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La biologiste qui traque les perturbateurs endocriniens (Le Point)

Le Point
Par Béatrice Parino

Auteur de « Cocktail toxique » (Odile Jacob), Barbara Demeneix analyse les effets de la chimie sur le cerveau.

« Nombre de produits chimiques présents dans notre environnement interfèrent avec l’un des principaux régulateurs du développement du cerveau : l’hormone thyroïdienne » 

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Gorillaz | Le Point - April 2017

‘Do I find myself beautiful? Yes, clearly’

After releasing twenty albums (eight with Blur, five with Gorillaz, two solo, five with various collaborators), travelled Africa with Malian musicians, opened a bar in Reykjavik, composed two operas (including the exceptional Monkey : Journey to the West), and adapted Alice in Wonderland in a musical comedy, here’s Damon Albarn, seated with one leg folded against him in the room of a Parisian palace, with baggy trousers and a brown jacket. 685 mots de plus


Fair stood the wind for France*

This coming Sunday, April 23rd, the French will vote for the Presidential election. Us Frogs who live in the Americas will vote on Saturday to allow for the time difference. 2 012 mots de plus


Libéralisme politique & démocratie - trois billets de blog, 30 January, 6 February, 12 February 2017

Quand l’élection de Donald Trump à la présidence des États-Unis est pour certains le triomphe de la démocratie… 3 396 mots de plus

Le Point

Setting education free from the bureaucracy

It was the practice at one time to teach swimming by getting the learner to lie belly down on a footstool and practice moving his hands and feet in the way that would propel him through the water. 306 mots de plus


Good-bye Coke Zero, hello Dr Pepper.

I read today in the online version of Le Point, a French newsmagazine, that yet another study has established a link between diet pop and increased belly fat along with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 140 mots de plus