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Reading in Japanese: How a Five Year Old Taught Me Hiragana

As anyone will tell you, learning a new language is hard.

For me, this is especially true for Japanese. Pre-learning-Japanese, I’d only really studied latin-based languages. 476 mots de plus


The Scamp and Her Creative Writers

I know that I spend a lot of my time complaining about the tutoring centre, but today was one of those days that I enjoyed my shift. 427 mots de plus

PhD Craze

Today's Warm & Fuzzies

I love getting warm & fuzzy stories from parents! This one landed in my inbox this morning!

Hi Gloria-  I have to share a quick story for you to pass on to M’s teachers at church. 

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When I showed my 7yrsold. cousin the site

…It’s about life. It goes in a circle. Woman. Man. Woman and Man. Children.

-Alesha White