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My haibun 'Nan's Funeral' published at contemporaryhaibunonline dot com

The Contemporary Haibun Online is a fine journal that i’ve been reading a few months now, & have been learning a lot about haibun from, as it contains essays on haibun in addition to a well picked selection of haibun. 29 mots de plus

Mining The Library Of Babel & Other Poems

International Housing Village, Williamsburg Virginia, USA

Day 1 experience

Okay so after 24hrs of travel yesterday, finally I landed safe and had the time to take a rest as soon as possible after I checked in at the International Housing Village. 9 mots de plus

Life is precious

Life is precious
You live life expecting family, friends or animals to be there 
This is not the case nor has it ever been that way
Its always a surprise when people leave, move, get sick, die
You want things and people to stay the same and they don't
It's Nature
Always changing, living, growing, blooming, decaying, dying
Tell the people you love them and appreciate them
More importantly 
Show it 
spending time with them, 
sitting with them 
talking to them
If not now when? 13 mots de plus

Springing from Love

In the exercise of love, all virtues do spring up and grow.
Johannes Tauler OP (1300–1361)


Who Needs Love When You Have an Ice Cream-Oops

They hold hands tight in

public as I hold my ice

cream cone. Oops. Dropped it.


War for the People

We were trying too hard–

The consequence of getting into it;

It was above our heads and I saw it,

We saw it,


Corrosion of the heart occurs in two steps: 93 mots de plus

Nature Lessons 212

The heart sees what is real, filters out the false and finds the truth. Trust, love and connect with the world through your heart, for when you listen to what it is saying, it will not let you down. 

~ Liza