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The Dos and Donts of Online Dating

Not long ago, the thought of online dating was considered completely taboo. Anyone who ventured into this space was either desperate, a loser or both in the eyes of others, making conventional dating the only acceptable option. 631 mots de plus


5 Key Strategies for Stress Management that are Essential

Even though the list can be endless, I think that the following 5 components of tacking your stress are essential for any plan!

1 . ENJOY the activities that you are using to deal with your stress. 352 mots de plus

Mental Health

Colorado sucks; My dry-climate skin routine.

FIRST OF ALL, hello! It’s been two years!

SECOND OF ALL, I want to emphasize that my skin is prob-lem-at-ic and super sensitive! But while living with combination skin (oily AND dry) and living in 0% humidity, I have found a few tricks and products to help keep my acne at bay and my skin from getting so dry that I….well…. 537 mots de plus


Monthly Muses | April 2017

This month was not my best creatively, I suppose. I hit a wall. Combine that with multiple weekends to-ing and fro-ing from my hometown for various family events, a long Easter break and an emergency doctor’s appointment, and you’ve got a very empty blog. 815 mots de plus


Pineapple Collective Azteca Beach Tote Review

Beauties, have you ever felt like a bag was perfect for almost every summer situation? I’m so excited to be collaborating with Pineapple Collective again because not only do they have amazing products, but this bag makes me feel like I’m going to a fiesta……and what perfect timing because Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. 178 mots de plus

Finals diary, part 5: Revision - and drinking

This week has been good. I’ve got into a good routine of getting up at 7-8 and going to the library, working until 6-7 and then going to the pub with friends (since everyone is back now). 362 mots de plus


What Successful Lady Bosses Do Daily

Ever wondered how successful women like the Folorunso Alakijas, Tara Durotoyes and Arese Ugwus of the world accomplish so much with ease?

Habits. Daily habits that form an integral part of their lifestyles. 590 mots de plus