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Say It Sunday - Let It Happen

I don’t know about you, but I should have this posted in multiple places. I need this reminder and often. I plan, and I need to have plan, so sometimes it’s hard for me to just be. 21 mots de plus


Welcome to life, the Cat 2.0!

When I got home from my first day at work, I realized the storm I had been weathering for 4 months had ended.

And it was soothing. 950 mots de plus


Our God is Mightier!

July 3. 2015


Thank you for stopping by for another DMSS. Check it out, here…

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Martin Luther's Oscar-winning Hymn: "Let It Go"

Martin Luther stood before the Holy Roman Emperor. He had been asked the day before whether he recanted of his teachings that he had expressed in his published works. 395 mots de plus

Tim Keller

No Rest for The Parents

  • You will never sleep well again
  • CDubs doesn’t care if all the good doctors say he still needs two naps a day
  • Your house will never be clean again; see CDubs the Destroyer…
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31 Day Disney Challenge Day #2

Favourite Disney Song
Be Prepared

Keeping in theme with yesterday and the Lion King, Be Prepared is one of the best songs in any Disney movie I have ever heard. 34 mots de plus