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Jaap and Sagmeister

Curious about the title? Well sorry to let you disappointed but they were not having a scandal or something like that. It’s purely because we have Sagmeister on Wednesday and Jaap on Thursday, and I’ll write about them both… 276 mots de plus

Catatan Kaki

Internet Of Things: retailing

The way we do shopping has made a big difference over the past 20 years. Difference new technologies allow us to buy clothes, electronic devices, and even fresh food online. 404 mots de plus


Speaking My Language

After taking two years of French, three semesters in the States and one in Canada, I would have expected myself to be at least familiar with understanding the language. 915 mots de plus

Abroad Adventures

ANIMAUX SAUVAGES, Voyage en terres du SUD... en terres du NORD


Voyage en terres du Nord, Voyage en terres du Sud

Dieter Braun


142 pages (chacun)

ISBN : (Nord) 9782745977922  (Sud) 9782745974624

* 447 mots de plus