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Uncluttering - The "Why"

Last year I stumbled upon a book entitled, « The More of Less » by Joshua Becker, adding it to my perpetual queue of books to read. 431 mots de plus

Home Improvement

Sunday Morning Yoga Thoughts - January 22nd

Disclaimer: Every Sunday from this day forward my thoughts from the Sunday Morning Yoga will be posted for everyone to enjoy, maybe even find peace as a mother and hopefully a chuckle or two. 314 mots de plus


What do you do after?

I think one of the most difficult things about a break up and what you do afterwards, is, what do you do with all the gifts afterwards? 409 mots de plus

Single In A Small City

To Detach with Love

I used to have a problem with the term « to detach » because I felt like it was saying I had to lose something or give up on someone. 414 mots de plus



Have you ever tried all of the tricks on getting inspired and generating ideas, but nothing seems to work? This means you suffer from creative constipation AKA Writer’s Block. 1 068 mots de plus

‘Frozen’ Alternative Title: NO! I Don’t Want to Build a Fucking Snowman! *THROWS CHAIR!*

Once again, I am insanely late to this little gathering as this film has been out for years. Of course I knew about this, I would of had to be living in cave not to have noticed this. 3 762 mots de plus

This is Why

« Why can’t you just get over it? »

« What’s the big deal? You ‘lost.’ Move on. »

« Can’t we all just get along?

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