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The Brownian Motion of Soulmates

– We were so identical that without realizing it, we were planning and secretly dating trees, mountains, new cities, other people … but we never dated each other…


Village People: Shantiah Watt, Triton's President for a Day

Tuesday, November 21, 2017 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Shantiah Watt, who was Triton College’s president for a day. | Courtesy Triton College  353 mots de plus


My First Love Letter To You

I loved the color blue the entirety of my childhood. It was the color of my father’s jeans and my mother’s eyes. I painted all my drawings in cerulean and police strobe blue. 312 mots de plus

LIVE REVIEW: Enter Shikari @ Olympia, Liverpool - 16th November 2016

This feels like an interesting way to start a tour – a show downgraded from its arena-sized venue to a significantly smaller theatre. The Olympia certainly isn’t a small venue, but it’s not hard to see how most bands would be disheartened but such an occurrence. 879 mots de plus


Lives #4 Update - Susan Grows Up

“I figured it out when it struck me that you can’t speak Mandarin worth shit, mom”.  It was summer time.  Susan had only turned eighteen three days before.  1 992 mots de plus

Life Lessons

A Peek Into the Unseen Lives of Singapore’s Butchers


Photography by the author. 

As we go about our daily lives, there are many people we encounter and interact with. Often, these interactions stay on the surface. 1 376 mots de plus

Current Affairs

The Endless Truth

– Grind me with your words, tease me with moral advices, scatter me in the four cardinal points, and you will see that where I fall, I will fill the place …