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2015: Jour de vent 1

Les gens qui passent à l’extérieur de la Boîte Gourmande pendant un jour de grand vent.


Golden Hawks face Saskatchewan in pre-season tilt

Jamie Howieson
Laurier Athletics

The Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks men’s football team is heading out West this week as they will face the Saskatchewan Huskies in a non-conference game on Friday night. 531 mots de plus

Ideals Not Within Their Grasp: A Defence of the Laurier Statue Project

Many a Golden Hawk these days is pissed off at the administration of our university. To be fair I understand why. I have been among those to rail against, what I see as, massive financial mismanagement of WLU since the double cohort and an attitude towards the students of this university that goes from dismissive at best to outright offensive at worst. 1 541 mots de plus


NYO is the friend you brag to your other friends about, the cool one

Returning to NYO after a lengthy hiatus was like being reunited with a best friend I hadn’t seen in years. The anticipation creeps up in your stomach in the days leading up to your reunion. 271 mots de plus


My travel list for the upcoming year

I was working in the office today, and just realized how little time I actually have to travel around Europe during the year. My agreement with my academic office back home requires me to be back by May 2016 so I can take a course I didn’t finish in my 2nd semester of my 3rd year. 91 mots de plus

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