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Is There A Possibility?

I asked time to make a deal,
If I continue working hard,
She gives me the fruits of my labour.

I asked time to support me, 68 mots de plus


Old Boy - Two Pouches

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“I remember what my teacher told me the first time I boarded a plane.”

“He said, those in our profession carry two pouches with us.” 45 mots de plus

Short one

It’s another fine day here on the east coast of Iowa and we’re
not complaining. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and once… 188 mots de plus



Familiar black cats
Run under thirteen ladders
Just to cross your path


Consider how much of your fly fishing is skill, how much is luck

This summer I excitedly boarded a plane with my fly tube and sat down, expecting nothing more than a peaceful flight, but within minutes a guy in the next row asked me where I was going to fly fish.

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We ran across a riddle that didn’t take long to solve but
decided to share it anyway. And here it is…

A man lives on the 14th floor of a building. 285 mots de plus


Karma - it brings miracle

I do believe in karma, or another saying, what comes around turns around.

I believe everything we do will have cause and effect

When people need my help, i do my best to help them, bring more joy to their lives… 54 mots de plus