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That Time I Turned 42

A few days ago I turned 42, or as it’s known in some circles – the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything  331 mots de plus


Pet & People Parcel July Box Review 

Ruger and I absolutely love getting subscription boxes! When we stumbled across Pet & People Parcel and saw that they were looking for someone to do a box review, we were quick to volunteer! 557 mots de plus

It's The Real Thing....

I think I’ve mentioned a few times over the years how much I like lighthouses.  There are some that are tall and ‘graceful’ – others are short and aquat – and even more  that fall in between.   606 mots de plus


Clever Labrador Rides The Bus On Her Own Each Day

It was just a regular day for Eclipse and her owner, Jeff Young. They were waiting at the bus stop together to make their usual journey to the local park. 299 mots de plus


Happy Adoption Day

It has been a crazy year with this little fur ball. She is not a little fur ball anymore and with all the fur that we find on the floor, on our bed, in her kennels, and on our FURniture I am amazed that she still has fur on her body. 386 mots de plus


Dogs Are A Girls Best Friend!

So, after blogging for just over a year, it came apparent to be that I haven’t actually done a blogpost about Sam. Yes, he has featured in a few but most of you no nothing about him as I have never written a blogpost about him or any of my animals for that matter. 581 mots de plus


Sunday Sessions : Ten with Tayto

This week were taking ten with Tayto

Name: Tayto

Age: 9 months

Breed: Labrador

Location: Toronto🍁


Q1, Hi Tayto, thanks for joining us on Sunday sessions, we are super excited to have you! 564 mots de plus