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Raking Over Dead Ashes

Have you ever hit rock bottom? I have. Several times! Despite having passed my high school with distinction, it became apparent to me that there was a high chance I was never going to continue with my studies. 624 mots de plus


{Clean and Simple} CASology - Score

Hello everyone!!!  It’s CASology Tuesday!!  We are back with another Clean and Simple Cue Card just for you!!

This week’s cue card:

Take a look at my card: 286 mots de plus

CASology Challenge


grandies j & b make tough decisions. 

in the end

it was

the magic collapsable cup and the fairies

that won them over.

both are helpful in emergencies… 36 mots de plus


Of strange dreams

I have to stop eating spicy foods before going to bed. I had a
dozen tacos, brushed my teeth, laid down and quickly drifted
off to dreamland. 360 mots de plus


More on Luck (Or Moron Luck)

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about a catastrophe that almost happened, but didn’t.

Really?! I’m worrying about the past? Don’t I have enough things I could drive myself crazy with? 746 mots de plus


Monday's SUCK!

Monday’s Monday’s…. Monday’s.

Every Monday I feel like I haven’t completed anything and that the week is literally going to punch me in the face.  I have been reading this book and that’s about all I feel like I am doing right. 347 mots de plus

Just Your Luck

How many times have you heard someone say, « With my luck, *insert trivial daily difficulty* will happen. »

Aside from the fact that I don’t really believe in  890 mots de plus

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