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Let Go Of The Hurt

You can be so nice to everyone else
But refuse the same treatment with yourself
Being negative all the time
Letting it get in your mind… 40 mots de plus


The Rubik's Cube within

Do you ever feel as though your mind is a puzzle?

Not puzzling but as though your thoughts – from time to time – reshape, clicking into a different place changing an area of perception?   838 mots de plus

Miscellaneous Writing [or As I Like To Say Woffle]

You do know it won't matter?

Opinions. Harsh comments. Judgmental statements. All of which seem to slip out most frequently out the mouths of those who know little to nothing about us. 167 mots de plus


Vet school 1st year

Just a bit of silliness today from the 1st year veterinary students at The Royal Veterinary College in London.  I sure Walt Disney is amused ;)


About Me; Queen Elsa

Hello, I am Queen Elsa. This entry will definitely not be as long as some ginger’s I know, but I hope it’ll be informative to a certain extent. 151 mots de plus


Hey, It happens to all of us

People let you down, you gain weight, your period decides to start on the same week as prom (Oh, wait that’s just me), your dress is ruined, you lose motivation, etc… Whatever it is, I can guarantee, no matter how horrible it is, you are not the only person it has happened to. 1 064 mots de plus


Not another FROZEN inspired cake

I know, I know… But how can you say no to your niece who is celebrating her 7th birthday? You really can’t.

When my sister-in-law asked me if I could make her (my niece) a birthday cake and cupcakes for the party, I wondered. 247 mots de plus

Cupcakes In Manila