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Bounty Hunters and Space Cowboys: Comparing Killjoys and Firefly

Killjoys and Firefly entered my repository of favourite TV shows in much the same manner. In both cases, I saw a few posters and heard snippets of plot. 1 461 mots de plus

Fly me away...

Sometimes, in the midst of the chaos, you just need to find your gravity and hold onto that…even if it’s a silent contemplation. Freedom comes to each person in different forms. 79 mots de plus

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The Binge Report: The Fantastic 'Killjoys' & Silly, But Engaging 'Lost Girl'

Here are two shows that might be worth your binge-watching time:

Killjoys on SyFy Now

When it comes to SyFy’s recent explosion of original programming, I have been such a pop culture snob. 1 036 mots de plus

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Exclusive: An Interview With Elena Juatco

By: Kat Harlton
Photos: Sam Gaetz

Website: www.elenajuatco.ca

Twitter & Instagram: @elenajuatco

Facebook: www.facebook.com/elenajuatco

On a Wednesday evening, in a small, cozy coffee shop on Front Street West I meet… 739 mots de plus


Retro Review: Killjoys, Season One: Episodes 6-10

Moving on to the second half of my binge watch of the first season of Killjoys. Once again, there’s probably gonna be spoilers.

« One Blood »: 1 652 mots de plus


TVLine Items: Bradley Whitford Visits Chicago, Judy Greer Is Casual and More

Can Chicago Justice prevail over Bradley Whitford?

The West Wing alum will guest-star on the legal spinoff during an upcoming crossover with Chicago Fire… 302 mots de plus

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