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Notre rythme
Ou notre sémantique
Et nos inhibitions

Nos tics
Nos tiques
Tout ce qui nous suce
Le sang

Et quand tu changes de champ…

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Jean-Christophe Ruffin ‘The Hanging Man from Conakry’

Aurel, with a quick glance at the group, sized them all up. With the exception of the African, all the others were Whites, over fifty, bulging stomachs, eyes glowing with alcohol. 622 mots de plus


Monica Sabolo ‘Summer’

Mother had put out a table cloth and layed a box on my sisters plate….My sister let out a cry of surprise as she unfolded the scarf, whose bluebird seemed more alive than ever, then she stood and took my mother in her arms…… I had the feeling that I had watched a heartbreaking ritual, as if my mother had offered her youth and her beauty to her daughter.*** 603 mots de plus


Le petit sapin

Encore heureux la coccinelle ose ses pattes sur ma peau
Florence la mélancolie porte ton nom
Encore heureux une hirondelle à l’horizon…

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