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Amherst, Wisconsin

My younger brother is a bit impulsive but always in the most positive sense.  He texted me, I’m renting a cabin in Wisconsin, you can bring #FuckYeahRosie – Are you in? 68 mots de plus


Such Love and Adoration

A little over eight years ago we had a dog named Alex. He was part yellow lab, part golden retriever. A gentle giant he weighed in at approximately 125 lbs. 450 mots de plus


Intento de soborno a la FPF forma parte del pliego acusatorio vs Jack Warner #FIFA

En la mañana de hoy el Departamento de Justicia de los Estados Unidos de América (DOJ) presentó acusaciones en contra de varios miembros de la alta oficialidad de FIFA y CONCACAF por cargos de conspiración y fraude, entre otros. 674 mots de plus


New Puppy: Apollo, A Lab/Boxer Mix

Sometimes I do things on impulse. I’ve gotten better with my self control, but every now and then, I seem to act without thinking. It usually involves some type of purchase. 636 mots de plus


A labrador called Jasper in ballpoint pen

Today’s drawing is of Jasper the labrador. I’m told he likes to sit on chairs and look at people with a ball in his mouth, which is in fact what he is doing in this picture! 49 mots de plus

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