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This is for all the thots and bastards who a) have the misfortune of knowing who the fuck Kobra Kid is and are b) interested in making 2019 their year or a year or something and also give a shit about the environment. 305 mots de plus

Smartphone addiction, is it really a thing?

Are smartphones becoming a addiction? For some it seems that is the way but the case that is made to justify huge numbers of people as being addicted seems to me to flawed. 508 mots de plus


Killjoys: Season 1-4

Canada has always done an extremely solid line in excellent, character driven science fiction. My understanding is that it’s thanks to generous tax breaks and a wide variety of different landscapes in a relatively small geographical area, making it perfect for any series where the characters are travelling a lot. 568 mots de plus

Science Fiction

Killjoys: Season 2

Killjoys: Season 2
Dutch, John and D’avin do their best to remain neutral in the tangled multiplanetary conflict that has spread across the entire Quad system. 30 mots de plus

Killjoys Season 4 Episode 10: 'Sporemageddon' Review

Will Killjoys ever give me a break? Last week had me crying a ton and this week left us on a fairly big cliffhanger. I don’t want to wait for season 5 and yet, here we are. 1 867 mots de plus