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A 'Frozen 2' Internet Campaign Wants To Make Elsa Disney's First LGBT Princess

We live in an era in which representation of all cultures in media is not just encouraged – it’s demanded. Barriers of representation of race, gender, and sexuality are being broken left and right in everything from television to comic books. 353 mots de plus


Let it go....

Do you ever feel like you are being held back by the past?  Whether you have a certain moment in time that constantly pops up in your mind each time you relax, or a certain person’s name just grates on your nerves?   331 mots de plus

Let it Go - Part 2

Part 2

“She is all set to go home now. You can get the discharged papers ready for her at the front desk. Till then I will send in a nurse to help her out with the drips” 1 955 mots de plus

Let It Go

[Relationships] On The Rocks

Okay readers, we promise that this blog and this particular post will not be your typical I hate men, all men cheat, I’m lonely, where to get the best waist trainers and how to contour blogspot. 569 mots de plus


Let It Go

Sunrise to sunset,

days and nights,

drunken kisses, 66 mots de plus


Change The Song – A Frozen Parody

I was challenged by a friend to change the lyrics to a song without reusing any of the original words in their original place (i.e. « let it go » could not be replaced by « let it snow », due to the repetition of the words « let it »). 317 mots de plus