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Tracing Packets in Windows

Today we will see how to trace a packet that goes from your pc to the server of your requested website.For this there is a basic command in windows that is « tracert ».By this command you can trace the path of the packet.Just type tracert in the command prompt to see the help related to that command. 97 mots de plus

How To Setup An Apache Forward Proxy Server on Ubuntu 14.04

Introduction : –

A Forward Proxy Server is a server that sits between you, aka client, and your remote server. Lets put it in a simple way :) 1 032 mots de plus


Vpn và Fedora 25

VPN – Virtual Private Network : mạng dùng riêng của một tổ chức, công ty. Vpn cung cấp truy cập tài nguyên (resource) mọi lúc, mọi nơi với một kênh kết nối tin cậy, bảo mật (tham khảo Proxy, Tor, I2P). 358 mots de plus


Use "alias" in Linux

In file « ~/.bash_profile« , we can use alias to define keyword shorter to run app faster :)

Example: In server has been installed… 124 mots de plus


Changing desktop scaling on demand in Ubuntu

After a (I have to say) really nice experience with Windows 10, I decided to give a try again to Ubuntu in my Ultrabook. In particular, after a long time out of the Desktop Linux world, I chose to try… 570 mots de plus


Intel 5G Trial Platform Sees Adoption From...

Ericsson and Nokia lead the early adopters of #Intel’s 5G Mobile Trial Platform, supporting multi-gigabit speeds.

Intel 5G Trial Platform Sees Adoption From…

Major network infrastructure vendors continue to adopt Intel’s 5G Mobile Trial Platform ahead of expected early commercialization.

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Configuring wireless networking using MATE

I’ve been using MATE as my main desktop for some time so when it came to installing Linux on my new laptop (an HP 6470b that I picked up second-hand) it was the obvious choice. 3 250 mots de plus