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La Brea

La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles. April 29, 2017

Photo: Tom Price

Street Art

How the LAPD has Changed 25 Years After the Riots

LOS ANGELES, California  —  The video was silent, but it spoke volumes: three white Los Angeles police officers, supervised by a sergeant, threw Rodney King to the ground, tased, kicked and stomped him, and battered him with batons 56 times. 1 917 mots de plus


Mid-April Fun

Rather than give each of these events their two-paragraph posts, I decided to combine them all into one! Here are some fun little events I attended in the middle of April 2017. 342 mots de plus


HAIM - " Right Now "

It’s been four long years since « Days Are Gone », which is the only way to count our time away from the sparkling pop-rock of Haim. 240 mots de plus


Custom Shoe workshop with My Pink Kisses

My Pink Kisses Shoes  presents a fun workshop for mini fashionistas in Los Angeles. Every Wednesday starting at 5pm until 6:15pm at Kiddie City LA… 146 mots de plus


Préstamos solares: Préstamos no garantizados

Préstamos solares no garantizados: preguntas clave para preguntar

Un préstamo sin garantía es una mejor opción que un préstamo garantizado si no tiene suficiente capital para una segunda hipoteca, si prefiere guardar su capital disponible para otras compras, o si no está cómodo usando su casa como garantía. 661 mots de plus

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