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Wish me luck

A brand new job interview in İstanbul.

Julius Meinl coffee hab ich beselt :)

For a brand new start , I need this job so please wish me luck

Rain Rain Go Away....

I had several different options for Today’s Perfect Moment. One of my students was kind enough to make some sort of chocolate truffle treat.  It provided a really nice pick me up in the morning.  241 mots de plus

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Your Home Disappears Forever

Imagine a forest fire as is now destroying hundreds of homes around Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Imagine you get the kids, the cat, the dog and the spouse into the van and you run for your life. 78 mots de plus


they say
it’s fun to fuck

i’d rather love
and try my luck.



found in the street
minted same year I was
both of us lucky


Confusing Achievement With Luck - A 50 Word Story

If you have forged a career from an education based on unexpected windfalls, that is luck, not achievement. Doing well in college is an achievement but always remember that without your own lucky breaks, you would not have had any achievements. 9 mots de plus

Jeneane Behme

A mother's luck

As you may or may not know, we are a military family and we are about to PCS (fancy way of saying » we are moving…again!!! 356 mots de plus