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National Puppy Day

In honor of my two boys. They are puppies at heart.


CBS hands out 18 early renewals — what's missing?

CBS gave out early renewals to 18 shows, including dramas Madam Secretary, Blue Bloods, and Hawaii Five-0, comedies Mom, Kevin Can Wait… 158 mots de plus


That face.

Becoming a new puppy parent has had its share of challenges over the past couple of weeks, though some habits shared by the hubby and I are probably best broken, such as eating dinner on the coffee table while binge watching HGTV.   146 mots de plus



Alone time with Prince. Always there, always calm, always brave, always loving, always loyal, always in the moment, always ready to play. Never ever hungry. He’s my boy,


Another night babysitting my Dad in the pub

I took my dad to the pub again today

He looked grumpy and bored of his work, so i fetched his coat, put my collar on and took him out. 426 mots de plus