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A Happy Life

Every so often someone you don’t know well decides to open up to you a bit.  It can often even become a teachable moment.

That happened to me the other day.  1 502 mots de plus

Life Lessons

Black Is the New Black: Embracing My Roots

My roots. The vines that intertwine inside of me. They have made me who I am today. Sprouting before I was even conceived, my roots. I am going to spend the next 3 minutes explaining to you how my roots have been placed, nourished, and flourished.The soil that they were planted in comes from my ancestors, The water that has helped them grow was provided by my influencers, and the sunshine that keeps it alive lives within my culture. 643 mots de plus


Get to Know M.C. Robinson, Proud Son of Sharecroppers

M.C. Robinson, 79, is a Bellwood trustee, a retired machinist and a proud son of sharecroppers. | Shanel Romain/VFP

Friday, March 24, 2017 || By Michael Romain || … 816 mots de plus



Live especial pra sanar as dúvidas de quem quer vir pro Canadá pra estudar e trabalhar, com foco pra quem vem família. O bate-papo é com a Ana Paula e o Gabriel da Planejar Intercâmbio, que explicam qual a forma mais segura de escolher o melhor curso pra você (seja college ou de inglês), quais as melhores profissões pra atuar no mercado de trabalho, em que casos os filhos têm direito a estudo gratuito, se o acompanhante pode trabalhar ou não e qual a melhor cidade pra morar com seu perfil familiar. 96 mots de plus


Chapter 2 : Sarah

He looked so happy. He was so happy. I wanted him to be, but I knew it wouldn’t last.

“I like the black one. Do you think the next time you could buy all of them in black?” he asked me with a strange twinkle in his eyes. 198 mots de plus