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Your skin

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I am sorry, I am sorry

I know your struggles

I know you move through weary and dreary daily

I know there are day you question so many things…

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EID 2018

Hey everyone!

Like every year, this year’s Eid was filled with celebrations, food & dressing up. I love the whole Eid vibe. The preparations that begin early on in the month of Ramzan to the D-day of Eid itself is a joy. 237 mots de plus



A girl meets few men in her lonesome life.

Of one, she is the daughter.

Of one, she is the wife.

But, there is one more man 109 mots de plus


the things he will be

he’ll be understanding and accepting of me and all my quirks. when i go on hour long rants, instead of getting frustrated or annoyed, he’ll look at me with such tenderness; content to simply listen to me ramble on about the things i’m passionate about. 187 mots de plus


Lust In Love

Silk restraints bind my wrists.

The luxurious material teasing my skin.

He stands above me.

His eyes dark,

Lips moist.

Red mist rises.

Every movement he makes masked with a luscious glow. 28 mots de plus


How does your inner goddess look like?

I was pretty sure that the inner goddess is a beautiful lady in many variations, but always with kind of dignity because she is a goddess!  124 mots de plus


I wanna get married some day!

They laugh!!

« This is new! Are you serious? »

Yes, doesn’t every female want that some day!

I go on… « I have been craving for some deep connection with someone, » I noticed such connections I can’t get them with my mates, not even the guy that helps me climax, I want a soul mate, turned husband/wife perhaps. 759 mots de plus

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