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SALT x Jessica Waterman Video

Check out the newest video I did for the shop, SALT! They teamed up with local artist Jessica Waterman for their Spring/Summer 2019 line which will be dropping in the next month! Enjoy! <3

Latest Projects

BBC Local Radio Demo

Having produced the Early Breakfast show « Wake up to Wyatt » for the last 5 months, I combined my production experience of the show and my previous commercial and independent radio presenting experience and created a demo for the show.

All audio copyright belongs to BBC Essex.

Latest Projects

Kyero Interview with Phil

For my final interview for the property podcast for Kyero, I chat to Phil, who bought his property in the beautiful surroundings of Algodonales in Spain.


Kyero Interview with Elena

For part of their series, I chat to Elena about her experiences of purchasing a home in Ontinyent in Spain and what the process was like buying her property abroad as well as what inspired her to move.

All for the property podcast, Kyero. 


Lithography Video with John McDonald

Take a look at this video I shot for Pilot Communications as part of the Marine Industry Awards Gala auction! The event will be April 4th at the Delta Hotel in St. 12 mots de plus

Latest Projects

Take a look at this new fresh logo!

This is the 5th year I’ll be in business so I figured it was time for a mini makeover! Here’s to another year of video production in NL!

Latest Projects

Why do you use the bus? Reporting for BBC Essex

In light of a recent campaign by Friends of the Earth pushing for more people to use the bus and for all services to be free, I report and interview bus users in Chelmsford bus station about why they use the bus and what can be done for the services to be improved, all for the Sadie Nine show on… 12 mots de plus

Latest Projects