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Interesting Facts: The Disturbing History of Wedding Traditions

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Have you ever wondered why the bride throws a bouquet? When did brides start wearing white dresses? How about why there are even bridesmaids? 26 mots de plus

Breath Of Fresh Air

The roof, the antique farmer, and a groundhog

Yesterday was the busiest day we’ve had in a long time and I
loved it! Yet since it felt like the days when I worked for a… 272 mots de plus


Do you wish to have more good luck from today ? Follow these techniques

Good luck appears like irregular blessed happenstances, however there are things we do that reason a greater amount of

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That Feeling

it’s like when
you find
a dollar
in the middle of a field
only in this case
it’s more like a million

*Today I discovered a poet whose writing has touched me. 20 mots de plus

"time elapsed will not diminish my resolve" - danistrulytheman

a polite, courteous, fyi Obie Flites!

‘just lettin’ ya know i ain’t forgotten ’bout you, and am all over ya like white on rice’


White Moth of Fortune

This moth likes our front door. And we like him/her, too. He/she has been here for weeks now, off and on. Our own personal Florida welcome wagon. 108 mots de plus


Scenes from Real Life ~ Groceries

Three more items: ginger salad dressing, laundry beads, big water. I repeat them to myself so as not to forget. I’m almost done this round of grocery shopping. 629 mots de plus