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SUPER Personal and Nosy Q&A

I love talking to all of you guys, catching up and listening to what you’ve all been up to. I always am super candid on my… 351 mots de plus


What are you afraid of?

If someone asked you what your biggest fear was, what would it be? Would it be failure? Would it be disappointment? Would it be complacency? Depending on who you are and where you may be in your current life, those fears could be different and change with each chapter. 189 mots de plus


Your life is yours to control. Dream until you have nothing left to live for, but dream because it’s your life, all the places in the world are waiting for you to find them. 

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Dream love

Dreaming at any time of the day
Opens a window in a stale room
Filled with old ideas and conservatives.
The struggle to plan the future… 27 mots de plus


The Young Turks Hour 1 (2017.06.26) #TYTlive

A rather eventful Monday show from The Young Turks covering everything from the latest CBO report for the new senate healthcare bill to SCOTUS allowing parts of Trump’s travel ban.


President Trump & PM Modi Give Joint Statement

Location: White House Rose Garden

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