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Purrfect night sleep

Those of us who are animal lovers all know that our pets are upset by severe weathers or stressful situations. My she cat Maisy is fretting after my daughter’s return to university so along with plenty of attention I use a plug in calmer. 170 mots de plus

"Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated" Extremely Relatable

Why is Simply Complicated the one celebrity documentary you should absolutely watch?

Everyone who meets me is aware that I am big on celebrity gossip. It’s not something I search out though, I just hear these things and it’s embedded in my mind. 903 mots de plus


Run To The Truth 

You’re a runner

From everyone or everything

That you wish to not have to face

Stare your demons in the face

For some things, just forgiving yourself… 28 mots de plus

Letters to the Universe, 3.

You tricked me again.

I gave you my hands so you can lift me off of the hill you have thrown me from and you held them so tenderly just to throw me off an endless mountain and now… 28 mots de plus

Beautiful I

The stars we put in place,
The dreams we didn’t waste.
The sorrows we embraced,
The world belonged to you and me.
The oceans that we crossed, 28 mots de plus


Wild Blue Yonder

Stay lost in this moment forever.

Watching the sky,

How the sun shines from faraway.

Counting the stars,

How they glisten in the abyss.

Feeling every heartbeats’ rhythm… 64 mots de plus

A Minute of ...

Have you noticed how sound makes you think about the moment so much more than a video with sound? Take for instance, the way you feel looking back at cine of your childhood (for those of us born before the end of the sixties aka. 140 mots de plus