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Strung Along

Now I’m told I won’t be able to sign the papers until Tuesday. I said enough is enough. I will wait until Tuesday, but if its not ready by then your **** out of luck.. 12 mots de plus

Julyu 19th 2018.... and life goes on.

Hello my dears, I know my post have been awfully gloomy lately, and I promise I will do my best to fix that. So in the spirit of positive thinking, there will be NO GLOOM today. 406 mots de plus

The Story of the Farmer's Luck (Video)

This is a story about how you treat the things that come your way.


How to escape bad karma and negativity

So all of us have been in a position where we have been wondering what is wrong with us and why is everything going upside down. 280 mots de plus


Some times...

you just have to go out and look around to entertain yourself.
Or at least I do.

The little fellow above was perched atop the pole that holds… 279 mots de plus


Lucky Charms

Have you ever had an item that you considered lucky?

It can be a marble, a penny, a shirt, a pair of socks, a rabbit’s foot or pretty much anything… 227 mots de plus

Back in the day...

Had a great visit with Dad yesterday and we talked almost the
entire time of things that happened on the farm. Some before my
time, some I remember, and some I heard for the first time. 390 mots de plus