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Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit

Happy Friyay everyone! We made it!

What another crazy week, filled with ups and downs, high and lows. But that’s life! Everyone has bad days, bad weeks, bad years but how can we turn this around? 428 mots de plus


Agape Love

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

When you live your life, from the spectrum of what other people think of you, your life will be dismal and short. 903 mots de plus


17 Artists Blurring the Line Between Painting and Photography

As two of art’s major mediums, painting and photography are typically perceived as entirely independent practices. Though it is not uncommon for an artist to dabble in both brushwork and camerawork separately, some creatives even combine the crafts within the same piece. 358 mots de plus


Dazzling Blue ‘Sea Sparkles’ Emit a Glittering Glow on the Shores of Tasmania

Beach goers in Tasmania have recently been witness to an incredible sight—at night, the waters are emitting an electric blue glow. Although this sounds like something out of science fiction, the reason for the sea sparkles can be easily explained. 312 mots de plus


Architects Design Footbridge That Doubles as the Perfect Sunset Viewing Lounge

Located on Turkey’s Aegean coast, the bustling town of Izmir is known for its majestic seaside and port. As part of an ongoing urban regeneration plan, … 198 mots de plus