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8 Box Takeaway from Field of Yogis Retreat (Boy! Am I Full!)

Now that I have been home for a few days, and before I leave again for my immersion teacher training, I’ve had time to digest the absolute amazement and awesomeness that I experienced at the  1 654 mots de plus


A vague smile crosses my face as the first snow falls.

I turn away from the lies reflected in the window pane. The snow in the field behind the hospital is unmarred, I won’t be the one to take that away. 3 503 mots de plus

Short Story

The most amazing cover song of Let it Go

We made our first Music Vlog and it is of my mom Miss Bossy singing Let It Go



« Dude, You Need To Let That Shit Go. »

– a Wise Dude

This post is in honour of my recent ordination as a Dudeist Priest (more on Dudeism to come).


What Do You Do When Your Universe is Collapsing?

The universe as I have known it is collapsing. Everything around me that has defined my life; that has been the container for my life; that has been the vehicle for my life and provided structure, routine, and even a livelihood is falling away. 379 mots de plus


Idina Menzel Stops Concert So Little Boy Can Sing 'Let It Go'…Twice

By Joe Cingrana

(RADIO.COM) – Award winning singer and songwriter Idina Menzel is known to Broadway fans for her roles in Rent and Wicked, but it was her impeccable vocals on “Let It Go” from the Disney film Frozen that reached households of young children around the world. 307 mots de plus


Let It Go

Isa has pipes. She may only know the "Let it Go" part of the song but she belts it. And one of the funniest things when she takes my recording equipment and plays with it is that she play acts like she's really using the recording device by pretend stopping and starting the clips in between her songs.