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She Deserves The World 

The day has finally arrived. Tomorrow is my mothers surgery. How does she feel? How do I feel? It’s pretty much a conjunction of feelings all wrapped up into a ball, something along the lines of a rubber band ball. 385 mots de plus



Feelings are one of the most important things in life. They help us to make the judgment by being the communicator between the conscience, empathy and logical thinking. 138 mots de plus


Letter from the Department of Success

Head of Department

Department of Success

7, Wish Granting Building,

Only for those who work hard Road,




The Dreamer

26, Visionary Building, 1 080 mots de plus


Butterfly Dive

Butterfly dove
Into my head
Bounced off
And shook for
A second
Flew circles
Around me
Until it landed
On top of
My hand
It carried autumn… 46 mots de plus


Though Tomorrow There Might be Turbulence

Pray the road is long.

—C.P Cavafy, “Ithaka”

Sometimes it’s like this—

the journey to yourself is not

creeping barefoot on sharp rocks

nor crawling through the desert, 193 mots de plus

Do you believe in LUCK?

Today I was taking a walk and something shiny caught my attention in the grass. I looked down and THERE I saw a LUCKY PENNY!  It’s ALWAYS a good day when we find a Lucky Penny! 329 mots de plus


It is luck

Luck is with you.

Take it!

See it!

Feel it!

Luck is with you.

You don’t dream it!