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​I want to play volley ball at the beach while the sun sets. Fly a kite when the wind is just right, tie it down to my chair while I eat some fruit and count the waves. 44 mots de plus



I wonder aloud
about a backpack
that I left back
in an old lover’s
filled with dreams
of our
even as
her heart… 315 mots de plus

Free Verse Poetry

The Anti-Blackness of American "Love"

I hate the way American society conceptualizes romantic relationships. The concept of « love » is typically framed as a progress narrative – whereby « marriage » is the highest form and product. 706 mots de plus



Look at me,
my body is a curved road for your soul to drive through
demanding speed and agility
causing exhilaration to pump in your veins. 169 mots de plus



Written by Jacob Ibrag

The Doctor looks at the patient and then glares

back at the nurse, ‘why is she still here? Nothings wrong with… 120 mots de plus


What is it about?!

What is it about love that makes it so addictive?

Once you’ve felt it nothing else feels right without it.

What is it about love that makes the heart want it so bad? 82 mots de plus


first love

You loved hard, and you’re scarred.
Now you know the colors of heart,
– bright, vivid, dark and plain,
you will find love again.

Blah Blah Blah -- 独り言