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I blame this one on summer, sunshine, and Blue Moons

There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens during the summer in D.C. You go from being cooped up in the winter with limited socializing, to the sun finally reemerging, and with it, the uptick in drinking. 554 mots de plus


In Trouble Again

Do you remember John Casbon, the 10-year old boy who was sentenced to 7-years transportation for setting a brush pile on fire (see “The old cow got round it” 1 061 mots de plus


Kitchen Cabinets pt. 1

Let’s get really, real for a minute, okay?

I just spent way too much time googling and searching for « How to paint your kitchen cabinets ». 1 867 mots de plus


REVIEW: Kate Spade Cameron Street Byrdie Bag

She is quick and curious and playful and strong.

Wow, you would think someone could introduce commas into that sentence. But it’s Kate Spade and I’m not one to criticize a brand that pretty much sums up my personal style of « sweet, girlie, and classy, » though oddly enough, it never occurred to me to consider this brand until now. 498 mots de plus


Page two, Letter two

Dear Kate,

Again it is me. Before I forget I got that book you wanted so badly. You don’t have to ask how I found it after all that time. 559 mots de plus


Kate and William in Paris-Day Two

On the 18th of March 20, Kate and William started their day in Les Invalides. Here they met with veterans and heard about the history.  After this they met with Sgt Philippe, who is an Invictus  competitor and had been supported the prosthetics team at the hospital. 277 mots de plus


Kate and William in Paris-Day one

On the 17th of March 2017, Kate and William travelled to Paris France. After there previous visit to the Irish Guards, they took a private plane to get to Paris. 349 mots de plus