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Robert Louis Stevenson: Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes

Allegedly one of the very first hiking travelogues, Stevenson’s book is a pleasant account of a twelve-day trip in his late twenties over a mountain range in southern France, accompanied only by a jenny to help with carrying his gear. 199 mots de plus


Book shopping spree

What do you do when you find out the debit card for your bank account abroad will expire soon, and you have no way of preventing the bank from sending a new one to the address where you used to stay there except by phoning them – but you suffer from… 125 mots de plus


La cueilleuse de thé by Jeanne-Marie Sauvage-Avit

La cueilleuse de thé by Jeanne-Marie Sauvage-Avit

Rate : 4,5/5

Summary :

It is the story of a young woman that has worked her whole teenage years in a tea planting. 193 mots de plus


Kim Knott: Hinduism: A Very Short Introduction

It did give me some basic information I hadn’t had; it did have a few surprises for me (for instance that Hinduism can be perceived as both polytheistic and monotheistic; that January is a harvest time in India; and that the Hare Krishna movement is in fact a Hindu one). 77 mots de plus


Rangers no Celtic?

Chuimhnich am post-bloga seo dhomh air duine leis a bha mi ag obair uaireigin. ’S ann à Glaschu a bha e fhèin, agus cha do dh’agair e gum b’ fheudar dhomh taic a thoirt dha fear dhe na sgiobaidhean seo is mise nam in-imriche. 96 mots de plus


Mes lectures de Mai

En Mai j’ai voyagé un peu – un weekend entre filles sur Marseille et quelques jours dans mon coin de Paradis avec mon escargot. Donc j’ai moins lu. 650 mots de plus

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PALM - Juin

Bonsoir mes renardeaux !

Nous revoilà pour une jolie PALM (décidément, ‘Je t’ai rêvé’ va attendre un peu ^^’ ).

Ce mois-ci nous avons : 112 mots de plus

La Ptite Fée