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What’s luck got to do with it?

The list is ready, I’ll use it on Friday for the first time, to help me analyse and understand important features of performance. I feel very lucky, lucky to be heading out to see Jools Holland on Friday evening, lucky that my brother is joining me for the weekend and we have tickets for another performance on Saturday. 265 mots de plus


I Feel Everything

I can feel the vibration of your voice like music flowing through my body

I can feel the gravity of the Earth attracting me to your centre… 66 mots de plus

Bhagya or Fate and Luck

Often asked query is « When will my Bhagya shine? » or ‘When will I have luck? »

Look at the 9th house in natal chart, if this has Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Mercury, Ketu or Venus – these planets are great source of blocking the Bhagya or luck of a person. 174 mots de plus


Ladybugs and Destiny

« I want you. I’ll color me blue. Anything it takes to make you stay. Only seeing myself, when I’m looking up at you. »

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Beauty and the Beast: Dog Edition

Sophie Wang, of Taiwan, has a 13 years old dog named « Black Bear« .  This young woman treats Black Bear like her younger « brother. 552 mots de plus

Ken Lai

Prius brake actuator luck out!

My wonderful good luck has helped me out yet again.

The other day a bunch of indicator lights lit up on the dashboard of my 2008 Prius.  233 mots de plus