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Abbey doing water retrieves

These are photos of Abbey and Casey from 4/8/01. Abbey was 4-months old. She was learning how to retrieve from water. Look at how she swims at her age and brings the training bumper back to me. 116 mots de plus

Casey in Flight

Founds these old photos of Casey and scanned them to share.

This is how an 80 pound Labrador Retriever launches himself to retrieve a duck for me. 72 mots de plus

Memories of Abbey

Video tribute here.

Abbey, you would have been 17 today if it was possible for Labradors to live that long. You were a fun, lovable girl who came into my life as my second Labrador Retriever and quickly rocked Casey’s world and learned the art of the snuggle. 154 mots de plus

Labrador mayor drives snowmobile, flags down help after being shot in the face

Friends of a Labrador mayor say he somehow got on a snowmobile and reached a nearby highway to flag down help after he was shot in the lower face while hunting. 459 mots de plus


Portland Dog Photography | Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue Holiday Photos with Santa

There are few causes I hold important. Of those few, the efforts that go towards helping out dogs are pretty high up there. Therefore when a local rescue reached out to me regarding a holiday « photos with Santa » kind of event, it was an immediate yes. 290 mots de plus


2017/12/9 - Sorcery Mountain / 巫術山

Photos from this trip can be found here.

Thanks to a recent report from NorthBen of this place I had wanted to visit but uncertain of the road conditions and accessibility this time of the year. 414 mots de plus


A Dog's Life

After a decadent sleep, Babar woke up and stretched languorously on the carpeted floor. Lazily, he walked over to his food bowl. A full plate of shredded boiled chicken meat was waiting for him. 1 073 mots de plus