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An introduction to Invariant Theory

I was strongly considering not watching this one to the end (…such as it is – the video cuts off before the talk was completely finished, but I’m okay with missing out on the last 2 (?) minutes anyway) at several points during the lecture, mainly because this is definitely far from a ‘gentle’ introduction; this one is tough for an introductory lecture and I had to look up a lot of stuff to just sort-of-kind-of muddle along. 220 mots de plus


The College Cycle

The alarm is buzzing.

It’s 8:00. You’re about to be late again.

Its’s 8:07. You’ve somehow managed to brush, wash your face (not really), dress up AND reach the classroom in under 7 minutes. 605 mots de plus

Slavery and Reconstruction in the West

Here’s Professor Quintard Taylor of the University of Washington speaking on Slavery and Reconstruction in the American West.

The video’s description reads, « University of Washington historian Quintard Taylor explored slavery, the abolition movement, and Reconstruction in the West, focusing on Kansas and Missouri before and after the Civil War. 18 mots de plus


A journey to the past and a look at the future and the drive of a bold young mountaineer Uisdean Hawthorn

Yesterday I had an easy drive to Newburgh near Aberdeen to do a talk with Uisdean Hawthorn one of Scotland’s incredible young mountaineers. I had been asked to speak with Uisdean to a group of Explorer Scouts who were fundraising for various charities and a trip with World Challenge . 1 272 mots de plus


Ce qu'ils n'ont pas pu nous prendre, Ruta Sepetys

Ce qu’ils n’ont pas pu nous prendre. 

Ruta Sepetys

13 Euros. 

416 pages. 

 Lina est une jeune Lituanienne de quinze ans, promis à un grand avenir en tant que dessinatrice. 1 054 mots de plus


Pour un jour avec toi, Gayle Forman

Allyson ou Loulou, est en voyage organisé en Europe avec sa meilleure amie Mélanie.

En Angleterre, en attendant le début d’une pièce du dramaturge Shakespeare, les deux filles font la rencontre, d’acteurs ambulants, dont un jeune Willem, qui leur propose de découvrir une autre pièce de cet auteur, mais cette fois-ci en pleine rue. 758 mots de plus


Off to visit a new crag for me on way to talk tonight - Greymares Slab.

I am heading to the East today to day to have a look at the Grey Mares Slab near the Bullers of Buchan. It is a sea cliff and according to the North East Guidebook it is the most attractive sweep of slabs in the North East Coast. 205 mots de plus

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