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Harmony in a Box - 03-09

The attendant broke my reverie to motion me to a room off the bedroom. I followed him through an archway to the bath. I noticed a small room discreetly tucked into the wall behind the arch leading to the bath. 465 mots de plus



For National Dog Day here are some pictures of neighbour’s labrador pups


Olly Bear - A Forest Holiday Adventure

Day 1 – Getting There and Settling In

To say I was excited about going away for a week to a forest was an understatement. It was only a two hour trip to Cropton in North Yorkshire but every 5 minutes I thought it would be funny to ask “Are we there yet?” by popping my big head over the back seat. 1 663 mots de plus

Places & People

Marley & Me

At the beginning of July I had to finally say goodbye to my dog buddy Guinness. He was born a few days before I turned 21 and I had him as a very young pup via the vets where I worked as a nurse, so he has been my companion for most of my adult life. 2 076 mots de plus

The sage in the dog

I was visited by a sage in the form of a dog. Ofcourse she was so adorable, naughty, loving and a bundle of eternal joy for me; a fountain of bliss was my lab – Maggie. 656 mots de plus

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