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Show and Teal - Greeny Blue Half Cut Crease Make-Up Look

Today’s make-up look was inspired by this gorgeous pigment from MAC that my cousin Hannah picked me up for Christmas. I was in the mood to play around a bit and dabble in some products that I don’t use very often, so when I was digging around my stash and found it, I immediately wanted to play. 862 mots de plus



Night everyone. Well pretty much every time I think to write my blog, guess what, it’s night and well I’m tired and I want to chill out! 344 mots de plus


Pastel love

Hier après-midi j’ai visité la foire au plaisir de Bordeaux pour faire un shoot pour le blog, il y a déjà deux ans que j’ai fait mon premier look à la foire.  256 mots de plus


Why I'm taking a step back into my fashion comfort zone

So after my previous post about the trends I was super keen to get my hands on for the coming months (read that here),  I decided to take my own advice and push myself out of that ‘jeans and oversized jumper to hide all lumps and bumps’ rut i’ve been in – y’know, that ‘I definitely gained some weight over Christmas and I definitely didn’t lose it throughout January’ rut? 592 mots de plus


Month Of Love

Since it’s February and it’s a month of love, I will be posting my outfit with red accents.

Supposedly this blog should be posted February 14, 2017 but due to hectic schedule, I didn’t have spare time to have a shoot. 190 mots de plus