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I can't save you

I’ve been thinking about saving people.

More specifically, I’m thinking about the need to hold on to every last bit of someone’s life. The need to feel like I can make a difference, that I can fix the things that have gone wrong and that maybe I could even bring things back to normal. 344 mots de plus


Local beauty brands in Singapore

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Love your scented candles? Go the extra mile and treat yourself to these all-natural ones from Hush Candle. Made from natural soya wax and pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, the brand’s candles – they burn for 25 to 50 hours – are healthier, cleaner alternatives to chemical-filled paraffin wax ones. 72 mots de plus


Millennials’ Guide to Having a Healthy Relationship with Money

“I can have it all. Plot twist: I cannot have it YET”

I am putting out there that I am no way a financial expert but a beginner on handling finances. 539 mots de plus


Being thinking....

I am trying to see what’s the best way to sell my art. I been drawing since I was a child and have be teaching my self new skills on how to improve my art skill. 48 mots de plus


An Expensive Taxi Ride

The holiday season is upon us and most of us are getting ready to jet off. I am badly in need of a holiday; a break from the real world, so I have a few holidays planned for the rest of the year, and I shall be sharing more on that soon. 540 mots de plus

Fashion And Style Police


I want to peel off

All of my skin

And morph into something new.

Because the bones I wear

Underneath my demeanor

Are losing their shine, 131 mots de plus