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Slow mo videoing can pick up some cool stuff

Archie and I were mucking around with the Slow-Mo video on my IPhone tonight. Ive only had my new phone since Feb and clearly not discovered this amazing feature. 61 mots de plus


Full House!

So it’s been an awesome mix of chaos and fun taking on the renovation of our very first home. Even though we have a lot on our plate, the soon-to-be hubs and I weren’t convinced it was enough. 372 mots de plus


Portrait of Rosie

Rosie managed to stay still long enough for me to outline her portrait and is snoring as I write this.

She is a chocolate Labrador with a very placid personality.


Simple things..

As you guys know, I spend ALOT of time away from home for my job.

It sounds glamorous, but it isn’t. It is lonely and some times depressing. 174 mots de plus


Five Photos, Five Stories #5

I’ve been invited to take part in the “Five Photos, Five Stories” challenge by Claire of Claire93. The challenge is quite simply to “ 500 mots de plus


She Loves Her Violets

Like Ferdinand sitting in clover, she loves her violets. Charlottesville, Virginia.


Meet my furry baby 

My last blog was an intimate one, sharing my story, journey really, through loosing my pregnancies and the reasons why I started to take pictures. They became a creative outlet, an escape from all the ugliness around me at that time. 349 mots de plus