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Birthday season is drawing to a close

Our family gets hit pretty hard with birthdays it seems. The husband is a bit before the holiday season, I’m just weeks before Santa arrives and then Isabelle is two months later followed up by the twins a month later! 820 mots de plus

The Less Said 

When we feel moved to express our opinions or give a knee jerk response to someone we must weigh the impact of our words and keep this in mind…. 45 mots de plus


Mama Said 

she told me to « let it out, »

« it’s okay to cry, » she adds.

all these years, i held it in.

all of it. 88 mots de plus


Shedding the Mask of Competency

First, drop everything and read this game changing article: « I Thought I Was Stupid », The Hidden Struggle for Women with ADHD.

If you’re like me, it took a few tries and you found yourself wandering to and from the browser it’s displayed on. 490 mots de plus


What's the Fuss?

I’m annoyed at myself because my original post was SO GOOD and I, in my excitement I guess, did not save my work and lost it! 2 409 mots de plus

LET IT GO.....! 

What to do when you don’t know what to do.

This sounds like one of those catchy phrases adept motivational speakers use to capture the mental and consequently emotional attention of avid readers (of whom I once was) who are constantly looking for answers in this world full of endless unanswered queries.

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