric time and time again:

I just couldn’t do it, I could never be vegan.

You are protein deficient. 485 mots de plus


A candle too long lit.

Your name was viscous as it left my drunken lips
Then retreated, only to be let out again with harsh breathe
I couldn’t look at you… 94 mots de plus