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Midnight: A Fanfiction, Chapter One

Hey guys! So basically this is a fanfiction based off the TV show N.C.I.S., so if you don’t watch the show it may not make sense, but you’re welcome to it. 1 276 mots de plus

A Brief Introduction

Hey sexy readers,

I’m Stac, CEO of Zest and Fresh’s Burlesque club. This is an initiative to celebrate femininity in all its forms. I’m on a mission to celebrate sexual freedom as well as femininity and this will be done by creating a burlesque club in July 2018. 75 mots de plus

Institute Updates

Life Is Strange Art Ft. Ilya Kuvshinov

Discovering her works was actually a walk down the memory lane for me. Honestly speaking, Life Is Strange is one of those games I played during a trouble state in my life and it has stuck with me forever. 237 mots de plus


Cat Tale

                                                                                      -Photo by Mary Bach

It is amazing how a little pile
of fur and bones
of whiskers and purrs
can claim a human heart
can fill a human heart… 66 mots de plus


Struggling With Life

Yesterday wasn’t a good day to put it lightly. As you may or may not know I struggle a lot with migrains on a weekly basis and surprise surprise I had a migraine today. 385 mots de plus

My Unqualified Review: Fallen - Lauren Kate

Title: Fallen 
Author: Lauren Kate
Released: 2009
Purchase From Indigo

I often spend time browsing the Indigo website looking for books to add to my unread pile. 552 mots de plus