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Dance Like Nobody's Watching! - Natalie Cordaro - Class 2 - Health App Battle

« And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. » – Friedrich Nietzsche

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Game Of The Month April 2018:Just Dance Central

Alright, so here we are. April Month. You know what does that mean? It is almost summer time. And what is the best way to have fun in summer? 259 mots de plus


 Lady Gaga: the diva has been entertaining us for 10 years

The singer “Lady Gaga” celebrated her 32nd birthday on the 28th of March. On this big day, she showed gratitude towards her fans and supporter, for being by her side. 59 mots de plus


Too Busy?

Starting a blog is something I’ve wanted to do for so long, yet I’ve always found an excuse to put it off or found myself too busy to just sit down and write….   255 mots de plus


Video: Just Dance - Naughty Girl By Beyoncé With Rabbids Peach

One of the more bizarre things you might have seen online today is Rabbids Peach dancing to Beyoncé’s hit song Naughty Girl in Just Dance on the Nintendo Switch. 155 mots de plus


Lady Gaga Celebrates The Tenth Anniversary Of 'Just Dance' With An Emotional Video And Hashtag

It’s hard to imagine a world without Lady Gaga. The once controversial now conventional singer came out of nowhere in 2008 with her first single « Just Dance » and changed the pop game forever. 223 mots de plus

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Just Dance 2014

Players mirror avatar moves to get high scores, unlock bonuses and progress through Just Dance 2014. This dance move mimic/rhythm game series continues from the main series while other spin-offs/variations have included  966 mots de plus

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