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When the use is less

It’s an interesting word…. Use-less….
Sometimes, no doubt, we all experience moments, sometimes even hours, days, weeks and even months or years of feeling this atrocity. 348 mots de plus

Letting-It-Go Fever

Here’s an illustration for humorous editorial about the allergy-inducin2g factors of letting go of material things or decluttering your attic. 6 mots de plus


Let it go Minionese

Yes. I know exactly what you’re thinking. « Why another dub? Why so many dubs? ». Because I can, that’s why. I used  to make this. 339 mots de plus


LZRS TXN - 'Let It Go'

« Don’t stress what you can’t change, do your damn thing, sip a little champagne »

This is the main theme of Lazarus Taxon’s (LZRS TXN) new single, ‘Let It Go’. 79 mots de plus



In trying to teach my 18 year old to be more positive – don’t let things you cannot control, control you – I learned I was the pot calling the kettle black. 182 mots de plus

A ZBB Song For Every College Year Part I

My emotional connection to the artistry of the Zac Brown Band has carried me through the good and the bad times during college. Therefore, I thought it would be a fun reflective exercise to match a Zac Brown Band song with each one of my undergraduate college years. 376 mots de plus

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