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135; self

you know the annoying questions relatives ask about your relationships and all during get-togethers

I suppose the reason why that’s a thing is just cause there’s nothing really much to talk about other than that? 548 mots de plus




crocodiles flossing on a lake shore

inviting me to swim with them.

Dobermans dressed up as poodles

with cute little ribbons and bows

waiting, just waiting… 46 mots de plus

Creative Writing

Those things we never spoke of, Those feeling we thought we understood, Those moments we lost doubting each other, Those things we took for granted, Those day’s when we lied to each other. 428 mots de plus


The Last Day

« Please, Vikram! Give it back to me, yaar! Come on! Gandhi gaaliyaan math lena mujse! I’m going to give you a chase for your life NOW! 1 873 mots de plus

Eye in the mirror

Woke up..

Brushed my hair..

Dressed yellow..

Put the red lipstick on..

Grabed my keys.. and headed to the door..

Yet in the mirror by the door.. 39 mots de plus

إمتنان محمود

Getting back into reading

So apparently, when it comes to reading ability, it’s another one of those things which if you don’t use, you lose…

After years of first being unable to read for various reasons, and then having too busy a schedule to read much of anything, I am finally getting back to my roots as a writer, and that, my friends… is to become a reader again.  302 mots de plus

GUEST WRITER: Sex and Endometriosis - a Painful Problem.


This article was written by my lovely friend Libby.  

SEX! It’s this magical, intimate experience where both parties involved experience pleasure! Right? WRONG! Sex can be the complete opposite for some people; bloody, painful, awkward, uncomfortable, scary and not very sexy at all.  2 428 mots de plus