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Way Back Wednesday ~ Our Dog

On Sunday we celebrated our five year anniversary of rescuing our black Labrador Retriever.
I’m still stumped why any Lab has to be « rescued ». 167 mots de plus

Dog Friendly

Saddle Me Up

This hat, I simply couldn’t resist it at the Scottish Blogger Shop. I loved it when Thankfifi first showed it off but as usual didn’t get round to buying one for myself. 109 mots de plus


Princess Olivia & Facebook memories

​Facebook memories showed me these 2 pictures yesterday! Ollie in 2012!

My initial reaction was total sadness until a friend pointed out to me that its just Ollie’s way of reminding is she’s always with us! 23 mots de plus

Empower Yourself

Rayme: lovely blackie


Name: Rayme

Gender: F

Breed: x labrador

Age: d-o-b: September 2015

Size: big (25kg, 50cm)

Others: dewormed, vaccinated

Story, Personality, Others:
Rayme was found abandoned on the street. 30 mots de plus


Nero's Post: Special Guest!

Vof vof friends! On Sunday I was thinking to show you some garden photos but then I was busy finishing some things as I knew that this week I shall only play! 314 mots de plus


Just Waiting on a Friend.

This is the Green Point Lighthouse, where Heidi went to look out from Johannesburg to watch Hudo’s container ship pull into port.


And Then We Got A Dog (Sunday Musings)

Reasons Not To Get A Dog:

1. I am not a dog person. I blame the childhood trauma of picking up very messy giant piles of dog poo. 118 mots de plus