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Do you love your cells?

Living organisms are composed of trillions of cells and bacteria that go through their respective life cycles constantly. For example, on the cellular level, DNA replication occurs and produces identical cells. 501 mots de plus


Rubber Band

Written by Jacob Ibrag

You call me a rubber band, a

human bending at will. It’s the words

I’d say and how I’d say them. Reassuring, 35 mots de plus


Some days I just feel like i'm drowning.

Maybe its just because already this week has been a hard one (its only Tuesday) or maybe its because taking Little Vamp away last week made me realise how little quality time I get to spend with him but today especially I feel like i’m drowning a little…….no actually A LOT! 323 mots de plus


Dear God

Written on Saturday, November 18

Dear God,

It’s me — your daughter, and I have a few things I’d like to get off my chest. You already know what’s on my mind and in my heart, so I won’t mince words. 781 mots de plus


Stop the Chase

Have you ever experienced being tired of running? Running after unrequited love? Running after your success despite the late night unpaid overtime? Like you want to grow up but you still act childishly? 243 mots de plus

Hold Out

Don’t know how much longer I can hold out.

I hate it that he can’t make it. Why didn’t he tell me yesterday ?

It wouldn’t have mattered anyway. 218 mots de plus


2017, one bumpy rollercoaster ride.

A lot of unexpected things happened this year especially from the start of May and up to this day. It started with a really bad back, I took a lot of medicines and received some treatment and then after a few months, it got better. 498 mots de plus