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Truck Art - Colourful Side of Pakistan

The beautiful raindrops are falling from the sky on the trees. The sun, filtering from the sky is touching the leaves, and reflecting back into these wonderful combinations of green, yellow and orange as if the rainbow is reflecting back from the leaf. 373 mots de plus

20 Things People Who Always Travel Understand

When you live a gypsy life, your world is constantly changing. As you embark on your fast paced lifestyle, the view is ever-changing, but certain aspects of your life remain the same.You pick up tips and tricks along the way that can only be gained from living the experience. 431 mots de plus



I wish for you to love me forever, however long forever may be. I live to love you back, I’d never give up on us. Some things in life are temporary but darling this isn’t one of those things. 78 mots de plus

Why did you have to go and make things so complicated? 

Oh god where do I start?

Let’s talk about the guy who brought my horn back…The Horn Dog. We’ve been texting for just under a week, he’s fun and silly and really sexy. 369 mots de plus


Live,Love and Learn

She dreams and waits for her tale to be filled with joy

Joys of a little baby that lits up as a light when it plays with its toy… 183 mots de plus


A letter to my unborn

Remember, if not by choice solitude;
Is a loneliness predicament;
And living in a sanctuary by subdue;
Is only imprisonment;
Remember, happy moments are transitions; 84 mots de plus