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Take the Ball and Run with It

A little old lady was the chosen speaker at a convention composed of writers, composers and other artists. Retired now, she had been a pioneer architect, having built stunning monuments across the nation. 292 mots de plus

Just A Thought...

Thousand Oaks faces sorrow: the Borderline Bar shooting

Prior to November 7, Thousand Oaks held the reputation of being a safe and quiet community in the state of California. On November 7 at approximately 11:20 p.m., a gunman began firing at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, according to the Los Angeles Times. 206 mots de plus


Dear person who is nobody to me now.

Dear person who is nobody to me know, 

I realize that we have not talked for about 66 days now. I see you everyday and think of talking to you, but something always goes wrong and I am unable to sort out things with you. 262 mots de plus


She Added A Charm To Her Bracelet

She added a charm to her bracelet,
For every life that she took, 
Though, she didn't have a favourite, 
As it was her personal scrapbook.  197 mots de plus

The Demon from Hereditary Moved into My House & As Far As Roommates Go, He's Not So Bad

Okay y’all, if you haven’t seen Hereditary yet, don’t. Seriously. It will mess with your mind for weeks. I have been plagued by this movie, whose horrifying images have worked their way into my brain like a worm in a rotten apple. 400 mots de plus


Day6 Youth

On November 14th, I was able to attend a Day6 live. I honestly couldn’t believe it was happening. There have been multiple times I tried to attend their lives and couldn’t make it. 670 mots de plus


Nami actuará en el programa 「FNS Music Festival」


¡Nami actuará en el programa 「2018 FNS Music Festival」 de la cadena Fuji TV en una actuación especial del musical Kinky Boots el próximo 5 de diciembre! 171 mots de plus