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My humans gave me a bath. Now I’m damp and fluffy and I don’t like it.


Great way to start the day!

Joey a  young Lab, with a wonderfully gentle nature. Booked in for a warm bath and thorough brush out and bits n bobs this morning. 92 mots de plus

Zece moduri prin care câinele meu m-a învățat să fiu mamă de bebe

Unii ar spune că sunt a new comer în lumea mămicilor, ceea ce e adevărat având în vedere că Iris are doar trei luni, dar e și fals căci eu îl  pun la socoteală și pe fratele mai mare și blănos, labradorul nostru de șase ani, Jäger. 759 mots de plus

Aa. Experiment #MamaSingura

Pet Pic, 052216 edition

This is the first of at least five days in a row of animal photos, so I hope you come back. 41 mots de plus


Creamier Gillman Barracks

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Local ice cream parlour Creamier opens a second, alfresco outlet at Gillman Barracks. Creamier’s rotating menu of 12 signature flavours ($3.30/scoop), such as Thai milk tea, and five other seasonal flavours ($3.70) can be added to its stellar waffles ($6) for a satisfying midweek treat. 40 mots de plus


Nail trims & intros

Had another intro with Nyx and Kasper today.

First we intro’d in the house, but I think it’s gonna be tricky from now because Nyx is gaining confidence…this means she *wants* to play with Kasper, but she isn’t confident enough to play just yet. 535 mots de plus