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Exploration in Physical Theory

Well, it’s done. August and Jordan have been separated, and I am thrilled with the results. A quick snapshot before we dive into an excerpt: 972 mots de plus



This will be an early post, as for the second time this week, the majority of my day will be sitting inside a glass box with a client (a different client!). 927 mots de plus


I’m stilling writing for the day, but the latest update has me just past 34,500 so hurrah! Some quick stats:

  • Total word count: 34,750
  • Moments I lamented plot decisions: All day, just all day, so all the moments…
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Thanks for the challenge, Greg! Below, some more insight on their drive.

Though she would not admit it, she expected that there would be a phone call or a note or a card from either parent, at least Mark.

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Total Blockage

Having sat through a four-hour long meeting, wherein we talked in circles with our clients and came to no real solutions or next steps, I feel defeated and have been staring at the same paragraph for the last 90 minutes I’ve been on this flight back to NYC. 310 mots de plus


BOOK CLUB: Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding

We’re one bud down for this month’s slightly delayed book club in which we look at Helen Fielding’s third book in the Bridget Jones series Mad About the Boy. 2 930 mots de plus

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#ThisIsUs Last Christmas Preview S1Ep10 via @stacyamiller85 @MiloVentimiglia @NBCThisIsUs

It’s the Fall Finale of This Is Us and in the episode titled “Last Christmas,”what will the holidays be like for The Pearsons? 75 mots de plus

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