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Awake from a nap: time to blog

I’ve discovered two things recently:

  1. If my body says it is tired, at all, I need to drop what I’m doing immediately and try to sleep.
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Rescue Dog

H#100 My biggest happiness: Toby


I am really happy, I chose to bring him. I took those steps, to be happier.


Muskrat Falls: Why people are starving themselves to oppose Labrador dam

Those opposed to the Muskrat Dam in Labrador have taken their fight to Ottawa in order to call national attention to a project they fear threaten their way of life. 697 mots de plus



Here is the second portrait of beautiful Angel!

Angel’s owner wanted a picture that remembered him of the sweet and intense gaze of her beautiful Labrador. 56 mots de plus


Protesters occupying Muskrat Falls site putting themselves at risk: Nalcor

Protesters who broke into the sprawling Muskrat Falls construction site are risking serious injury, the CEO of the Crown corporation in charge of the megaproject said Monday as RCMP shut a key road out of safety concerns. 670 mots de plus