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I need control of my life. Here's how you can do it too!

Lately, I have been spending a lot of my time doing things I would rather not.  Say, for example, cleaning vomit from the interior of my car, bleaching poop off the toilet (don’t ask if you don’t want the gory details), homeschooling one child who has told me on a daily basis « I quit your homeschool Mom » and spending countless hours on the phone haggling with the insurance company and doctors office over prescriptions.  754 mots de plus


Now Is Too​ Late

Although I agree he’s very young, this incident prompted me to write this.

On the short drive to the restaurant for tea, I tell Zach my grandson about locking myself out of the car. 235 mots de plus

Government would lost in dust without support of Private Sectors

People in government buildings, facilities of traveling in luxurious vehicles and security are busy in nation building that they could hardly see the environment and likely to have time to manage the problems like dust. 290 mots de plus

Modern Days Slavery

Why old age people in tropical places lacks pleasant life

A friend send his mother’s picture as his family are worrying about her health condition.

Tropical areas of Nepal are known as Terai or plain areas where cultivation and farming are favourable. 129 mots de plus


On The Fence - Two Lives

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“I want to see.”

“See what?”

“You at work.”

I thought about it. Showing the disembodied Braden might not be so bad . . 206 mots de plus

Social Media, my best buddy !!

How amazing is to live alone in this world of social media, pretending all the things all the time. We cannot even see who we are under those filters. 17 mots de plus