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· cinema as skin ·

The published author Laura U. Marks describes the skin of the film as “a metaphor to emphasise the way film signifies through its materiality, through a contact between perceiver and object represented.” She states that “it also suggests the way vision itself can be tactile, as though one were touching a film with one’s eyes.” Furthermore, she concludes in her book ‘The Skin of the Film’ that “for intellectual artists it is most valuable to think of the skin of the film not as a screen, but as a membrane that brings its audience in contract with the material forms of memory.” 512 mots de plus


My presentation at the Toronto Workers History Project on Vimeo

On November 14, 2016, I gave a presentation at the Toronto Workers History Project’s general meeting where I introduced the audience to the PCHP’s mission and activities. 11 mots de plus

Public History


Els darrers dies hem rebut el número 5 de La Conxinxina, una revista d’arts i assajos (i que dirigeix Xesco Mercé, professor de l’escola). Està dedicat a la dansa i el ball i podeu llegir-lo a la biblioteca, on tenim també tots els números anteriors (els quals també trobareu a http://www.laconxinxina.org/).


In Edinburgh to give a talk to the Scottish Continuity Resilient Scotland Conference.

I was on the radio a few months ago talking to Louise White « Out for the Weekend » and someone heard it involved with a conference being run in Edinburgh in the RBS HQ tomorrow the 23 rd of Feb. 1 328 mots de plus


Вебинару быть!

Дорогие все!
Я одержима идеей провести свой вебинар по английскому языку, тем более, что меня об этом уже давненько так просят.
Но мне сложно определиться с темой.

For Learners

"Generation 00: Cultural Practices before the Middle East Uprisings" colloquium with Abdellah Karroum

What role did artists and artistic production have in the political upheaval of the Arab Spring and related social and political movements?  The Block Museum will expand this question over three days of conversation with Abdellah Karroum, director of  1 199 mots de plus


AIA Lecture March 2 - Stephen Batiuk

Please join us for our spring lecture, given by Dr. Stephen Batiuk (University of Toronto).  He will present a talk titled « The ‘Kingdom of Idols’: Recent Investigations at Tell Tayinat (Ancient Kunulua, Biblical Calno) in Southeastern Turkey. 181 mots de plus