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Parched twine cuts the skin of my thumb as I carefully untie the thread around my journal.

My hand runs over the faded paper; like dried flowers from summer, swollen clouds to puncture with my pen. 164 mots de plus


[161] One of Those Times

I’m on the edge of fading
Lack of self-control in your eyes is raging
The honesty is no longer hidden
The silence is brutal
but the end of it will be killing us… 97 mots de plus


Check List.

Evidence Check JOSEPH JANOTA

A list that directs the reader to evidence of work produced by myself (Joseph Janota)


Cher garcon d'amoureux de docteur

Being with him I felt it could work,
He was undeniably different from the rest of them.
which was really all I was looking for, 174 mots de plus