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kate marie | 1 month

My sweet baby girl! How are you a month old already?! You’re such a happy baby, always smiling and super snuggly. You’re nursing well, sleeping well, and gaining weight well (other than a rocky start the first week). 997 mots de plus


The Erin Motel

Before I gave up on the idea of braving the winter – with my daughters – in the unfinished house on Fox Lake Road, we had nearly run out of wood. 868 mots de plus


Just Browsing - my daily brow edit

I guess I’m one of those people whose brows were never of a major concern cos I’m not super hairy, neither do I over pluck (don’t hate!). 347 mots de plus


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with a Cinco de Pyro

Margaritas are great and all, but this tequila cocktail involves ice cream, coffee, and fire. Considered an after dinner drink, the Cinco de Pyro (aka “Mexican coffee”) is more conducive to starting the party than winding things down. 110 mots de plus


kate moss: styling the 90s

All hail the Queen of I-don’t-give-a-sheet style. The Principessa of hot hair mess of burning sex. The Kate Moss. From her teens to today she has been breaking hearts all over the planet, and this is my own personal opportunity to let her know. 133 mots de plus


A London Affair By Jan Ellis

Turning her back on university, Kate hopes to find an exciting opportunity that will take her away from wellies and wet sheep in the English countryside to the glitz and glamour of London. 284 mots de plus

Kate Spade New York Fine Feather Lacey Checkbook Wallet Black One Size

A colorful patent leather toucan with a crystal eye roosts at the front of this charming leather Kate Spade wallet. A long, slim pocket trims the back. 22 mots de plus