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Breaking and Entering

Despite the naysayers and the doubters who regularly bemoan the crumbling of society’s very fabric, neighbourly spirit is alive and well down our street. A street where people talk and things are loaned and borrowed, mainstays of a bygone era re-awoken and juxtaposed with technologies new – our street has a Facebook page no less. 385 mots de plus

"Thunder" in the Forecast

In just a few more weeks we’ll have a new addition in our family. Why? Because you only live once. Thunder (a Chocolate) will soon join… 6 mots de plus


A New Puppy

I am so excited to share with you all that I am going to pick up a new puppy next week! He is 17 weeks old and is a cream colored Labrador retriever. 57 mots de plus


The good, the bad...

I wish I could say that it is going great. That the week has been filled with the greatness of success, prosperity, sales, and what the whatever makes you happy… 340 mots de plus

Life Happens When...


Pressing rewind 

A casual evening at home. I was in grade seven, a little less chubbier than me right now. But still  had the same hatred for Mathematics just like any other average Indian child labelled to be ‘dumb’ by the society just because the Pythagoras theorem wasn’t my motto in life. 2 613 mots de plus

What I Admire in Dogs (From Someone Who's Not a Dog Lover)

I do not claim to be a dog lover. My husband and I decided to get one (a chocolate lab, whose name is Japhy) because it was our son’s birthday wish sans the birthday bash for his fifth birthday. 308 mots de plus