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Injustice is unfashionable

Language, like life is simultaneously wonderful and terrible. It is fascinatingly powerful, beautiful and destructive, but it grows and changes because we give it power. We are in a time where reclaiming has become a powerful coping mechanism with the painful injustices- it’s time to reclaim language and shape in the mold of celebration because pretty whatever, life is beautiful. 181 mots de plus

Just Another Trip to the Grocery Store. In France. 

I am often asked why I love France so much that I have a home here (and am looking for another). I give you a trip to the grocery store and lunch in the grocery store restaurant (because it has one, of course). 118 mots de plus

Food And Wine

La Voix Passive (le Passif)


sujet+ verbe + objet 

Ex: Je  mange le croissant


1. sujet + verbe passif par + pronom accentué

Ex: Le croissant est mangé par moi; l’accident est vu par nous ( The croissant is eaten by me; the accident was seen by us) 39 mots de plus


Traditional Water Jousting in the South of France

Yes, water jousting! I learned of it when I first visited Sete in 1999. Of course, I was captivated! Sete is an important fishing port on the Etang du Thau (Thau Lagoon) in the… 361 mots de plus

Food And Wine

Feasting on Huîtres in the Langue D'Oc 

When people think of the Langue D’Oc, they often think of wine (for me, that’s a crisp dry Rosé on a hot summer’s day). They usually don’t think of oysters (huîtres en Francáis), but Langue D’Ocians have been harvesting and eating oysters since at least 600 BC , and ostréiculture (oyster farming) has long been both a tradition and an important part of the economy. 315 mots de plus

Food And Wine


Bonjour! J’mapelle Tyra, et je suis nouveau à apprentissage Français. Anglais est ma première langue, j’apprends Français trois mois.


Hello! My name is Tyra, and I’m new to learning French. 16 mots de plus