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I was born in a dingy hut to indifferent parents. There are seven billion people in the world. What were the chances I would take birth in poverty? 127 mots de plus

Unexpected Twists

Izabela, I owe you a drink... and, Charles, you deserve a kick in the crotch!

2 employees; same company. 1 willing to go the extra mile, the other could care less about my welfare, and meanwhile being a complete by-the-book douche! 26 mots de plus


A Blast from the Past

Sometimes you need a thick skin to be a scientist or scholar. Almost everyone, it seems, has encountered a reviewer who didn’t bother to read what you wrote or badly misunderstood what you said. 278 mots de plus


What if?

This picture makes me smile. Not the best I ever took
or professional looking, but I like it. The picture
reminds of a long-time friend and his visits. 309 mots de plus


Anushka Sharma - Kohli's Sh(L)ady Luck!

« Saali Anushka – Virat is out on a duck, maybe because she looks like a duck. Maybe she should be a Fat pig and weigh a tonne, atleast that way Virat will score a ton….

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Quote of the Day

I don’t believe too much in luck. I believe in circumstances. I believe in work.

– Carlos Slim

I recently wrote an article on luck. Check it out here.



Hello my cherubs, how are exams going?

Well we are a few weeks into exam season and I’m guessing most of you want to hide under your duvets till exams finish. 55 mots de plus