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Cooper Bags a Bird!

Cooper’s a Bird Dog!

Woohoo! Cooper is a Bird Dog! He bagged a pheasant with the master, making him the ultimate and official hunter’s mate. 179 mots de plus


Treat Bobber

Mongo has a rubber orange Treat Ball.  It is a hollow ball with an opening to the inside that allows Dad to put kibble into the middle of ball.   216 mots de plus


Deco Seashells

Last Summer, a very special new addition to our family was born up in Mangawhai Heads.

« Crickey!  Where’s that? » we all eagerly wondered. 370 mots de plus

Coastal Lifestyle

Importance of the decent daily walks

If you have a lab puppy, you should take him out for a walk every single day. These little muffins want to discover the whole world! 50 mots de plus

Puppy Love

All About That Dog - First Post!

It’s a cloudy day here at my place. And I’m at home, taking photos of my dogs in my phone. And this pic above is my dog… 291 mots de plus


Pups-giving: 4 People, 4 Dogs, 1 Holiday

I know this is strange but I get this weird nervousness every time Dolly meets someone new. Human or canine.

Are they going to like her? 368 mots de plus

Dog Adoption

My take on motherhood

Motherhood is a dream for most women and it’s a very special gift that should be treasured. Being a mother means realizing the potentials of the children and finding ways to improve and develop them. 763 mots de plus