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You, Me, Them

This week’s lecture was all about personas and the different types of people to expect while creating or designing a site for someone. It asks who do we appeal to? 214 mots de plus

NADFAS Directory Day

A great day had at the annual NADFAS Directory Day held in Westminster Central Hall last Wednesday. Despite the shocking and horrific events occurring in the square opposite the venue, spirits and attendance were both remarkably high. 55 mots de plus

Art History


Quand je lis un article sur le journal,
ni toi le lis ni Charlotte le lit.
Puisque vous lisez les articles que
moi et mes amies ne lisons pas, 7 mots de plus


'Neurohacking: rewiring your brain-Don Vaughn'

We’ve all heard of the phrase « life hack ». But have you heard of something called a « brain hack »? Don Vaughn gives us the inside scoop on the amazing powers of the human brain. 37 mots de plus

Health And Education

Lecture 4.0 : Understanding the Device

What are their unique user interactions, characteristics and terminology ?

Part 1: Gestures in iOS 


Lecture 3.0 : App Design Process

How do you go about designing an app?

  • Idea:
    • Everything starts with an idea, it could come from you, or the client. getting the ‘right’ idea isn’t that important.
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