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A day with the Beagles

Recently, an adoption drive by the ResQ Charitable Trust was concluded here at Pune. Me and a friend of mine, we went there to have a look at how things occur. 160 mots de plus

Photo Assignments

2017/2/19 – Baldy IV / 鮑爾迪孤山之四

All photos from this trip can be found here.

Weather was equally wet throughout Washington State this weekend. It showed no signs of improving before Vantage Bridge, so I forewent the original plan to Steamboat Rock, where we last visited… 259 mots de plus


A warm February day

The world around you is a work of art; the only payment required for viewing is to keep it clean and safe from harm.


Mandy Poole

Gracie comes home

Much of my life in Korea was made on impulsive decisions, especially when it came to animals. These weren’t always sensible. I asked to bring Gracie home. 507 mots de plus

South Korea