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Your Puppet

Here I hang, my arms bound by his strings.

My every move crafted by his skilled hands.

I nervously await the return of my puppeteer, 156 mots de plus

Be Still

I’ve never been so torn

By the absence of another’s love

My broken heart beats in my chest

Mocking me that I am still alive… 66 mots de plus

Remember Your First Love

No one ever forgets the moment they met someone who completely changed their outlook on life. We’ve all experienced to an extent the thrill of being in love, of knowing someone intimately and being loved in spite of yourself. 712 mots de plus


Female, Single, 31, looks for...

nothing anymore.

I recently, after years of absence, decided to register again on an online dating website that I had been a member of a couple of years back. 935 mots de plus

Contextualizing the Bible

In my opinion, one of the easiest things to do when reading the bible is  to read it from an outsiders perspective. We don’t think about the context that comes along with it. 848 mots de plus

Following Jesus

Bread Crumbs

Am I to pick up bread crumbs from somebody’s leftovers again?
Am I to clean up somebody else’s mess?

Beauty is fragile. Broken.
Yet my hands are all wounded ready to pick each shattered piece.

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How To Mend a Broken Heart

Here it is: this week’s article on Malibu Quietude. Hope you enjoy it. Share your thoughts and love! ❤️

How to Mend a Broken Heart… 636 mots de plus