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One day she sat alone in a park thinking about where her life was heading, she felt an overwhelming feeling that she didn’t belong, alone nobody really seemed to understand her. 291 mots de plus


Let it go

Why can’t I let it go? Why do I dwell on what other people say and do? Why do I start a blog to try to explain how other people are keeping me from being my true self? 338 mots de plus

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Let It Go

I’m sure some of you have had quite enough of the song from Disney’s Frozen. However, I live in a house full of little girls who have not. 155 mots de plus

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Day & Night

it is funny how light works we fight the things we cannot control but in the end the light will only cast its shadow as the sun sets in the horizon and when it appears again in the morning sky just for a brief moment the world will be shadowfree and bright and new sunrises will always be better than sunsets

Let It Go - student short film

After about a year of zero work related updates on my blog, Here it is, my student film produced at Sheridan College.

Let it go is a story about a little girl who is fascinated by the beauty of fireflies, follows them into nearby woods and finds a jar. 262 mots de plus

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Let Go & Let God

I have discovered a theme in my walk with God. That theme is trust. Trust is the number one thing God and I talk about. It’s the number one thing I struggle with. 712 mots de plus

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