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Nu de mult am descoperit serialul « Perception » al cărui personaj principal este doctorul Daniel Pierce, un profesor universitar, neuroscientist etc.

În ciuda problemelor de sănătate care-l bântuie(schizofrenic – halucinații, compotament anti-social) pe profesor de mai bine de 20 de ani acesta își folosește abilitățile pentru a ajuta FBI-ul la rezolvarea cazurilor. 206 mots de plus


Coffee Smoothie (for Two) Recipe

If you don’t already know this, a smoothie is basically a milkshake, but you can drink it first thing in the morning and you don’t have to feel bad about yourself for that. 144 mots de plus



I grew up a somewhat sheltered child. Although my sisters gave me a daily dose of outside influence, my parents are christians, and I went to a christian school that was closely associated with a church. 688 mots de plus


Music Night Happened!

A while ago I backed this KickStarter for Strangely, a musician who is a friend of friends of friends. The reward was that Strangely would come to your house (or workplace, or whatever) and perform a song for you. 249 mots de plus

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Kate Middleton Pregnant Again! William Overwhelmed, Not Ready!

Not a day goes by where I don’t hear, “is Kate pregnant again?”

The source of said news can usually be found in the supermarket checkout aisle with a splashy headline, and this time is no different. 11 mots de plus

Let the Ice Fall (or Not)

Written by Margot (and Kate!)

Note: Comments on posts are published after we review them. Fear not.

Kate and I left you after arriving in El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina. 703 mots de plus