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Book review--We abduct the alien in Nat Cassidy novel Steal the Stars

Review by C.J. Bunce

Both were pulled from Special Forces units.  Dakota Prentiss is an ex-Ranger.  She’s tough, rough, crude, and been through it all.  Then new worker Matt Salem is brought onto her security team.  528 mots de plus

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A discussion with Tamsen McDonough (Lucy, Killjoys)

I recently was able to ask Tamsen McDonough, aka Lucy from the wildly popular SYFY show Killjoys, questions about working on the show and herself in general.  976 mots de plus

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Day 29 - Current t.v show obsession

Killjoys? Idk. Lucifer? Probably.

In all honesty, I don’t feel I have a true and real and all encompassing tv show obsession right now. 650 mots de plus

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Killjoys 3

I promise to try not to turn this into a rant about the state of science fiction media… try. (Might not succeed.)

Last year about this time, I wrote about how I might not be able to make it through Killjoys Season 3. 1 906 mots de plus



Killjoys is a quirky, subversive, cheeky, poignant and political dystopian sci-fi TV show set in some far off galaxy where class divides, slavery, corporate greed, organised crime and desperate revolutionaries are just as common as they are on earth. 335 mots de plus


Fangirl Friday: Dragon Con hangover plus some fandom news

Hey, everybody —

So I went to Dragon Con in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend and it was BEYOND FREAKING CONTROL. I met up with a bunch of Earpers (Wynonna Earp fandom, for those not in the know) and hung out with the director of… 907 mots de plus