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Lecture on Ambition at Impulstanz Festival, Symposium "Crisis, What Crisis!?"

Betraying Ambition: What Moves You? (A lecture on Art and Ethics)

The premise of this lecture is that we are made to believe in ambition because ambition is something good. 141 mots de plus


I sleep, therefore I am

The Wet Lab is hosting a lecture by University of San Diego scientist Indrani Ganguly-Fitzgerald, PhD. The lecture will be held at the San Diego Central Library on  72 mots de plus


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - Americanah

Americanah, c’est un pavé de 687 pages avalées sans effort en une semaine. On plonge avec plaisir dans l’histoire de cette jeune nigériane, Ifemelu, qui part étudier aux Etats Unis. 516 mots de plus


MicroRNAs: One biologist's junk is another cell's regulatory molecule

The Wet Lab is hosting a lecture by UCSD PhD student Julia Nussbacher. The lecture will be held at the La Jolla Riford Library on  89 mots de plus


A Time of Gifts – 9. My second term

The letters home in my second term make clear how I so rapidly absorbed, and was absorbed by, Oxford. But I have also included references to some changes at home, because they indicate the shifts in perspective on someone both deeply sentimental about the past and understanding the need to move on. 2 122 mots de plus

Old Place

What can we learn from a penniless pilgrim who walked for 28 years across America?

Recently I was at my local library looking for a good read, perhaps something to escape the weight of pending bills and a prolonged sense of penny pinching … when I overheard this conversation. 693 mots de plus

Mental Health

The Digital, a Continent? Within the Object-Space of Cunning Reason


This paper considers the intersection between past and future, where we encounter now, in what the editors of this issue have called the technophysics of space, 5 936 mots de plus

Thinking As An Algebraic Mechanist