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How Are You?

I don't know how you are
But I've heard great things
I try hard not to care
But I keep wondering
If you ask about me too,

Because once in a while
I imagine what it would
Have been like, If you 
hadn't left like you did, If I 
could have forced you back

So all I am left with is
How it could have been.

- elle

Fil Doré

Pure rounded gold.

A golden ring…

« What is this? »

« It’s a gift »

« Gift from who? »

« Me »

« You? 390 mots de plus


The wait

I have a million things to talk to you about. A million things we have to talk about. All I want in this world is you.

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Breaking Reality Ch 6+7 - Ze plot Thickens!

Yoyo, my obedient and utterly blind minions!

Ch 6+7 is here. It introduces another storyline with an almost new character. I think this second storyline adds some more tempo and drive to the story. 6 140 mots de plus


Love is

Love is when
you hold me close,
when it feels like
I can’t breathe
until I’m in your arms
and time’s feel infinite.
The clock is ticking… 319 mots de plus


Breaking Reality ch 5 is here - This time I actually shit my own pants!

Loyal umpa-lumpas!

As the title suggests, I have written ch 5 of breaking Reality.

The previous chapters have been a bit slow and tedious I think, but this is where the work really picks up the pace! 6 895 mots de plus


Souper d'adultes

Vin bouchonné, bouquets de lavande et dattes fourrées : portrait d’un souper d’adultes, mais pas tout à fait, par notre collaborateur Daniel Robinson.

À table, j’étais le seul à n’avoir pas remarqué que le vin était bouchonné. 875 mots de plus