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There is HOPE
God is still HERE


Love the lyrics


I believe that the future is brighter… 246 mots de plus

Video: Roll Initiative! A Basic Combat Encounter

The Hunting Party, Dirk Stoop, 1649

Roll Initiative! A Basic Combat Encounter HOW TO with DM Sean Busey. We set up a basic combat session with my tiefling warlock, Gwendolyn Goodie, and his tempest cleric, Dorn Greycastle, and wood elf ranger, Riordan Xiloscient. 75 mots de plus


Give Protestors a Voice

At least three African American people have been senselessly killed recently–in three different states–the most recent was George Floyd.  Two were killed by police.  A fourth  African American man was threatened with false accusations by a white woman after he politely asked her to follow the law and leash her dog.   1 507 mots de plus


Virus COVID-19 Coronavirus. —- It’s still here

Stay safe

Social distance, good hygiene, respect restrictions, get the COVIDSafe app

Protect yourself and importantly others.

Here’s something to reinforce. 66 mots de plus


Mate please excuse my ignorance but what is Pentecost exactly I’m not sure.

We celebrate and remember Jesus promise of the Holy Spirit
Jesus told the disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit’s coming… 187 mots de plus

Nautical Notes

Play Nautical Notes online

I served as the director of Nautical Notes, a 3D rhythm game. This was a part of San Diego State University’s VR Club. 90 mots de plus


PENTECOST SUNDAY – Gods promise through Jesus HOLY SPIRIT

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the LORD of hosts. “
Zechariah 4:6