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Family-Friendly Areas to Consider Moving to

We all have an idea of the perfect place to live and raise a family. Maybe you would prefer a rustic setting in the northeast, and someone else would enjoy residing in a small city out on the west coast for their kids to grow up and thrive in. 651 mots de plus


6 Inspirational Quotes On National Creativity Day

Today, May 30th, is National Creativity Day. If your speciality is digital, fiber, watercolor, or some other art, celebrate it extra today. There is no better day to surround yourself with all the things that inspire you and keep your creativity flowing. 575 mots de plus


The Difference Between Love & Infatuation

{AD} This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for ages but I didn’t really know how to express my thoughts clearly and I don’t think I’ve mastered it now either but it’s a topic I really wanted to share. 2 146 mots de plus


Like everyone in the world I wondered if my live interaction with students would come back to life

Like everyone in our recent reality seeing people in person had stopped or shifted to phone calls and zoom.  In the past few weeks as talk of  lifting the  restrictions began I had  doubt and uncertainty about how to move forward myself.  464 mots de plus

Feldenkrais Method

Today number 2 essence influences inner strength to support ones goals

May 28, ,2020 reduces down to a number 2 in numerology.

This number reflects balance, harmony, peace diplomacy, sensitivity, intuition and emotion.

The energy of number 2 influences one inner strength to support goals and bring harmony to self and others.  174 mots de plus


Because I'm sick, I Can't be Trusted? : Stigmatization and Addiction

For many people when you hear the word addiction, the socially accepted thought is, illness; however, the stigma behind the word itself can shape people’s mindset affecting the way they perceive someone, treat and interact with them. 1 083 mots de plus


The isolation diaries | part 8

For someone who can happily chat away about almost anything, I am surprisingly not a great lover of small talk. This aversion to gentle conversation is likely the reason I find it so challenging to start every single blog post; I’m prepared to sink straight into the depths of topics that are tugging at the curtains of my mind, but I don’t know where to begin. 2 664 mots de plus