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The world presents opportunities in the most mysterious ways. I am not one to believe in fate; that something was meant to be, happened for a reason or that our future has been predestined. 347 mots de plus


|| metaphor 1 || A Metaphor About Luck.

Every once in a while, something good comes your way.

It’s like when you’re walking through the woods.

It’s pitch-black dark and your phone is dead. 266 mots de plus


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Driven by luck’s lóng
Reach, I soar across… 13 mots de plus

Acrostic Poetry

The greatest motorcycle save?

Some people on this planet are born lucky – when faced with a seemingly insurmountable set of circumstances, they manage to get through with flying colours. 87 mots de plus


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The End of Luck

I’ve met a lot of lucky women lately, only they’re not. When they tell me why they feel so lucky what I hear is how hard they worked, how smart they were, how determined, untiring, able to see another door when one closed, another path when the one they were on got swallowed in an earthquake. 193 mots de plus


Sometimes luck kicks you in the face and tells you what to do.

When this happens say Thank you, smile and move on.  Nothing else is required.