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Quote for Today: Twyla Tharp

You don’t get lucky without preparation, and there’s no sense in being prepared if you’re not open to the possibility of a glorious accident.

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Quote For Today

City living?

Yesterday morning I went out early to get a picture of the
moon. That turned out to be a good decision as I did get a… 206 mots de plus


How to Help Your Team Rebound From Failure

Apparently, someone forgot to tell my Houston Texans that they had a game last week. I couldn’t help wondering what went wrong after they were embarrassed 27-0 at the hands of the New England Patriots. 1 136 mots de plus

Leadership Behaviors

My Manekineko is Broken!!




Who said cats always land on their feet? This one landed on its side.

This morning, when I was taking my kids to nursery, my son pointed and commented about the… 134 mots de plus


"Love's Luck"

« Love is a luck in a lack of time and those are lucky who don’t think of time. »


A little stroke of luck...

Hiya to whoever is reading this,

I’m usually not a very lucky person. I rarely win anything at raffles, and never get good ideas for things until I’m about to go to sleep that night. 349 mots de plus