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RAF Kinloss/Leuchars MRT - gone but not forgotten?

I am working on a lecture about Resilience in Edinburgh in February.

« LEADERSHIP IN A CRISIS – HOW DO YOU PREPARE YOUR TEAMS FOR THE WORST » and it is amazing how many characters mould you in life and beyond and what an untapped talent we have within this small country… 439 mots de plus



Father, husband, missionary, giver, role model, friend, leader, and Pastor of Victory Life Church, James Sunnock, has helped guide my life for the past four years. 640 mots de plus


Katy Börner Curates "Places & Spaces" Exhibition Opening January 23 and Delivers Inaugural Lecture January 27

Vanderbilt’s Places & Spaces: Mapping Science exhibition, which makes a beautiful case for the importance of data visualization, opens Monday, January 23, and is on display through April 23 at several venues on the Vanderbilt campus—the Central Library, Sarratt Student Center/Rand Hall, and the Wond’ry. 252 mots de plus


What was first, the VLE or the lecture? On 'flipping' attention back to the classroom

[Update: It took several slightly different drafts and published versions for this post to reach this finalish version. Since its original publication on 23 January 2017 I corrected typos, rearranged paragraphs, tried to remove annoying repetitions and attempted to make the discussion more concise. 1 648 mots de plus


Derivation of the Rabinowitsch Equation

Here is the link to the derivation of the Rabinowitsch equation and the Hagan-Poiseuille equation that we will discuss in class   rabinowitscheqn .


When Food Becomes Foe

Warning, slightly grim pictures are contained in this post!

I’ve come across new culinary practises that, for the restaurant, seem to be new, exciting and unique but for a microbiologist they are an outbreak ready to happen! 689 mots de plus