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Cherry pancakes

Hello welcome back ,I choose this dessert because I know majorities of us  love pancakes and frankly I crave them daily especially in the afternoon,what makes pancakes amazing ?everything!Every little details .As you may know pancakes contains many sugary ,snacking on sugar rich foods can have a very negative effect on the body and physically and emotionally but there are different ways to control your  sugar intake please consume less sugar for your own good .Mood-boosting nutrients ,will boost your energy never forget that.Pancake is very simple, creative with inexpensive ingredients.little advice don’t burn down the kitchen lol. 344 mots de plus


To The Girl In Her Happy Place

don’t stay there, i mean, don’t get me wrong. it’s good to be there, it’s good to be happy whenever you can and it’s good to enjoy it, absolutely, 110%. 151 mots de plus


Am I really back on track?

Last week ended in optimism as I exceeded my own target of workout at the gym. This week started out as a disaster. Monday was a holiday here and I did not realize that I had skipped gym until it was 8 pm. 332 mots de plus


4 Kosmetik ini Jangan Dipakai Bersama!

GENZET.ID – Hi Zetters, ada nggak kalian yang sering meminjam kosmetik? Pinjam boleh sih, tapi kudu hati-hati ya. Boldsky mengingatkan jangan sampai 4 alat kosmetik ini dipinjamkan, resikonya kuman gengs! 144 mots de plus


Coping with a Loss of Hearing

Those of us who are lucky enough to have perfect hearing take it for granted. We listen to the birds singing in the trees, enjoy our favorite musical artists and engage in the art of conversation with friends and loved ones with ease. 482 mots de plus