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The Longest Day

I love solstice because I like long days.  And, today was long with paid work and yard work.  My split shift was spent in my Southwestern garden.   343 mots de plus

Kokopelli brings the summer!

Kokopelli is a Hopi word meaning wooden backed.  The Kokopelli is truly a legend of the Southwest.  Lots of folklore. . . the character who changes winter to spring.   132 mots de plus

Valentine's Day: The Day Before Solstice

What an interesting year.  Lots of blooms and lots of work hours.  Finding whatever balance there is in the mix.  So different from last year.  Time and money .  107 mots de plus

Dancing with Trickster

Raven stole the Sun for the woman he winged for
Kokopelli fluted rains for the desert’s daughter
Iktomi spun rings for the bright-eyed cheiftaness
Coyote snarled fresh kills for his wild mistress… 9 mots de plus


Kokopelli Moose breezes through TSA

Tuesday April 25-The adventure begins at the Denver airport.
For some reason I’m TSA-Pre approved but my husband is not. The guy who checks the tickets looked bored. 212 mots de plus


Tonight I hosted a prompt workshop where five poets and I wrote to random prompts supplied by glow-in-the-dice. We had enough time to write eight poems to the following prompts: … 82 mots de plus