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Luck VS Destiny: The Fall & Rise

Sometimes life is weird, especially when you are losing hope to something that you desire and it is really hard to achieve but somehow you manage to rise and surface again – … 301 mots de plus

Dear Diary...

Morning Air

In something, such luck, to be free enough to be alone and have the time to realise. The laundry must be near, desire for a meal, some idea now, organising itself. 76 mots de plus

Winter has arrived

The sun rose to greet a day as crisp as a new $10 bill while
the weather person on TV proclaimed this a blustery day. Gusts… 262 mots de plus


Repost: Lucky Guy

With my thanks to Rich Gordon, whose inquiry inspired me on Tuesday to revisit my memories of the Himalayan trek I did with Gary Larson back in 2009, today I am republishing something I wrote at the end of all the posts about that trip. 637 mots de plus


Oh, she's so lucky! Or is she really? ...

What is luck?
The dictionary describes it as a success brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. But can we really agree with that? 590 mots de plus

Hercules Academy

SPOTLIGHT | A KICK IN THE PANTS (Riley O’Brien & Co. #4.5) + WILL NEVER FADE (Riley O’Brien & Co. #4.75) by Jenna Sutton ~ Excerpt + Giveaway!


(Riley O’Brien & Co. #4.5)

A Contemporary Romance Novella

by Jenna Sutton

Release Date: November 15th, 2016 Synopsis 953 mots de plus


Claudia Vieira - Our luck @a.z.u.k.y ️ #yoda #sphynx #sphynxcat #cat...

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