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Just DANCE! | #KrizzyForJonel

This week one of my friend sent me a message via FB!

She said she remembered our First Dance as a couple during our wedding reception when she saw the Just Dance Video Game. 340 mots de plus


Library Thursdays

I remember reading, back when actual printed video game magazines were just starting to die and the website boom was starting to hit, that the vast majority of console gamers bought just two games a year, and that at least one was almost certainly their favorite annual franchise. 622 mots de plus


Your vibes...

Everyone has a dance inside them
have you found yours?

Just listen…

Even if you have two left feet
Move them to the beat.


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


¿Qué juegos nos esperan para Nintendo Switch?

Lo cierto es que Nintendo Switch ya está en el mercado y la expectación que ha levantado entre los gamers ha superado con creces todo lo vivido con su predecesora -Wii U- que ha terminado por convertirse en uno de los mayores fracasos de Nintendo en los últimos años. 268 mots de plus


Weekend Warrior #2

It is Sunday.  I am gearing up to do all the things I haven’t done yet this weekend that are on my weekly list.  That is not to say that I have been lying around on my couch until now, either.   503 mots de plus


5 game-night games for staying in

-H. Grey.

Budgets while attending college or living off that first job salary can be tight, not leaving much room for costly outings with friends.  There are plenty of ways to have fun and spend time with friends without having to go out. 384 mots de plus


Diversity Within Just Dance

No im not talking about Lady Gaga’s career catapulting song, im talking about Ubisoft’s Just Dance. Its eclectic song list and addictive choreography will have you playing till the sun comes up and you’re dripping in sweat. 90 mots de plus