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Things changes, but much stays the same. Seasons cycle, we remain on earth. What has stayed: I am still working at the pub. I’ve been there for 3 years now. 674 mots de plus


The Struggles of Being in Denial

Hi guys,

As you all may have read I struggle with depression and anxiety. I thought I was improving but I have realized that these last couple of months I have been getting worse. 652 mots de plus


A Canadian in Las Vegas

The first time I went to Las Vegas was in August of 2008 for a friend’s stag who never ended up getting married. It was kind of pathetic since I didn’t even walk the strip or see a show. 305 mots de plus


Odd from Even

Within times the time flies,
Extracting the odd from others,
Even the even becomes the lie,
There are reasons to take a step back,
But when you have to hide then why choosing life over thousand emotions that are dying? 54 mots de plus

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Second Life

feminine misfortune is
but not enough
in herself,
the act of giving
yet missing
the gift,
created for soft
when circumstance
requires strength,
waiting at the back… 38 mots de plus

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