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How Letting Something Go Gives You Something Better

My friend Jayne recently discovered a spot on her leg.  What began as a spot was discovered to be a rare, aggressive cancer and within weeks she heard the doctor say, « The leg needs to go. 868 mots de plus

For the love of..Part 3

It was as I sat here, tearing myself apart, writing another apology to him for being myself that I realized I didn’t want to play that game anymore. 571 mots de plus


Let it go: Giving up PGtips

I’m a PhD student in her final year – it’s time to start jettisoning non-essential baggage!

Taking it on

In the archaeology department we have a student seminar series called PGtips, a witty pun on the abbreviation for postgraduate (PG) and a brand of tea! 584 mots de plus

PhD Blog

NERVO Release ‘Let It Go’ Remix Package

NERVO Release ‘Let It Go’ Remix Package

Taken from their debut album ‘Collateral‘, award-winning production, songwriting & DJ duo NERVO are back with a remix package of the original version ‘ 202 mots de plus


For the love of ..Part 2

We keep going thru this, back and forth game that nobody can win. I go in feeling strong, confident.. believing I’m worth it, believing he loves me. 741 mots de plus


Cover: Christina Grimmie & Before You Exit - Let It Go

Christina Grimmie teamed up with Before You Exit to cover James Bay’s latest hit, « Let it go ». The gorgeous cover showed the soft quality from both singers giving a tender, nuanced and well phrased cover. 7 mots de plus