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My therapist said perfectionism is an excuse not to do stuff.  I side eyed her hard.  I said no…I DO the things.  I am angry that they AREN’T perfect.   437 mots de plus

thinking [softer] thursday

« You gotta feel it…then let that feeling go by. Count to ten, then you can ask a question, but you have to come softer. » 207 mots de plus

Thinking Thursday

Birthday bagel breakfast

Today, I had a bagel for breakfast. In a group of people. At a coworker’s birthday celebration.

And I was able to continue conversations with people. 228 mots de plus


Let it fall
 Leave it where it lay
 Where it falls turns to black
 Burns the truth away
 The ambiance is nothing
 Well I wish it could be
 The black that burns the truth
 Deep inside of me
 Burn it down
 Let it stay
 Let it sit
 Let me sway
 Burn it back
 Follow down
 Fall on me
 Let me down
 Let me down

'Til It Burns In Your Bones

We all have shadows

In our past

Things we don’t want

To see clearly

We all have been hurt

Sometime, by someone

And at times that hurt… 143 mots de plus



This is a poem about letting go of your uncertainties, and finding peace within yourself –

I’m too close to the edge now
I can feel the air on my face… 135 mots de plus

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