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Dream Catcher

he who sings and brings forth life and hope beside Me to a season. from art in heaven painted to the face of rock caves and stone marks of freedom  from grape to tissue and blood torn from many wild beast. 166 mots de plus

A New Heaven


Westminster is a northwest suburb of Denver, located about 9 miles from downtown Denver.  Westminster offers a variety of real estate, including some of the more affordable housing options in the Denver metro area.  194 mots de plus

Memories of New Mexico~Part 2


Judy Wills


 I have some mementos of New Mexico, and I would like to share them with you. Some of the Native Americans that lived in the pueblos out and around Albuquerque, made some wonderful black pots. 480 mots de plus

Judy Wills-Sunday Memories

Pinturas Rupestres Banzhá

Rock art in Hidalgo, Mexico

This past Friday I made a day trip out of El DF into rural Hidalgo state at the invitation of… 372 mots de plus

Horned Serpent

Annual Flip A Coin Roadtrip HOME

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve put digital pen to paper.  7am, sitting on the brown coach in front of my blazing fireplace.  Soft wood to start, now the hard wood has the BTU’s cranking.   2 206 mots de plus

Favorite Rides

Going Further West from Colorado to Utah

After using a whole day attending to some brake grinding coming from my right rear wheel, I was finally leaving the Denver/Boulder area to make my way further west.   595 mots de plus

Just a Painter Passing Through in History

« If you want to know my secret don’t come runnin’ after me
For I am just a painter passing through in history » – Gordon Lightfoot… 113 mots de plus