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Dairy Free Copycat Hostess Cupcakes 

These babies are Aaamazinggggg! If you’re looking for a super sweet dessert to satisfy your chocolate cravings then this is it. Sure you could go buy a box of Hostess Cupcakes but what’s the fun in that when you can make your own? 433 mots de plus


It's Okay to Say "No"

Today my class was asked to name three things that we have learned in our past three years of college. Everyone is constantly learning and growing. 385 mots de plus

What to do on a rainy day

UK is known to be one of the countries that has the highest rate of depressing people. That may have to do (along with other personal facts of a person) with the fact that there is a lot of rain, little sunshine and therefore less happiness or a less possibility to have a good mood, which can make one person more prone to sadness and to depression, depending on each person’s life circumstances. 745 mots de plus


Plana's Pantry - A Shabby Chic Western Filipino Resto in Quezon City

A few months ago Arman and I came back from our Subic Trip to his condo in Mandaluyong. We were very hungry from the long drive and we know we have to eat soon or else one of us would faint. 1 030 mots de plus


Disneybound Closet Challenge!

Have you guys heard of the magical whimsy that is Disneybounding?

In a nutshell, Disneybounding was created by style blogger, Leslie Kay.

Disneybounding is the concept of using Disney characters or other elements of the fandom to inspire your fashion choices, so that you can infuse it into your daily wardrobe. 70 mots de plus


No Expectations, No Disapointments

When you have no expectations, you have no disappointments and you open yourself to the realm of infinite possibility, where happiness and abundance simply fall into your lap. 1 137 mots de plus


How To Be Organised & Productive

Being productive is no easy task. That’s why I’ve written this post today, talking about my top three tips for staying organised and being productive. 319 mots de plus