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With that said...


would I continue

with a blog

on childhood


I just told parents






there is a mommy’s and daddy’s club on social media which allows us to laugh, cry, mock, tease, and even rant with a constant deluge of sarcastic, satirical, or emotional-reinforcement photos giving all of us suckers the recognition we feel we deserve for enduring this hellish life sentence we got ourselves into called parenting when we really only wanted a back rub. 41 mots de plus

Childhood Matters

Day 166

Labeling crayons is by far the best way to be sure they are not taken by an enemy.

A Year Of Niftiness

Reading in Japanese: How a Five Year Old Taught Me Hiragana

As anyone will tell you, learning a new language is hard.

For me, this is especially true for Japanese. Pre-learning-Japanese, I’d only really studied latin-based languages. 476 mots de plus