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Psalm 91

It’s like the world is revolving in the wrong direction,
You try with all your might and all your soul to steer it right,
But you’re a lone ranger, a whisper in a monstrous typhoon, a wasp amid titans, 185 mots de plus


Fall Series (Somewhere in the Middle)

Somewhere in the Middle, but closer to the end than to the beginning. Still no end in sight though. No end to the endless coping, anxiety, random bouts of seasonal depression, and the general lack of motivation. 364 mots de plus

Life Goes On

Round and round you go,
Sometimes up, and sometimes low,
But as long as the wheel still turns,
You’re pretty sure that life goes on.


The Bond

Heartbeats synchronized

Bodies intertwined

She senses love

From the twins within

Her belly their home

Together they grow

Heartbeats synchronized…



Another Paint Session!

Hello, everyone!

I’m back! Again! Honestly, I wonder how many times I’m going to say that one line. It seems to be a common one, for me. 589 mots de plus


Our Nakedness!

I am walking down the middle of the main street of my town, many people on both sides. Each step I take shows me a different part of the street, a new shop, different people…even the energy can be felt at levels never before touched. 1 394 mots de plus

The Journey

Thinking about what to do about this.

A while back I had lent a then friend some money.  It wasn’t just $5 or $10, it was $150.  I really didn’t want to give that person any money because I knew that person would never pay me back.  613 mots de plus