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This Bacon Toaster Will Change Your Morning Breakfast Routine & Also Probably Your Life

« Bacon, bacon, I love to eat, bacon, bacon, a delicious breakfast treat! Bacon, bacon, it’s packed with flavor, but oh-so difficult to heat. » That’s a song I just made up because I’m so excited that a bacon toaster actually exists, and think it deserves a prelude jingle in its honor. 10 mots de plus


Is TomTom A Bar Or A Restaurant? The New ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Spot Is Going To Be Hip Either Way

In the Season 5 finale of Vanderpump Rules, fans were left wondering what would happen to the bar that Lisa Vanderpump planned to open with Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. 8 mots de plus


Is Jonah Karolina’s Dad In The Comics? ‘Runaways’ Is Altering The Backstory Of One Of Its Heroes

Episode 5 of Runaways, titled “Kingdom” came as a bit of a shock, if for no other reason than it was hinted heavily that Karolina’s father isn’t who she thinks it is, but rather the formerly scaly creature seen on life support. 8 mots de plus


We Want to Live in Irina Shayk's Perfect Under-$150 Jacket

We can think of three things that make winter weather tolerable: coats, coats, and more coats. Warm and cozy outerwear is a nonnegotiable come December, and each year we look forward to restocking our stash of shearling, puffers, and beyond. 7 mots de plus


Believe It: Puma Just Created Its Comfiest Sneakers to Date

It’s a good time to be sneaker-obsessed. Last week, Adidas unveiled a « provocative » new style, and now we have a groundbreaking launch from Puma: the Jamming sneakers. 28 mots de plus


Trends // four basic fall/winter 2017 trends

Long Time No See Babes!

After a much needed summer break, I am finally back to blogging for the winter, and every season yet to come. 1 590 mots de plus