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This is not his favorite game, lol! He always plays when she asks, though.


Brain Break: Energize to Refocus

This September I learned about Brain Breaks as the KWLA conference, and it has improved the quality of my classes significantly. A Brain Break is essentially a short activity away from class content that gets students up and moving in order to maintain a high level of engagement once the break is over. 151 mots de plus

Just Dance: Disney Party 2

One of the biggest sells for families and parties are video games that incorporate dancing and singing. Disney returns with a new game (Just Dance: Disney Party 2) and Keith returns with a video of the gameplay as he got a copy of this game to try out! 26 mots de plus


Just Dance 2016 Review

My review of the amazingly colourful and disastrously embarrassing Just Dance 2016 has gone live on Brash Games. You can read it below, but be thankful, I did not include any videos of my attempts at any of the dances lest your eyes bleed. 6 mots de plus

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Just Dance...una experiencia súper divertida

En el salón de clases de mi Súperesposa, los alumnos pidieron bailar estos temas a través de este juego llamado « Just Dance ». Se garantiza un buen momento de diversión y harto movimiento necesario para los escolares de ahora. 8 mots de plus