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A Four Leaf Clover

A Four Leaf Clover

She considered herself  

a four leaf clover.

There were few

who could be

compared to her.

She struggled

to find those… 72 mots de plus

lucky no. 3

lucky year no. 3

his memory no longer stings

like it once used to

the pain

surface level now

the loss no longer


perhaps that’s the most beautiful thing about love- 16 mots de plus

Creative Writing

Jinky Jenkins & Lucky Lou

Jinxy is plagued with nothing but bad luck. Lou is bored with her perfect luck. Together they become an adventure.

By Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon at the… 6 mots de plus



May 2018

I dream a lot
about people I know
and don’t
girls who read
and have red hair
and moving on it
the sun… 400 mots de plus

Poems & Music

We work hard, push ourselves and don’t appreciate things. We don’t stop to enjoy our success. It is a world of speed. I can say that I worked hard to find a job. 34 mots de plus

Week Quote

Symbolic transformation 🌈🌈

Good fortune surrounds
As far as the eye can see
Overarching all

Breaking thru the gloom and doom
Of a rainy day commute