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More than a year ago I walked into a colleague’s office to talk about work and ended up talking about life. I told him that I was lucky, that my unique combination of circumstances had given me the opportunity to have a fulfilling career, a loving family and a happy life. 776 mots de plus

Examining Things

Not making plans anymore

We got a late start to the grocery store as the wife had to
wake me up and that was slow going. I had made a schedule… 330 mots de plus


Lucky Jake

Lucky Jake, written by Sharon Hart Addy and illustrated by Wade Zahares, is the story of all the luck Jake and his pa encounter while panning for gold. 111 mots de plus


The Canucks Are Catching Breaks...Somehow

I’m beginning to wonder what is going on in the NHL this season. The West seems like it’s hanging by a thread, the Pacific looks just as bad and just when everyone thought the Canucks were 65 point dogs, they set themselves up to be on pace for 85 points. 689 mots de plus


How familiar this is to me. To say, « everybody », while the ones you don’t address, are in the room as well.

That really hurts. 114 mots de plus


Beautiful Unkown

Since my early adulthood, I never really remember ever having a clear vision for my future. Not that I was ever pessimistic about it, it’s more like I just reveled in the moment. 566 mots de plus