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Live Under Constant Knowledge by Luck

Wordplay Luck is back with another solo mixtape Entitled L.U.C.K – Live Under Constant Knowledge. Check out his 3rd solo tape below.  6 mots de plus


Studies, Career & Dreams

What I’m studying now isn’t the career that I will be having, and the career that I will have has nothing to do with my dreams (aspirations). 169 mots de plus


Mistake is all that mattered,
One mistake which i carry around,
Wondering with my soul for life,
Remains unforgiven, i wasn’t so wise,
No way, my attempt was deliberate,

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Are you feeling lucky?

Isn’t luck a funny idea?

I was sitting chatting with this woman this afternoon whose dad was in the heart ward. He’s wired up to all the techno-wizardry a modern hospital has to offer. 654 mots de plus

Daily Musings

I am now a living cliché

I’ve mentioned before that I sold my soul to the on-campus food service company. It was kind of a last-resort deal, with the benefits being that I made money and…that was kind of it. 497 mots de plus



They could say it’s the luck of the Irish
For the weak strains flow in my blood
But I prefer to think it fate and destiny… 14 mots de plus


The Storms of Fortune

The laws of fiction aren’t the laws of life. Luck is a deciding factor in many aspects of our lives. Some people are born with better cards, born into the one percent. 777 mots de plus