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What do I think?

« Who am I? Where am I? » – Admiral James Stockdale on October 13, 1992 in the vice presidential debate against Dan Quayle and Al Gore… 2 132 mots de plus


A Dahl's House

I’m having more social contact while social distancing than I did antepandemic. It’s not even close. I said I was going to call someone every day but now I’m getting phone calls too. 1 429 mots de plus



Knowledge comes by faith: faith in our senses, in our minds, in the senses and minds of others, in our memories, and so on. Knowledge comes, as it were, by believing and receiving. 863 mots de plus

The economist at liberalism

The economist at liberalism

Founded in 1843, The Economist is an English-language weekly news magazine that is edited in London, UK. The current editor is Zanny Minton Beddoes. 359 mots de plus


(Spinoza Says) Enlightenment Now (Shut the Synagogues) (Coronavirus)


About Enlightenment, post-secularism, and anti-liberal twaddle. Watching in real time and with some pleasure as the unfolding relationship between the Health Ministry in Israel and the rabbinate confirms the basic contention by Spinoza concerning the need to subordinate religious interests and ecclesiastical authority to state authority and the public good. 1 013 mots de plus


Readings of Winter-Spring (Selections)

Nicholas Berdyaev (1874 – 1948), The Philosophy of Inequality (1918; published in 1923 – translated by Father Stephen Janos): Berdyaev appends an elaborate subtitle, Letters to My Contemners, Concerning Social Philosophy, 3 791 mots de plus

Modern Condition

David French: “The mainly progressive effort to restrict the free exercise of religion"

“The mainly progressive effort to restrict the free exercise of religion is plainly illiberal and contrary to the constitutional order. If there is one single legal strand that ties together the myriad threats to religious liberty and free speech in the United States — efforts to coerce Catholic hospitals and adoption agencies into violating their convictions, to toss Christian student groups off campuses, to force Christian institutions to facilitate access to abortifacients, to compel the speech of Christian creative professionals, or to place in doubt the accreditation and tax exemptions of Christian educational institutions — it’s that they depend for their success on inverting the proper constitutional order. 13 mots de plus

Religious/Theological Reflections