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Year of the Dog Day 86

I was off again today doing DIY in the house, I’m very tired now! I didn’t get chance to look for a dog until later so I popped to the park on the way to pick up Ethan from nursery. 98 mots de plus

Update on Kenya and Kobe

How are everyone’s pets doing? Mine are enjoying life and their new home. Kenya and Kobe play nonstop for hours and when they are finally tired they pass out for hours. 243 mots de plus

Bought From Breeders

Saddle Island West artifacts

While writing my thesis on the Recent Indian period I had to read all the material I could find on that period of Newfoundland and Labrador’s past. 1 286 mots de plus


End of Watch

Every day, police officers across this country put their lives on the line to protect the communities they serve. Sometimes, that costs them dearly.

This week, Tacoma PD K9 Barney ingested some methamphetamine during a raid. 193 mots de plus

Cherry blossoms and more spring time!

Today’s post is going to be full of pictures! I really love spring because it gives so many photo opportunities. The world looks so much better after the dark days of winter. 338 mots de plus


Knowing when the time is right

I didn’t intend to write a sad blog today, although at the moment I am feeling very sad.  I had intended to attempt to write a jolly and upbeat blog, but when I sat here earlier this morning, in the relative dark, trying to write something, the words would just not flow. 1 192 mots de plus

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