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There is lactose free milk in my fridge

The only thing that I know to be constant is change. Nothing ever stays the same. My time as a theoretical physics student taught me that entropy was inevitable and that change was necessary. 290 mots de plus


How I'd Feel if I Died Tomorrow

Hello everyone,

Lately I have been irritated.

I have been irritated, because I feel like people have been taking my kindness for weakness. Certain people do things to me and I forgive them… I give them a second chance and an opportunity to correct themselves. 422 mots de plus


Heal Yourself

We all strive for a healthy and sound mind to lead a happy life. Does it comes straightforward to us? We all know the answer, obtaining soundness and peace in life is all that we struggle and aim for, either through a vacation or meditation. 337 mots de plus

Discovering Oneself

Trust that it's there

Audition class is both the easiest, and the hardest. It is easy because at this point, we should know our lines and have done all the work, but we are also expected to improve on what we’ve learnt, and do better than the explorations of the previous weeks. 621 mots de plus


The Pain of Loss: Formatting a Memory Card By Mistake

It has been a hard three days, I’ll comfortably tell you that.

The one thing that film photography taught me was to be extremely patient. For some reason, I most probably know why, I was in a ridiculous hurry and didn’t read the message my new child, the… 856 mots de plus

Real Talk

Sometimes it's ok

Sometimes it’s ok to leave everything and head for a journey unknown

Sometimes it’s ok to let your hair down and sing your heart out… 87 mots de plus

5 Things I've Stopped Saying / 5 Things I Find Myself Saying Over and Over

5 Things I’ve Stopped Saying


  1. “Shame on you!”:  Though shame is a natural human emotion, I don’t think that it is ever my place to pronounce it over someone. 
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