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spring so live

in your  mystery

and dealt as its own keys

and turning as its own feeling

and faces all over the place

and took on the run… 47 mots de plus


Facebook live

So lately I have been trying to get more attention on social media One of the things that I have been trying is Facebook live there is only one downfall to this Facebook live thing is it notifies your followers but it’s really hard for someone to cross your live video as far as new people.Then I think maybe I’m not using the Facebook live correctly or maybe I’m not labeling my videos correctly. 200 mots de plus

Ghost Play First Show With New Lineup, New Keyboardist Rumored To Be Former Korn Touring Member

Last night (March 24), Ghost officially played their first live show since a rumored lineup change that left Papa Emertius, who is believed to be Tobias Forge, as the only remaining member of the group. 73 mots de plus


Live life like you're on vacation

(Written: February 5,2015)

(Today March 25,2017)

Hearing the word vacation evokes emotions that I’m pretty sure releases dopamine into your body. It’s life’s orgasm from the mundane. 488 mots de plus

Sacred Trinity Church, Salford, 15th July

A guest performance by William D Drake, supporting the glorious North Sea Radio Orchestra in the churchy acoustics of Sacred Trinity Church, Salford.

Mr Drake will be playing a selection of bewitching, curious and elegant melodies from his five albums and Sea Nymphs. 43 mots de plus


Fourth Sunday in Lent... 3/26/2017 *push*

God of all mercy, by your power to heal and forgive, graciously cleanse us from all sin and make us strong; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. 766 mots de plus


Peter Bruntnell and Norrie McCulloch. Sounds In The Suburbs @ The Doublet, Glasgow. Wednesday 22nd March 2017

At times, it seems like life is just one big shit storm, the past year a steady downpour of blows against the empire of anyone in their right senses. 638 mots de plus