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FMM 5 17 19 Shape Shifting

“Whoever you are holding me now in hand,

Without one thing all will be useless,

I give you fair warning before you attempt me further, 964 mots de plus


Good Fortune Mystery..completed

I am starting the new year with a few completions. I got the final borders on and just a few slight adjustments as it is smaller that a quilt. 197 mots de plus

Life Events

January monthly goal setting

This year I am going to try to follow more blogging. I ran across a blog « elm street quilts- motivation and inspiration. You pick a project and set a monthly goal. 144 mots de plus

Life Events

Episode 3: Flute Player

Listen Here


 Hello again everyone, or whoever is listening to this. I realize that this tape recorder was meant for my school project and all, but it seems to have taken on a whole other purpose. 3 289 mots de plus

Packraft company closes on first funding round

6th November 2018.

A Denver-based packraft manufacturer has navigated the waters of its first round of equity funding.

Founder Kelley Smith said his inflatable raft startup Kokopelli closed on a round of $210,000 last month, and plans to raise $750,000 in a Series A round by year-end. 417 mots de plus

lima // photodump

Man, I can’t believe it’s been five months since Lima. I think it was the first really huge city in South America I’d been in since Bogota, and it felt more like a « typical » big city, which I suppose has its pros and cons. 352 mots de plus