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July 29, 2016 - Bill Kaulitz With A Fan [Los Angeles, CA]

A fan met Bill in LA and he also told the singer is taking dance classes :o

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Dancing Waters

Every Guest to Lorenzo must witness our Spectacular Dancing Waters!

The water comes to life in our Bellagio Style Interactive Fountain.


Continuous Daytime and Nighttime Shows!

3 months with Sofia

How can it be three months with this sweet baby girl already?! She is growing so fast, and it’s true what they say, that it goes faster with each baby. 137 mots de plus


Griffith Park Zoo

The Griffith Park Zoo operated from 1912-1966 in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park. At the time of its opening it held a whopping 15 animals. Although the zoo has been closed for decades, a lot of its infrastructure still stands. 56 mots de plus


Late Night Walk

FYI, at this time of night there are a LOT of folks in these parts who don’t even pretend to slow down for stop signs. 43 mots de plus


my little piece in nyc in la

When I left NYC a little over a year ago, I said goodbye to my best friend and roommate.  Bridget is my soulmate.  We’re always on the same wavelength, we have the same sense of humor, she’s my go-to and I feel like I’ve known her all my life.  376 mots de plus

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