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Top fisho fined $800 over $6.50 ‘Taser’

Luke Francis Connor, 42, was charged with importing the “electric shock device” and recklessly making a false statement after an x-ray showed an “anomaly” in his luggage at Darwin International Airport. 253 mots de plus

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Festive drinks end with five-year driving ban

Joel Naborlhborlh told police “it was a Christmas burnout” when he was busted smoking the tyres of a vehicle.

He had bloodshot eyes, was unsteady on his feet and was slurring his words. 66 mots de plus

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‘Council could have blood on its hands’

Alderman Mick Palmer was unsuccessful this week in his attempt to halt the bike lane, which he said was unsafe.

“If one of our citizens was to find themselves come in contact with a car door, we would be completely liable for such injury,” Mr Palmer said. 232 mots de plus

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Learner driver a road worrier

And she may want to take more note of where she is dropping her passengers off next time while she is allegedly committing a shopping list of offences. 117 mots de plus


In his own words: Willem’s Vietnam trips

Given I was already on a trade mission to Indonesia and Thailand, it made sense to stop over in Vietnam to receive an update on the dragon fruit project and stress the Northern Territory Government’s commitment to seeing this project progress. 508 mots de plus

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Une photofiction... hypotypose...

L’inspecteur et moi-même suivions le sentier de terre menant au château lorsque nous vîmes droit devant une curiosité qui fit s’accélérer les battements de mon cœur – tant par la surprise que par le dégoût et l’excitation toute ordinaire qu’un assistant d’Inspecteur peut ressentir face à la découverte d’un crime odieux. 967 mots de plus


Herpes killing off our crocs

Just like that person you picked up from Mitchell St, crocodiles too could carry virus strands linked to chlamydia and herpes.

Dr Sally Isberg of Darwin’s Centre for Crocodile Research told ABC’s 105.7 Darwin that a chlamydia strand carried by crocodiles could result in a croc’s eyes and throat filling with pus, suffocating it. 114 mots de plus

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