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8 Fundamentally Confusing Things About England

The term ‘culture shock’ doesn’t even begin to cover moving away from a familiar place and being catapulted into a completely different environment. When you travel to England for the first time, all you notice is how utterly… 586 mots de plus


Let go of the burden 

We have all been hurt by someone. We have all felt the heart crushing pain of the dissipation of trust. I know it is easy to hold on to that hurt and let it consume. 130 mots de plus


The Weird Old Lady with One Globe

She was 8 years old.

She checked her first pocket.  The grocery list was still there.  She checked her other pocket. The money was still there.  557 mots de plus

What Makes YOU Smile


Time to brush the cobwebs away, eh?

I saw this picture recently:

and it really resonated. Because I have been willfully misunderstood. At key times in my life. 373 mots de plus


Roundtable Meeting: Feminism From Snow White To Frozen

Florence Kia is a senior students in the University of Iowa studying Finance and Arts. She has begun to watch Disney princess since she was five. 207 mots de plus


"Today"... Is The Greatest Day, I've Ever Known! Overthinking?

Today is the greatest day i’ve ever know because i will not over think anything!

If they would give a PhD in over-thinking, i would get one. 758 mots de plus


WATCH: Indiana mom hears daughter’s voice for the first time

ABOVE: See the moment a mother hears her daughter’s voice for the first time

Melissa Santos was able to hear her daughter sing for the first time in either of their lives. 250 mots de plus