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Let it Go~by Karen King

Let it Go

Sometimes we just have to
Let it go.
On and on we go,
Our minds driving us to distraction,
Around and around in circles. 95 mots de plus


So this is me, Wednesday, October 19, 2016…

I love cherries.

My loving husband always gives me his cherries not because he doesn’t like them

but because he just loves me so much that he likes to see me happy. 317 mots de plus

make ceremony for yourself

in whatever way you feel drawn to. create things and write things out. Let it out and go


Five fall life lessons

Let go

Fall is the season of letting go. The trees know that they must release what is dried up and lifeless, no matter how colourful. 407 mots de plus

Blog Posts

Let it GO!

Hey Gang.

Once again, long time no write.

But I have something to tell you.

So ever since I was about 12, things have happened to me.   356 mots de plus

Not all friendships are what they seem

A couple of things have happened recently which have made me take stock of my relationships with people I thought of as friends. If not friends, they were acquaintances because I certainly felt no animosity towards them. 749 mots de plus

Life Challenges

Dobaara Pucho! (Ask Once Again!)

Good day Fellas!

So. The hard times, momentarily, have come to a pause. The placement scenes have been over. My mind is lightened up. I can focus on the other things going on in my life. 624 mots de plus