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The Indian dogs that are dying out because everyone wants a Labrador

It’s easy to identify what a German Shepherd, Labrador, and Saint Bernard have in common: they’re furry, adorable canine companions with massive fan bases all over the world. 1 601 mots de plus


Charlie was born January 8th 2015. We bought her from a farm. The guy had a house dog and farm dog and one day the house dog got out and then there were puppies. 44 mots de plus


Me and Kimber

These shots were taken this time two years ago on Arbroath beach. Brilliant day with brilliant sunshine. Kimber loves the beach.


04/26/2017: New Facebook Page!

I decided to create a Facebook page to go along with this blog. I can’t upload video directly to this blog, so the FB page will make it easier for me to upload quick snippets of video to allow for more updates.

Check it out. 


Andrex celebrates its 75th anniversay

Andrex toilet paper is completing its 75th year in the market. To mark this achievement, the brand along with J. Walter Thompson London has come with a new ad film featuring an adorable dog and a puppy. 64 mots de plus



Dlaka labradora je njihova prepoznatljiva oznaka: kratka, gusta, prilično oštra i uvek jednobojna; može biti crna, žuta ili čokoladno braon

Labrador ili kralj svih retrivera… 70 mots de plus


New additions to Newfoundland and Labrador album now on Flickr

Land was sighted in June 1497 after just over a month of travel, and John Cabot is credited with the second discovery of North America, and Newfoundland which celebrates the event as Discovery Day. 11 mots de plus