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Help colour the lives of people,
who cannot see the colours.

The colours that we all can see,
not that of the imagination. 

© Krishdga   26.05.17

Flip Reality to Peace

In my reality, people matter, all animals matter and trees and nature matters as well. There is kindness, respect and a reverence for peace and stillness in my reality. 380 mots de plus


All the many lives that could have been

I am living as if no other life had ever mattered. Like I had never loved another man so much that sometimes when I close my eyes I still feel his skin and his lips on mine. 430 mots de plus


Just Before Eid

Tomorrow, Eid celebrations will take place in Pakistan. Muslims in many countries are celebrating Eid today because of a day’s difference in lunar sighting ( 232 mots de plus

Thoughts & Feelings

choose the color of life | my_photography

What would your colors be, if our lives…




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Police get boot as Pride Toronto returns to political roots

Sitemize « Police get boot as Pride Toronto returns to political roots » konusu eklenmiştir. Detaylar için ziyaret ediniz. http://www.xjs.us/police-get-boot-as-pride-toronto-returns-to-political-roots.html


Portugal wildfire claims dozens of lives: Are you ready for a wildfire?

On June 18, an enormous wildfire swept through an area of central Portugal. More than 60 people died, half of whom were trapped in their vehicles, according to news reports. 43 mots de plus